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Looking for Father's Day gifts? Book People has a great selection of books filled with facts for any dad who is obsessed with general knowledge, or for those who think of themselves as pub quiz champions!

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The Fact-Mad Dad

  • Reading Between the Lines

    Emma Bache

    Product Code: RBTL
    Hand-picked favourites
    Although handwriting is sometimes seen as a dying art, it can reveal so much about people's characters and personalities.

    This book finds handwriting expert Emma Bache revealing how you can judge a person's writing. It explains how everything from the height of a 'h' to the curliness of a 'g' can reveal so much about the way people interact, cope with stress and express emotions.

    This book uses real-life examples of writing, including from celebrities, to help you understand more about people's mindsets.
    • £1.00
    • RRP £18.99
    • Save £17.99
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  • All That Glisters

    Caroline Taggart

    Product Code: ATGQ
    Hand-picked favourites
    Packed with some of the pithiest, wisest and most fascinating quotations we should all know, this book details where they come from and why they may be useful for making a point or spicing up a conversation.

    Written by Caroline Taggart, the author of My Grammar and I, this book takes on the wit and wisdom of the last 2000 years by exploring a range of famous quotations from the past.

    In addition, Caroline explains how misquotes can provide an entertaining yet informed approach as to why things are the way they are in today's language.
    • £1.00
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £8.99
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  • The Curious Bartender's Rum Revolution

    Tristan Stephenson

    Product Code: CBRR
    Hand-picked favourites
    Master mixologist and Curious Bartender Tristan Stephenson explains why rum is such a super spirit in this inspiring guide. It explains how rum is made and the science of sugar cane, molasses, distillation and ageing.

    As well as the remarkable history of the tipple - from its humble origins to its status as a life-blood of the Royal Navy and its love affair with Cuba - Tristan delves into its darker past, discovering tales of devils, pirates and more.

    This book also covers the world's greatest rum distilleries (along with tasting notes) and a selection of cocktails for you to try at home including a jazzed-up Mai Tai and mojito and perfect planter's punch.
    • £2.00
    • RRP £16.99
    • Save £14.99
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  • This Book Will Send You to Sleep

    Hugh Barker

    Product Code: TBWS
    Hand-picked favourites
    This book has no claims to be fun or more interesting... In fact, it's so boring it will send you to sleep. There's absolutely nothing that will stimulate the senses.

    It will afford you much sleep and copious amounts of pointless knowledge: from the intricate details of the Belgian political crisis from 2007-2011 to an overview of railway gauges, there's so much for you to absorb while you drift into the land of nod...
    • £2.00
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £7.99
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