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The best WW1 books will tell you everything you need to know about this important moment in history. Our selection of First World War books is second to none.

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First World War (WW1) Books

  • 1916: A Global History

    Keith Jeffery

    Product Code: NAGH
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    In this eye-opening book, Keith Jeffery looks at how the events of the First World War affected the rest of the world.

    Covering the 12 months of 1916, he picks out 12 key moments and reveals the impact they had on the rest of the world. As well as famous battles including Gallipoli and the Somme, the author also examines the Easter Rising, the Italian Front and the killing of Rasputin and explains how all of these related to the War.

    Thoroughly researched using a host of military, social and cultural sources, this book looks at just how much the war dramatically altered the state of so many nations.
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  • Missing: The Need for Closure after the Great War

    Richard Van Emden

    Product Code: CBIKD
    How long would you look for a missing son, even if you knew he was dead? How long could you justify such a search? Two years? Five years? A lifetime? Angela Mond's son, a Royal Air Force pilot, had been shot down and killed, but where was his body? Francis, Angela's hero son, had fought in 1915; he had been injured and suffered severe shell-shock, but returned voluntarily to France three years later to help stem the German spring offensive. Now, post-war, what hope had Angela of finding him, his body presumed to be amongst the legions of those with no known grave? Angela's grief drove her to the battlefields in a seemingly hopeless search, longing also to find some semblance of personal peace. The motivation for her search transcends time; it was a desperate need for closure. But does closure really exist? Best selling author Richard van Emden tells Angela's gripping story, exploring its wider implications and repercussions. How long would the country look for its war dead and how did the public react when that search appeared to end prematurely? France and Belgium were liberated, but did the rights of civilians to their own land conflict with the Allies' wish to build cemeteries and memorials for the fallen??As financial austerity bit hard, how much money could be spent on the dead when the living, the survivors, needed help? Using a remarkable collection of previously unseen images, Missing is a sweeping, epic story that is as resonant and relevant today, as a hundred years ago.
    • £16.00
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  • Daily Life in the Abyss

    Vahe Tachjian

    Product Code: BTKYY
    Historical research into the Armenian Genocide has grown tremendously in recent years, but much of it has focused on large-scale questions related to Ottoman policy or the scope of the killing. Consequently, surprisingly little is known about the actual experiences of the genocide's victims. Daily Life in the Abyss illuminates this aspect through the intertwined stories of two Armenian families who endured forced relocation and deprivation in and around modern-day Syria. Through analysis of diaries and other source material, it reconstructs the rhythms of daily life within an often bleak and hostile environment, in the face of a gradually disintegrating social fabric.
  • The Battle of the Somme 1916

    Nigel Cave

    Product Code: BPOIV
    After the initial anticipation of great results for the Allied offensive that opened on 1 July, the French and the British had to consider their next moves. Haig made the fateful decision to reinforce perceived success at the centre and south of the British line (although Joffre, rightly, wished to continue the pressure at Thiepval). The result was a series of minor (if expensive) operations to provide a suitable base line for the next major British assault along the Bazentin Ridge, running approximately from east of Longueval to west of Bazentin le Petit Wood. Thus Ovillers, Mametz Wood and Tr nes Wood became prominent in Britain s military history. The French soon began to appreciate that the great success south of the river on 1 July was not going to achieve much more unless the front was extended southwards (impractical, given pressure at Verdun and limited manpower resources); or if advances could be made north of the river that would outflank the Germans to the south. Meanwhile Falkenhayn continued to believe in the imminence of British offensive action further north, in French Flanders, despite the fact that he was reassured time and again that there was no evidence for this and that in any case such an eventuality could be contained with reduced resources. Eventually the offensive in Verdun was halted, in late August Falkenhayn was removed after he had presided over increasing friction at the highest level on the Somme front amongst senior commanders; Ludendorff and Hindenburg took over and the genius of German defensive measures, Lo berg, arrived on the scene. This book covers actions at Ovillers, Pozi res (notably involving the Australians) Mametz, Delville Wood (South Africa s first great war time action in Europe), the bitter fighting at High Wood, all leading up to the great attack on the Somme on 15 September. This was the third such major effort by the British army and the first time since 1 July that the Allies had attacked simultaneously in strength. The book then looks at aspects of the fighting associated with this attack, in particular the role of the New Zealand Division and of the Guards Division around Les Boeufs. It then concentrates on the Anglo French boundary area (Guillemont and Combles) before considering French activity at Maurepas, Cl ry, Biaches and La Maisonette and the extension of the French front on 3 September, with fighting at Soy court, Lihons and Vermandovillers. The book ends with a review of the situation both sides found themselves in mid September, before the action continued its relentless grind at extraordinary cost in men and materiel.
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History buffs will love our fascinating WW1 books teaching you all you need to know about this important conflict. Discover who, why, how and what the impact of the war was in our compelling First World War books.

Know the history of this fascinating war

The First World War began over a century ago but, despite the time that’s passed, the impact is still felt today. In our WW1 history books, you can explore the full story of this conflict or find books on specific battles that will open your eyes to the fascinating history of WW1.

From causes to outcomes

In our best First World War books we have information on all parts of the war, from the causes and the lead up to war to the aftermath and lasting effects of this world-changing conflict.

Lasting effects across the world

The effects the war had around the world are explored in our WW1 books, focusing on Britain, Germany, France and more to show you the impact the war had across Europe. You will be able to find out all this and more in our First World War history books.

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