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Learn all about astrology and the horoscope with our books dedicated to star signs. Our horoscope books will help you feel inspired about your future and learn about the background and traditions that are used to create a horoscope.

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Astrology & Horoscope Books

  • Astrology


    Product Code: ASTO
    Hand-picked favourites
    This eye-catching, addictive and informative DK tome will help you understand how to cast and read your own birth chart and interpret the zodiac signs, sun, moon and other planets.

    With sample case studies and eye-catching graphics and visuals, this book covers the key principles of astrology and explains how you can use this ancient art to enhance your health, wealth and well-being.

    This accessible book also offers practical advice on using astrology to handle life's key moments including career changes, starting a family and coping with financial difficulties. It covers the history of astrology and will help you discover your planets, houses, zodiac signs and ascendants.
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