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Topics : Primary School Celtics Books

Our primary school books cover the time of the Celts and their achievements. They also provide an informative and accessible overview of the way their actions impacted the world and their legacy.

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    Celtic Patterns

    Struan Reid

    Product Code: AOLMH
    Hardback 7 years +
    A unique way of finding out about the images, motifs and colours typical of Celtic art. Designs are taken from stone carvings, pottery and jewellery and include the intricate knotwork patterns for which the Celts were famous.
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  • The Usborne History of Britain

    Ruth Brocklehurst

    Product Code: AAHHW
    Hardback 7 years +
    This is a truly luxury book and a must-have for every family bookshelf, with cloth binding, a beautiful jacket and ribbon marker. It offers a comprehensive compendium of the history of Britain, encompassing everything from prehistoric times to the turn of the new millennium. This truly luxurious title is a must for every family bookshelf. It features internet links to additional resources, including video clips, games and interactive features.
    • £19.99
    • RRP £25.00
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  • KS2 Discover & Learn: History - Stone Age to Celts Study Book, Year 3 & 4

    CGP Books

    Product Code: AXAKB
    This engrossing CGP Discover & Learn book is a superb way for children in Years 3 and 4 (ages 7-9) to understand and engage with history from the Stone Age to the Celts. Each topic is presented on a full-colour double-page spread, with timelines, photos and illustrations to help bring the era to life. It's written in a pupil-friendly style, with clear headings to break up the text and questions to get children thinking about the way people lived at the time. A matching CGP Activity Book is also available - see 9781782941965.
    • £4.95
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  • Boudicca

    Claire Throp

    Product Code: BMAZL
    Paperback 7 years +
    This book looks over the life of Boudicca, the queen of the Iceni tribe.

    It explains how she led her people in a battle against the Romans and also gives children a glimpse into what it was like living in England at the time of the Roman invasion.
    • £7.19
    • RRP £8.99
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  • Celts

    Peter Chrisp

    Product Code: AQAUL
    Paperback 7 years +
    A look at how we can learn about our Celtic past by observing the evidence around us, such as remaining architecture, wooden post holes, coins and pottery. Suitable for National Curriculum Key Stage 2. Illustrated with specially commissioned photographs and artwork.
    • £8.99
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  • Celts

    Sonya Newland

    Product Code: APZBM
    Hardback 9 years +
    Travel back to the time of the celts! Who were the Celts and who were their leaders? Why did they come to the British isles and how did they live? Explore this ancient civilisation to understand how prehistoric people have influenced the way we live today. Find out all about the lives of the Celts - from the well-know leader Boudicca, to the druid priests that were highly important in Celtic society. Discover the artefacts that give evidence of their way of life, and how historians have pieced together the evidence of their lives. Learn about the homes and communities that they lived in, the food that they ate, how they travelled and worshipped, and the influence of the Romans on their society. Try your hand at making your own Celtic torc! The Explore! series takes an all-round, hands-on approach to history, making the subject relevant to all areas of curriculum learning - geography, science, technology, art, literacy and numeracy. Each book features a diary entry, a fun craft-based activity, a timeline and a quiz.
    • £12.99
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