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Subjects : Secondary School Design & Technology Books

  • Engineering : A Beginner's Guide

    Natasha McCarthy

    Product Code: AHIII
    Paperback 14 years +
    Focusing on the impact of engineering on society and the world, McCarthy details the development of the discipline, explains what makes an engineering mind, and shows how every aspect of our lives has been engineered: from gadgets to our national infrastructure. Long considered tinkerers, problem solvers, and visionaries, engineers hold the keys to our real and virtual future.
    • £8.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £1.00
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  • The Impact of Technology in Art

    Alex Woolf

    Product Code: ARJDX
    How have technology and science helped artists through the years? How do today's artists use technology in their work? What role does technology hold for the future of art? From the invention of the camera obscura through to today's digital painting and internet art, artists have always used contemporary technology to aid in the creation and display of their work. This book looks at how the creation of paintings, sculpture and engraving have changed over time and how newer mediums from photography to film and even computer games, have changed our perception of how technology can help us express ourselves.
    • £15.89
    • RRP £15.99
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  • Computer Science and IT

    Anne Rooney

    Product Code: AKRJW
    Paperback 12 years +
    When Ben discovers that his Facebook page has been changed, he is worried. Then someone sends emails from his account! Have his personal and work files been hacked? This book looks at the topics of computer science and information and communications technology to explain how Ben's laptop and his company's network have been compromised, and how the systems administrator, network manager, and police investigators can track down the person carrying out the cyber attack.
    • £9.89
    • RRP £9.99
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  • Engineering: A Very Short Introduction

    David Blockley

    Product Code: ADWKZ
    Paperback 14 years +
    Engineering is part of almost everything we do - from the water we drink and the food we eat, to the buildings we live in and the roads and railways we travel on. In this Very Short Introduction, David Blockley explores the nature and practice of engineering, its history, its scope, and its relationship with art, craft, science, and technology. He considers the role of engineering in the modern world, demonstrating its need to provide both practical and socially acceptable solutions, and explores how engineers use natural phenomena to embrace human needs. From its early roots starting with Archimedes to some of the great figures of engineering such as Brunel and Marconi, right up to the modern day, he also looks at some of its challenges - when things go wrong - such as at Chernobyl. Ultimately, he shows how engineering is intimately part of who and what we are.
    • £6.79
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £1.20
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Ensure your technology building has its shelves loaded high with helpful books with our range of secondary school design & technology books. Get them prepared for their design and technology GCSE with revision guides from trusted publishers.

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With design and technology secondary school books on all the core technology topics, including resistant materials, food technology, graphic products and textiles, we have all you need to help your students through their studies.

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Get your year 7s, 8s and 9s drawing, designing and making their own projects with our range of books on design and technology for KS3. And, then if they decide to continue their studies into GCSE we have plenty of textbooks for KS4 design and technology students that will help them learn the facts for their exams and give them advice on thinking of ideas for their own creative coursework projects.

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