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Our practical photography books and guides explain theories and are full of tips, advice and techniques that will help you shoot like a professional.

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Practical Photography Books

  • More Labradorable

    Villager Jim

    Product Code: MORL
    Hand-picked favourites
    Described as 'the Banksy of wildlife photography', Villager Jim introduces Barnaby the labrador and a host of animal friends from the beautiful Peak District in this stunning book.

    Barnaby also introduces his labrador 'sisters' Dilly and Bumble, Bobbin the robin (who visits the bird table every day) and various other canines and Highland cattle. There are even chickens who just 'love' to be chased.

    Villager Jim is an award-winning photographer and these images are sure to raise a smile as they present a dog's-eye-view of Barnaby's world.
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