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Science Fiction Books

Science Fiction Books

Incredible voyages into outer space… Disturbing visions of a future world… Supernatural powers that can alter time, space and society… Science fiction books encompass a universe of possibilities. They feature plucky protagonists, heart-pounding plots, remarkable technology and plenty of curious characters.

Unforgettable classics

Amongst our range of sci-fi books, discover classic favourites that have truly stood the test of time, including 1984, A Wrinkle in Time, A Clockwork Orange and many more.

Enthralling fresh fiction

Don’t miss gripping contemporary sci-fi books and series, including The Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Star Wars and the Divergent series.

Immerse yourself

Escape from the present day and immerse yourself in future lands and possible worlds in our wide range of science fiction books. Discover the very best sci-fi novels here.