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Urdu Language Books

Need Urdu language books that will help you master this foreign language? We have an exceptional range of books that will help you learn or even teach Urdu.

  • Oxford English-Urdu Mini Dictionary

    Oxford University Press

    Product Code: AHHFH
    The Oxford English-Urdu Mini Dictionary is a mini version, both in size and scope, of our very popular The Little Oxford English-Urdu Dictionary, which in turn was derived from the legendary The Oxford English-Urdu Dictionary by Shanul-Haq Haqqee. With 700 pages and a size of 120 x 90 mm, it contains more than 33,000 entries and definitions explained in a very easy and simple style. In the available range of mini dictionaries, it is the most comprehensive and affordable. Because of size it is very handy to take along anywhere.
    • £7.19
    • RRP £8.99
    • Save £1.80
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  • Teach Yourself Complete Urdu

    David Matthews

    Product Code: AIBBD
    This course gives you all the language, practice and skills you need to communicate comfortably and accurately in Urdu. Move confidently from beginner to intermediate level (CEFR A1 to B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) with this complete course that enables you to master the four key skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Through authentic conversations, vocabulary building, grammar explanations and extensive practice and review you will get the knowledge to use the language how you want to when you want to. You'll soon be able to communicate in a range of situations from giving opinions to planning events. With our interactive Discovery Method, you'll absorb language rules faster, remember what you learn easily, and put your Urdu into use with confidence. Complete Urdu delivers noticeable results through: - Learn to learn section - tips and skills on how to be a better language learner - Outcomes-based learning - focus your studies with clear aims - Discovery Method - figure out rules and patterns yourself to make the language stick - Test yourself - see and track your own progress - Vocabulary building - thematic lists and activities to help you learn vocabulary quickly
    • £39.49
    • RRP £39.99
    • Save £0.50
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  • The Oxford Elementary Learner's English-Urdu Dictionary

    Salim Rahman

    Product Code: AHILM
    This is an ideal dictionary for Urdu-speaking learners of English. It gives clear explanations throughout, with detailed pronunciation guidance, and thousands of illustrative phrases to show how words are used in context. An indispensable dictionary for home or school use.
    • £7.89
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £2.10
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