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  • Thrive Through Yoga - Paperback - 9781472942999 - Nicola Jane Hobbs
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    Yoga expert Nicola Jane Hobbs has put together a visual 21-day plan of poses that will help you feel more alive and ease any anxieties.

    This step-by-step guide helps you become the person you want to be and is sure to improve your happiness and confidence. Based on how she overcame her own mental health experiences, this book combines simple yoga exercises with practical ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

    She explores the struggles and stresses that are most common in modern society and explains how to develop a loving relationship with your body, step by step. Whether you're an experienced Yogi or complete novice, she provides daily inspiration, mindset exercises, meditations, and yoga routines to guide you every step of the way.
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    Having healing hands is no miracle: Reflexology is the visual guide to the powerful health benefits of this holistic therapy. Every organ in our bodies has nerve endings that reach the feet and hands; learn how to stimulate them to tackle a range of ailments from stress to pain relief with this simple step-by-step reference. Reflexology has been given a fresh, new look with detailed up-to-date reflexology charts which show exactly where and how to apply pressure, with more than 100 techniques and treatment sequences. Also includes a directory for 30 common ailments such as back pain, constipation, arthritis and high blood pressure. Gentle, unobtrusive and suitable for all the family, this ancient therapy is ideal for modern times. (Previous edition ISBN: 9780751364484)
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    Nitya Lacroix's Total Body Massage is the complete illustrated guide to expert head, face, body, legs and feet massage techniques. It is the ultimate expert step-by-step manual of massage techniques suitable for beginners to advanced levels. It includes routines both for self-massage and to enjoy with a friend or partner. It features specially devised step-by-step massage for people at all stages of life, from babies to the elderly. It also features over 800 specially-taken colour photographs designed to illustrate every technique in simple-to-follow detail. We all experience some degree of stress and anxiety in our day-to-day lives, and this book provides a wide range of treatments and techniques to soothe, tone and relax the body. Special routines for tackling specific problems are included, from headaches to indigestion, as well as a host of pampering treats. The book includes the latest techniques from East and West, including deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, shiatsu, reflexology and Indian head massage. 800 step-by-step photographs and illustrations make this book the ultimate guide to therapeutic body treatments, healing and pampering.

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    Being massaged makes babies relax and cope better with stress, improves their muscular coordination and flexibility and helps them straighten tightly flexed hands and legs. And who better to teach parents how to acquire these essential skills than Peter Walker, the world's best-known baby massage teacher. In this fully revised edition of his best-selling guide of 2000, he demonstrates vital new sequences essential for very young babies, which can be done while a baby is clothed. * Step-by-step photographic guide to essential baby massage techniques * Suitable even for very young infants * Toe-to-top and top-to-toe massage sequences * Mobility exercises to aid sitting, standing and walking * Massage techniques to use with children with special needs * Therapeutic touch sequences for treating minor childhood ailments
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    This is a step-by-step practical guide to therapeutic healing with the hands and feet. You can learn how to relax, find harmony and well-being, and discover alternative ways to treat common ailments such as colds, stress, headaches and indigestion. It describes a complete healing session on the feet with photographs and informative text by a leading practitioner. You can enhance and relieve the whole mind-body system with easy-to-follow instructions and over 200 photographs. It includes a guide to all the key reflex zones and points on the feet, with remedies for anxiety, pain and travel fatigue. The ancient art of reflexology is based on the premise that our bodies are reflected in miniature in our feet and hands, and by massaging these specific 'reflex points' we can enhance our health and well-being. Reflexology can be done at home; it requires no specialized equipment, and it can be of benefit to young and old alike. This guide shows how to relax, tone, enhance and relieve the mind-body system.Foot and hand charts indicate the reflex zones and points, and there are step-by-step instructions for working the whole body system on the feet, concentrating on specific ailments such as stress, headaches, nausea, insomnia, travel sickness and jet lag, and how best to treat them. With clear step-by-step photographs and informative text by one of the leading practitioners, this book is the perfect introduction for all those concerned with improving their health naturally.
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    This is a step-by-step guide to spiritual and physical well-being, shown in more than 300 stunning photographs. It includes self massage, baby massage, massage for sports and sensual massage. It features wonderful fragrances to revitalize or relax the body and to uplift the spirits. It shows how to alleviate common ailments. It shows how to improve poor posture using the Alexander technique to enhance health and well-being. Using the potent powers of essential oils in massage, baths and other treatments, this book illustrates how the scented essences of natural plant oils can be used to treat common ailments, lift the spirits, aid relaxation and promote physical and emotional well-being. A section on yoga introduces the disciplines of the Alexander technique, t'ai chi and stretches. This section illustrates accessible exercises for better posture, co-ordination and greater flexibility. While instruction on massage tones the body, stimulates the circulation and releases tension and discomfort. Discover the relaxing and restorative power of touch with easy-to-follow photographs to teach you massage techniques.
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    Reproductive reflexology is a minefield for practitioners with much conflicting advice being given in terms of what we can and cannot do. Many practitioners choose not to work with clients who are having difficulties conceiving or who are undertaking IVF etc as, either they feel too inexperienced or feel it is too complex for them and are not sure when and how to treat.The book provides a step-by-step guide, providing practitioners with a structured format on how to gain the information they will need from their clients, how to interpret that information, how to plan treatment and what techniques they will need to use.This allows practitioners to work, not only with clients who are trying to conceive but with a wide range of reproductive conditions.Most practitioners like to have a reference manual to refer to when they are working to provide them not only with further information on the condition they are treating but as a guide to what protocols that can use.
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    Packed with helpful information and clear pictures, Vimala McClure's Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents is great for babies from birth onwards. The author clearly presents the reasons why baby massage can help little ones and their parents and includes a specific routine to help babies who might be suffering from colic.

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    A beautifully illustrated, easy-to-follow guide for those who want to learn to practice the beneficial effects of massage. Under the guidance of experienced clinician and trainer Stewart Mitchell, The Complete Illustrated Guide to Massage focuses on the practical aspects and benefits of massage, from the full body massage through to tips on soothing self-massage to ease stress, gentle massage techniques for pregnant mothers, babies, the elderly and the sick, and treatment for sporting or performance injuries. Every treatment is shown in simple step-by-step photographic sequences. The book is divided into helpful sections including: all about massage; understanding your body; the basic techniques; massage in practice; special approaches and techniques; special treatments; and self-massage treatments.
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    Is this the right book for me? Baby Massage and Yoga is designed to introduce parents of young children to the many physical and emotional benefits - for them and their child - of touch in the forms of gentle massage and yoga exercises. It will offer practical and inspirational information, equipping you with the tools you need to enjoy massage and yoga with a young child, from knowing when the best times are, to which oils to use and how to set the environment. It ties massage and yoga in with story-telling, music and rhyme to increase mental and physical development, giving step-by-step guides firstly to simple massage routines for every part of the body. It also offers some simple yoga routines to try safely and effectively with your baby. For parents of children with special needs there is also ample advice and practical steps, in addition to some simple exercises to try if you feel your child is not quite ready for massage and yoga. With plenty of resources and details of courses and workshops, this is a credible and expertly written guide to the healing power of touch for parents and children alike. Baby Massage and Yoga includes: Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: The benefits of massage and yoga for your baby (and you) Chapter 3: The best time to massage Chapter 4: Preparing for massage and yoga Chapter 5: Choosing oils for baby massage Chapter 6: A gentle introduction to touch Chapter 7: The importance of music, singing and rhyme Chapter 8: The massage routine - getting started Chapter 9: The massage routine - the legs and feet Chapter 10: The massage routine - the tummy Chapter 11: The massage routine - the chest, arms, and hands Chapter 12: The massage routine - the back Chapter 13: The massage routine - head and face Chapter 14: Baby yoga - getting started Chapter 15: Baby yoga - the legs, hips, and tummy Chapter 16: Baby yoga - the arms, chest, and back Chapter 17: Yoga exercises for your baby and you Chapter 18: Baby yoga holds Chapter 19: Special situations Chapter 20: Adapting massage for the growing child Learn effortlessly with a new easy-to-read page design and interactive features: Not got much time? One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started. Author insights Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the author's many years of experience. Test yourself Tests in the book and online to keep track of your progress. Extend your knowledge Extra online articles to give you a richer understanding of the subject. Five things to remember Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts. Try this Innovative exercises illustrate what you've learnt and how to use it.
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    This book has been written from years of experience in working with and teaching massage and seeks to provide practical information on using massage to treat a range of medical conditions. Massage has been used for thousands of years to treat a whole array of conditions and was traditionally passed down through families as part of everyday life. With the increase in modern medicine two things have happened; : firstly the power of massage has been largely forgotten, and secondly, with the increase of a litigious culture, it has been politicisedpoliticized and people have become scared to touch for fear of litigation. This book seeks to both educate and empower two groups of people; : the qualified massage practitioner wanting a ready reference book for unfamiliar conditions, and every day people wanting to help a friend or family member who is dealing with a health problem. While in many cases individuals will feel happier going to see a qualified practitioner, there may be times when for reasons of finance, life circumstances, or simply client choice, that this is not possible, and it is perfectly fine to use massage in the home.
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    An empowering guide that unites the ancient healing power of touch therapy-from acupressure to reflexology-with modern science to help relieve the number one cause of disease today: stress-and to soothe anxiety, boost immunity, and alleviate pain. Human beings are wired for touch. Touch is critical to our physical and mental health. And for centuries, cultures around the globe have employed touch as a powerful force for healing. And yet America is an increasingly touch-deprived, high-stress culture, and we are paying for it with our wellbeing. Now, in The Touch Remedy, leading touch therapy expert Michelle Ebbin, who appears regularly on The Dr. Oz Show and has been featured on The Doctors, The View, and Live with Kelly & Michael, demonstrates how the ancient wisdom of touch can truly change your life. A fresh, contemporary approach to natural health, which draws on a unique combination of ancient wisdom and cutting edge research, The Touch Remedy is a collection of proven touch therapy solutions to calm and heal every member of the family, from babies to grandparents to pets. Demystifying time-tested touch therapy techniques such as Acupressure, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, among others, Ebbin shares her invaluable insight and provides clear, step-by-step remedies, accompanied by beautiful full-color photos, to relieve a range of physical and emotional stressors, from back pain and headache to anxiety. Her solutions are quick, taking only two-to-three minutes each, and easy, requiring only three steps, and most of the remedies can be done anytime, anywhere, even on the go. In addition, Ebbin shows how touch therapy offers powerful strategies to improve intimacy in relationships, bond with your children, and improve communication through touch. With The Touch Remedy, we can quite literally take our health into our own hands-and nurture the bodies, minds, and spirit of our loved ones and ourselves.
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    Remedial massage therapy uses manual therapy techniques to treat and 'remedy' a problem; but to offer a real remedy you must do more than just relieve pain; you must also understand how the problem came about and how it can be avoided in future. "Advanced Remedial Massage" places the emphasis on remedial therapy as well as massage, and will appeal to students of physiotherapy, oestotherapy and many other manual therapies. The book takes the reader through the practice of remedial massage, the effects and benefits that arise from it, a guide to the human muscular system, basic massage techniques and more detailed treatment practices. Illustrated with more than 200 full-colour photographs and over 50 diagrams, the techniques are easy to follow and understand. This informative guide is a must-have both for students of remedial massage and for professional therapists.
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    This book offers simple ways to revive, soothe, pamper and feel fabulous all over: amazing reflexology techniques to recharge your body and improve your health, with 300 photographs. This title covers everything you need to know about massage, reflexology and aromatherapy to keep your feet and body feeling wonderful. Clear text and 300 beautiful pictures cover every aspect of foot therapy, including pre-treatment warm-ups and all the basic techniques, as well as simple foot care remedies, lotions and scrubs that are easy to make at home. It offers treatments for all occasions, from a luxurious foot-pamper session to a complete reflexology routine. It has quick fixes for everything from headaches and insomnia to anxiety, backache and indigestion. Easy step-by-step self-treatments are included, as well as routines to enjoy with a friend or partner. If you've ever uttered the words 'my feet are killing me', you need this book. This informative guide will teach you how to pamper your feet and enjoy the total body benefits of good foot health - even when you're always on the go. With its easy-to-follow advice and in-depth information on reflexology and massage, this book shows you how to soothe aching feet to reduce stress, promote relaxation and restore energy. You can discover how to use the ancient art of reflexology to diagnose and treat problems all over your body. Advice on using aromatherapy oils is also provided in this title from one of the world's leading practitioners.
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    This is the perfect introduction to using massage, yoga and acupressure to balance the body's natural energies, with easy-to-follow techniques shown in 400 photographs. It is a unique approach to unlocking your inner energy using a combination of yoga stretches and pressure-point work. You can gain greater awareness of your body and mind, to improve your physical health and find a new spiritual stillness and strength. It includes a complete body routine to follow for a total in-depth treatment, plus shorter routines to concentrate on specific areas of the body. It features bodywork specially devised for pregnant women and older people. It provides bodywork to ease everyday complaints such as headaches and an aching back. All techniques are illustrated with step-by-step photographs, with more than 400 photographs in total. This powerful form of body work uses the body's own energy lines, combining gentle yoga stretches with massage techniques and also introducing elements of other popular healing approaches, including acupressure and reflexology. The book begins by outlining this ancient healing therapy, its origins and objectives, and then explains and demonstrates the elements and requirements of a typical session. The core of the book is a comprehensive full body treatment, working through each area of the body sequentially. With over 400 specially taken photographs, this is the perfect guide to the subject, providing absorbing background information and clearly illustrated step-by-step routines.
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    This title presents simple ways to revive and restore well-being, and feel fabulous from top to toe. It offers amazing techniques to recharge your mind and body, and to improve your health, shown in more than 275 beautiful step-by-step photographs. It is an easy-to-use practical guide to massage strokes that will help relieve insomnia, anxiety, sinus problems and asthma, as well as general routines that give an overall feeling of relaxation and well-being. It offers simple self-massage sequences, including easing neck pain after driving, quick fixes while working, and how to relieve tension headaches on the spot. It includes advice on creating a healing space, preparing yourself for treatment, and establishing a profound link between you and your partner. It features a comprehensive overview of the most useful massage strokes, with expert instructions on how to perform them. Head massage is an ancient therapy from India that is now widely used as a therapeutic means of providing relief from the aches and strains of modern living. Many of us have a body profile that is tense and painful, especially in the head, neck and shoulder area. Head massage relieves tensions in this area, restoring wellbeing in body, mind and soul. There is information on what strokes and oils to use on you, your friends and family, plus specific routines for alleviating headaches, anxiety, asthma and sinus problems. Everything you need to boost your energy levels and use this amazingly effective ancient technique is to be found in this book.
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    As the study and diagnosis of disease, pathology is an area of medical science that not only the massage therapist, but any physical therapist needs to be familiar with in order to work safely, confidently and effectively with a wide range of clients. Knowledge about a common ailment, which system of the body is involved, whether it's chronic or acute, caused by infection, trauma or something else, provides the therapist with vital information, as does knowledge about frequently used medications and their effect on the body. Equipped with this information, the therapist can then make informed decisions about how to adapt a treatment to meet the needs of each client. The aim of this pocketbook is to provide a simple and accessible guide to pathology for both the student and professional body worker, and explain how to apply that knowledge in practice.
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    This is a concise guide to the therapeutic power of hands, shown in over 170 practical photographs. You can learn how to react positively to stress and illness with therapeutic self-massage techniques. You can use shiatsu and reflexology to strengthen your immune system and improve your sense of wellbeing. It clearly explains how to use the ancient therapy of reiki to channel beneficial energy throughout the body. It suggests effective treatments for backaches, headaches and muscle pain, as well as ways of improving circulation, relieving tension and improving sleep. Touch is a basic and natural human instinct, and this book shows just a few of the ways we can benefit from the therapeutic power of hands. It includes an introduction to four well-known therapies - reiki, reflexology, massage and shiatsu - and demonstrates how easy it is to incorporate these techniques into your daily routine. Simple sequences show you how to relieve many common aches and pains that are caused by our lifestyles, whether it is sitting awkwardly at your desk, spending too long on your feet, or feeling the effects of stress and worry in your body. Following the simple techniques in this book will soothe discomfort, lift your spirits and restore your energy.
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    Being massaged makes babies relax and cope better with stress, improves their muscular coordination and flexibility and helps them straighten tightly flexed hands and legs. And who better to teach parents how to acquire these essential skills than Peter Walker, the world's best-known baby massage teacher. In this fully revised edition of his best-selling guide, he demonstrates vital new sequences essential for very young babies, which can be done while a baby is clothed.
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    In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson takes reflexology to a new level by integrating acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, and other holistic healing modalities into the practice. From her background as a physician, she brings a scientific precision to using the foot as a map of the body and all of its systems. She then uses her training in alternative therapies to integrate the mental and psychological issues that may accompany physical conditions, providing the first complete holistic approach to using reflexology for physical, emotional, and mental health. Total Reflexologypresents each of the major body systems in turn--from the digestive system to the human energetic system--using 25 full-color newly mapped foot diagrams that provide precise indications of pressure points and their correspondences to all areas of the body. The author also includes her latest work using craniosacral therapy and the role of the cerebrospinal fluid in reflexology as well as how to integrate use of the chakra system. She shows how finely tuned reflexology stimulates the body's self-healing abilities, making this an indispensable resource for the layman and professional alike.
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    A massage helps in all situations. Massage techniques can be used not only for relaxation, but also in sports-where the right massage technique can be used for regeneration, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. The mixture of photos and anatomical drawings makes it incredibly easy to understand every technique and put them into practice. Sports massage is a manual therapy method that is integrated into the training programs of professional athletes to strengthen and improve their health. It consists of a series of grips that are used before, during, or after a competition or training session. The main objectives are as follows: * To optimize muscle performance * To reduce congestion in blood circulation * To reduce regeneration times * To prevent injuries to the tissues and joints Anatomy & Massage is a practical guide for anyone interested in learning more about this massage discipline. This book presents the new standard, which can be used not only by athletes, trainers, or their massage therapists, but also by physiotherapists and fitness trainers. It contains color photographs, step-by-step instructions, anatomical graphics, and includes an approach to massaging deep-level tissues and their interpretation from the myofascial chain point of view. The book also contains a health questionnaire to facilitate data collection, athlete testing, and follow-up monitoring. It is supplemented with 21 tutorial videos showing the most important massage techniques used by the specialists.
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    A full-color guide to using crystal wands in bodywork and energy medicine * Explores the healing properties and indications for more than 70 crystal wands * Provides step-by-step instructions for crystal-wand techniques in massage and reflexology, in energy work such as aura tuning and chakra balancing, and for protection, power, and relaxation The healing powers of crystals and gemstones were known more than eight hundred years ago by the mystic Hildegard von Bingen and as far back as two millennia ago by the Greek physician Dioskurides. In this full-color illustrated guide, Ewald Kliegel explains the benefits of incorporating crystal wands into your bodywork and healing practice and details the techniques of doing so. The author explains how the versatile shape of a crystal wand amplifies the crystal's energetic effects and offers advantages in massage and reflexology over other shapes of crystals and stones. The larger rounded end can act as a crystal sphere for massaging knots or large areas, whereas the tapered end is ideal for stimulating reflex zones, targeting acupressure points, and tracing meridian lines. Starting with the foundational set of three wands to begin your toolkit: Rock Crystal, Red Jasper, and Aventurine, the author examines the healing properties and indications for more than 70 crystal wands. He shows how Amethyst clears the head, relaxes muscle tension, benefits the lungs, nerves, and skin, aids digestion and constipation, helps dissolve blockages and addictive behavior, and combats fatigue. He explains how crystal wands can be divided into 3 energetic categories--neutral, stimulating, or balancing--and details how to select the proper wand or wands for each healing situation. The author provides step-by-step instructions for incorporating crystal wands into massage and reflexology treatments, for their use in energy medicine, specifically for internal tuning of the aura and balancing the chakras, and for using crystal wands for protection, power, and relaxation.
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    This clear, step-by-step guide introduces Tui Na, a Chinese system of therapy that uses massage and manipulation to relieve pain, release tension and treat common ailments. Clear illustrations outline the meridian energy channels and qi (life energy) points, while step-by-step photographs demonstrate each technique. Ideal for improving sporting performance, alleviating executive stress or simply invigorating body and mind, Tui Na can be used on friends, family or colleagues, at home or at work, and is suitable for any age, young or old. Improve well-being and alleviate common ailments with this whole body massage programme based on traditional oriental therapies. Suitable for beginners and those with experience alike. All techniques illustrated step by step. Author is the leading authority on Tui Na in the West.
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    Derived from methods of foot massage used in some ancient societies, reflexology as we know it today was popularized in the 20th century. It involves the application of pressure to specific energy zones of a subject's feet and hands by a practitioner, to pinpoint and treat health problems. If the flow in a zone is blocked or out of balance, it could affect the part of the body that particular reflex area relates to. Using this pocket guide, learn to identify the longitudinal and transverse zones in the feet and hands, and how to apply pressure to specific points in order to alleviate physical symptoms, promote energy flow around the body, and encourage good health.