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  • Ripley's Believe it or Not! 2017 - Hardback - 9781847947888
    • £6.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £13.01
    Prepare to be amazed, astounded and ever so slightly disgusted by the weird and wonderful facts that feature in the all new Ripley's Believe It or Not! 2017.

    An annual favourite and brilliant Christmas gift (but definitely not one for the squeamish), Ripley's looks at some strange but true occurrences from all around the globe. The unbelievable stories feature everything from a polar bear robot to an edible human skill and a Swiss daredevil who flies over some of the world's most iconic sights in his custom-made jetpack.

    With a 3D cover and full-colour images throughout, this book has facts that will make you and your children's jaws drop and eyes pop out!
  • The Official Chelsea Annual 2017 - Hardback - 9781911287032 - Grange Communications
    OFCH 7 years +
    Grange Communications
    7 years +
    • £2.99
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.00
    As Chelsea fans start to enjoy the new brand of football played under Antonio Conte, they will absolutely love this annual.

    Packed with information and behind-the-scenes gossip from Stamford Bridge, it also features quizzes, games and jokes. It's a must for any true Blue!
  • The Official Everton Annual 2017 - Hardback - 9781911287049 - Grange Communications
    OFEV 7 years +
    Grange Communications
    7 years +
    • £2.99
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.00
    Ronald Koeman's arrival as manager at Goodison Park has brought a fresh new impetus to the Toffees and Everton fans are expecting huge things in the near future.

    Packed with photographs and interviews, it also features a review of the season, player profiles, quizzes and many more amazing activities.
  • Giles 2017 - Hardback - 9780600634508
    • £2.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £10.00
    A Book People favourite for many years and a man voted the best cartoonist of the 20th century on many occasions, we're delighted to bring you the 2017 edition of the Giles compilation.

    A book celebrating the 70th anniversary of the beloved character Grandma's first appearance, it is full of cartoons from the Express and Sunday Express archives.

    Witty and irreverent, the 150 cartoons in the keepsake hardback still remain relevant today and offer a light-hearted look at a number of social issues.
  • The Official Manchester City Annual 2017 - Hardback - 9781911287094 - Grange Communications
    OFMC 7 years +
    Grange Communications
    7 years +
    • £2.99
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.00
    Pep Guardiola has arrived to take charge of Manchester City and the Blues supporters are having a great time. With the team banging in goals left, right and centre, this annual will make an ideal gift.

    It's full of fun features, player profiles (including the summer signings, quizzes, word searches and so many more amazing activities. There are also facts and stats to pore over.
  • MATCH! Real Madrid Annual 2017 - Hardback - 9781907823756
    MTRM 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £2.99
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.00
    This 2017 annual will tell football fans of all ages everything they could want to know about the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and the other star players who wear the famous white shirt of Real Madrid.

    Providing behind-the-scenes gossip, facts, stats, player profiles and activities, this is a brilliant gift for anyone who loves Spanish football and who dreams of visiting the Bernabeu.
  • The Official Tottenham Hotspur Annual 2017 - Hardback - 9781911287155 - Grange Communications
    OFTS 7 years +
    Grange Communications
    7 years +
    • £2.99
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.00
    With a side that features the likes of Harry Kane, Delle Alli and Hugo Lloris, Tottenham Hotspur are one of the most popular - and entertaining - teams in the Premier League.

    Featuring pictures, games and quizzes for all Spurs fans to enjoy, this 2017 annual has player profiles, photographs and amazing activities to complete. It's a great book to dip into and is available at a back-of-the-net price.
  • Match! Annual 2017 - Hardback - 9781509821198 - Match
    ANNM 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £2.49
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.50
    From Leicester's unexpected (and glorious) Premier League success to Portugal's triumph at the European Championships, 2016 has been an incredible year for football fans of all ages.

    The Match! Annual remains one that should be top of every footy fan's list. It looks back over the crazy year and is packed with facts, posters, quizzes and so much more. It will even help you pick your own World Dream Team.

    It also looks at the wonder kids you can expect to be lighting up the sport in the 12 months ahead and focuses on big-name players including Gareth Bale, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo!
  • The Simpsons Comics: 2017 Annual - Hardback - 9781785653353 - Matt Groening
    SANN 7 years +
    Matt Groening
    7 years +
    • £2.49
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.50
    Springfield's favourite dysfunctional family star in in this 2017 annual.

    Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie all feature along with many of the famous residents and the stories are sure to have any fan laughing their head off.
  • Batman V Superman: Annual 2017 - Hardback - 9781785853159 - Jeph Loeb
    Jeph Loeb
    • £2.49
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.50
    Starring Batman and Superman, this annual contains exciting comic strips inspired by the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

    Full of original DC Comics artwork, it features lots of the heroes' biggest fights and battles.

    Please note the artwork in this annual contains themes of violence.
  • The RHS Allotment Handbook - Paperback - 9781784721459
    • £3.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £9.00
    Written by fruit and veg experts from the Royal Horticultural Society, this allotment handbook and planner will help you know what to do and when to do it to make the most from your plot.

    With tried-and-tested varieties and a month-by-month planner, the book shows you how to sow, grow and harvest 40 of the tastiest vegetables around; 14 of the most savoury herbs ranging from basil to thyme; 15 fruit crops including apples and strawberries; and even flowers.

    The reference book also has advice on allotment etiquette and community advice, alongside real-life allotment stories.
  • Paddington Rucksack - Other - 9990000018413
    CN0125 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £6.49
    • RRP £10.00
    • Save £3.51
    A charming little rucksack emblazoned with everyone's favourite marmalade-loving bear - the one and only Paddington!

    This has plenty of storage space for any little one and will be perfect for school days, day trips and holidays. The backpack also contains a little tag with the famous quote 'Please look after this bear. Thank you'.

    Paddington's iconic duffel coat also has a delightfully fluffy finish.

    Size: 240 x 310mm
  • Superfoods Super Fast - Paperback - 9780241248270 - Michael Van Straten
    Michael Van Straten
    • £2.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £7.00
    Part of DK's exciting new Try It! series, Superfoods Super Fast contains over 100 recipes that are good for you and that can be prepared in less than half an hour.

    Covering meals for all occasions that are designed to help you control your weight, boost your immune system and eat healthily, it reveals which fruit can help build your resistance to disease, the vegetable that is good for your liver and so much more.

    From stalks and steams to grains and pulses, this book will show you the super foods that can help you avoid fatigue, stress and respiratory problems. It will also provide you with handy shopping lists and meal plans to help ensure you never get bored.
  • Gardenia China Mug & Gift Box - Other - 9990000017997
    • £3.99
    • RRP £5.99
    • Save £2.00
    Fancy a brew?

    This beautiful mug has a stunning floral design and is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. A wonderful present for anyone who can't get enough of their hot drinks.

    The mug comes in a lovely box, making it perfect for gifting.

    Dimensions: 125 x 100mm
  • Press Out and Play Pirate Ship - Other - 9781784454760
    CT0625 8 years +
    8 years +
    • £4.99
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £10.00
    Dare you sail the high seas with the most dangerous pirates around?

    This press-out-and-play set gives children the chance to make their own impressive pirate ship as they hunt for some buried treasure. A really fun activity, children can build models, colour it in, apply the stickers and then play with it.

    There are even press-out pirate figures to use as the crew and the set also comes with stickers, sail templates and a book full of piratey facts - arrr!

    Dimensions: 285 x 227mm

    Ages 8 plus
  • Generation Next - Hardback - 9781473634374 - Oli White
    GNOW 13 years +
    Oli White
    13 years +
    • £4.49
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £8.50
    Jack makes some new friends and in next to no time they've created GenNext, the hottest new trend in social media.

    As soon as it's unveiled to the public, Jack's life completely changes. His Instagram followers are going up by hundreds of thousands and big companies are scrambling for him to take part in huge photoshoots. However, exciting journeys of fame can also be dangerous and there's someone willing Jack to trip up at every step. It's not long before everyone he cares about - friends, family and a girl he's falling for - is at risk.

    Written by the YouTube sensation Oli White and with plenty of real-life experiences included, this is an exciting book for any fan of the vlogger and those interested in the trappings of celebrity.

    Head over to Book People's YouTube channel to watch our book trailer for this incredible new novel.
  • The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible - Paperback - 9780857833174 - Josephine Fairley
    Josephine Fairley
    • £3.99
    • RRP £16.99
    • Save £13.00
    Look, feel and be fabulous forever with the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible!

    In this fully updated edition, the health and beauty experts Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey will tell you everything you need to know about feeling great and looking gorgeous. They offer guidance and tips on everything from skin and hair to hands, feet and nails, as well as advice on getting good sleep and the best exercise methods.

    There are also tried-and-tested reports on many different health and beauty products.
  • Able Seacat Simon - Hardback - 9781471151835 - Lynne Barrett-Lee
    Lynne Barrett-Lee
    • £3.49
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.50
    Inspired by a true story, Lynne Barrett-Lee's fictional retelling of 'Able Seacat' Simon's adventures are certain to appeal to fans of A Street Cat Named Bob.

    Discovered in the Hong Kong docks in 1948 and smuggled on board the H.M.S Amethyst by a British sailor, the cat soon takes to his new waterborne home - establishing himself as the cat's expert rat-catcher and winning the hearts of the crew.

    When tragedy strikes the ship and many of the crew are shot, Simon also finds himself in danger. Helped by the ship's doctor, Simon makes a full recovery and takes it upon himself to purr away at those who are still in the sick bay in an attempt to lift their spirits. As the ship heads home, news of Simon's heroism makes him a famous feline, but it's still going to be a long journey back home....
  • Coming of Age Collection - 4 Books - Collection - 9781471145469
    CMGA 13 years +
    13 years +
    • £5.99
    • RRP £29.96
    • Save £23.97
    • Just £1.50 per book
    The world is turning, and so is Julia and Seth's relationship in The Age of Miracles; a summer of love, friendship and tragedy shapes the life of Iris in Infinite Sky; Pearl can't help but resent her sister for the death of her mother in The Year of the Rat; and shy Charlie learns all about teenage life experience in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

    This fantastic young adult collection is full of poignant and witty observations on growing up and the perils that come with coming of age.
  • Colour Me Mindful Collection - 6 Books - Collection - 9781407250410
    • £6.99
    • RRP £29.94
    • Save £22.95
    • Just £1.17 per book
    This hand-picked collection of colouring books is bursting full of completely wonderful designs that can help you find serenity as you fill them in with your own personal touch of colour.

    A fun and relaxing hobby, among the intricate illustrations you'll get to colour in are those of butterflies, enchanted creatures and the various seasons.

    Six of the best books to help you discover mindfulness.
  • Mrs Jeffries Collection - 10 Books - Collection - 9781472121707 - Emily Brightwell
    Emily Brightwell
    • £7.99
    • RRP £69.90
    • Save £61.91
    • Just 80.00p per book
    Old-fashioned crime fiction doesn't get any better than this!

    Set in Victorian London, this 10-book collection from bestselling crime author Emily Brightwell stars the mild-mannered Inspector Witherspoon and, more importantly, his quick-witted housekeeper Mrs Jeffries. Herself a policeman's widow, Mrs Jeffries takes it upon herself to nudge Inspector Witherspoon in the right direction to solve a host crimes...

    Murder strikes at Queen Victoria's Jubilee Ball; London's best-known businessman is murdered; the pub landlord gets stabbed in the back; a theatre critic meets an unfortunate end and much, much more in this 'murder most English' set of gripping and thoroughly entertaining crime stories.

    Full of period detail, quirky crimes and more than a few laughs too, our 10-book Mrs Jeffries Collection is a delight from start to finish. Perfect reading for fans of Rebecca Tope and M.C. Beaton.

    This collection includes book 4-13 in Emily Brightwell's Mrs Jeffries series.
  • Love From Boy - Hardback - 9781444786279 - Donald Sturrock
    Donald Sturrock
    • £4.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £15.01
    Sometimes serious, sometimes tender and quite often fantastic and funny, this book contains a collection of letters that Roald Dahl penned to his mother throughout his extraordinary life.

    Starting with a letter that was written when Roald was just 9 years old and studying at a boarding school, the book features what became weekly letters as he first became a fighter pilot during the Second World War and then went on to work as a diplomat and spy in Washington.

    Full of the humour and storytelling genius that featured in his classic books including The BFG and Matilda, the letters in this book provide a fascinating insight into what Roald Dahl was really like and how he honed his skills as a writer.
  • Build, Discover, Survive! Mastering Minecraft - Paperback - 9780744016475 - Michael Lummis
    MSMN 10 years +
    10 years +
    • £3.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £9.00
    Whether you're a novice or expert player, this how-to guide will help you take Minecraft to the max!

    Breaking down every mode of the sandbox game, it reveals the most successful strategies and offers advice on everything from creating your first world to finding food.

    It even includes a history of Minecraft, complete with interviews with its creators.
  • Room - Paperback - 9781509803156 - Emma Donoghue
    Emma Donoghue
    • £2.99
    • RRP £8.99
    • Save £6.00
    An Orange Prize- and Man Booker-shortlisted novel from Emma Donoghue, the film adaptation of Room has won so many awards and its star Brie Larson deservedly won an Oscar. Now, for a fabulous Book People price, you can discover or re-read this incredible novel.

    Described as 'A triumph' by the Daily Telegraph, the book tells the story from the point of view of 5-year-old Jack. He lives with his Ma in a single, locked room and neither of them have the key... they're prisoners but when they escape, Jack gets to see the real world for the first time - and it's a scary, overwhelming and mainly positive experience.

    Beautifully written and guaranteed to appeal to fans of The Lovely Bones, this paperback edition comes with a film-themed jacket.