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  • Neal's Yard Remedies Eat Beautiful - Hardback - 9780241305836 - DK
    • £4.49
    • RRP £16.99
    • Save £12.50Save 72.999999999999998863131622783839702606201171875%
    The nutritional experts from Neal's Yard Remedies provide recipes that will revitalise the way you look and feel with a hand-picked selection of beauty foods in Eat Beautiful.

    With over 100 recipes included, this beautifully presented book showcases natural foods that beneficially target your face, body, hair and teeth. It explains the effects that these foods can have on everything from fragile hair to oily skin and cellulite to bruises.

    There are ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks and these energising recipes are sure to revolutionise your beauty regime. Among the highlights are Japanese ocean soup, black lentil and coconut curry and polenta with grilled vegetables.
  • Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Rescue Stories 5 Books - Hardback - 9781474836838 - Parragon Books
    XPPRS 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £7.49
    • RRP £24.99
    • Save £17.50Save 70.00%
    The pups from Paw Patrol are huge favourites with so many younger children and this collection comes with five amazing books following them as they try to keep the community of Adventure Bay safe.

    Ryder and the gang embark on all kinds of ruff, ruff rescue missions and the exciting stories are sure to be enjoyed time and time again.
  • Gino's Italian Coastal Escape - Hardback - 9781473661516 - Gino D'Acampo
    • £6.49
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £13.51Save 67.0000000000000028421709430404007434844970703125%
    Gino D'Acampo's latest TV series finds the popular chef heading to the Italian coast to sample some of the incredible meals that hail from this beautiful area. This tie-in cookbook shows you how to recreate the delicious flavours of this area in your own home.

    Gino has visited the Aeolian Islands, Calabria, Campania, Capri, Lazio, Tuscany and Elba on his latest jaunt and this book showcases recipes from each one.

    Gino provides step-by-step instructions for making them all and among those you can make are antipasti and soups, pasta, gnocchi and risotto and, of course, pizza and breads.
  • Ultimate Marvel - Hardback - 9780241319369
    • £9.99
    • RRP £30.00
    • Save £20.01Save 65.9999999999999971578290569595992565155029296875%
    The Avengers and various other superheroes have taken over the world with their appearances in films over the past few years and this huge tome is the definitive in-world guide to the Marvel comic book universe.

    Full of original artwork, it provides profiles of the heroes, villains, vehicles, weapons and technology that have helped make Marvel so magnificent. This hardback covers from 1939 to the present day and highlights all of the company's different eras including The Golden Age (1939-1950), The Atlas Age (1951-1959), The Marvel Age (1960-1969), The Bronze Age (1970-1985), The Modern Age (1986-1999) and The Heroic Age (2000 to the present day).

    Full of facts and thrills, this is a coffee table book that will delight any superhero fan. It features cover star Iron Man (Tony Stark), Captain America, Captain Marvel, Thor and hundreds of other iconic characters.
  • Owl Babies: Book and Toy - Other - 9781406374735 - Martin Waddell & Patrick Benso
    OWBT 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £4.49
    • RRP £10.99
    • Save £6.50Save 58.999999999999996589394868351519107818603515625%
    Coming in a cute, smaller format, this is a classic children's book about three baby owls waiting for their mother to come home.

    Written by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Patrick Benson, the book is full of charm and style and is sure to be returned to again and again. It's even been described as 'a perfect bedtime story'.

    A family favourite for nearly 25 years, the little board book here is accompanied by a beautiful little soft toy of a baby owl.
  • Colourtronic - Paperback - 9781780554495 - Lauren Farnsworth
    • £3.49
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.50Save 65.00%
    Plunge into a world of wonderful, intense, hyper colouring by numbers. Complete each image with the easy-to-use number system and reveal an astoundingly vibrant colour palette on every page. From stunning animals and breathtaking scenes, each piece of artwork is a feast for the eyes. Each page is one-sided and perforated, making it easy to tear out and display.
  • Rules For My Daughter - Hardback - 9781786490117
    • £3.49
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.50Save 65.00%
    Accompanying Rules for My Son, this book looks at how you can spread fatherly advice in an attempt to ensure your daughter grows into a confident young woman.

    Harking back to an era when father knew best and was never questioned, the humorous advice, tips and quotes cover everything from internet dating ('never trust a profile pic') to family life and inspirations.

    Very witty, this book celebrates the bond between father and daughter and is presented in hardback, making it a great gift for fathers, fathers-to-be and anyone else who loves families.
  • Rules for My Son - Hardback - 9781786490087
    • £3.49
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.50Save 65.00%
    If you have a newborn who you are desperate to see grow into a 'Good Man' - industrious, thoughtful, charming and well-dressed - this collection of traditional, funny and important advice will prove invaluable.

    Among the rules are that men should never, ever wear sandals, the fact that letters can come in very handy and there are even some handy hangover cures (who knew a dip in the ocean would be so good for you?).

    Based on a hit blog and presented in hardback, this is a great gift for dads, dads-to-be and even sons. It evokes back to simpler times when Father knew best and no one questioned his rules...
  • Mineworld: Secrets & Cheats Guide - Hardback - 9781781065365
    MWSC 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £2.49
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.50Save 68.00%
    Bursting with 250 brilliant Minecraft secrets and cheats, this book will keep any Minecraft fan hooked.

    Unveiling previously little-known information, the book has been designed to help even the biggest novice become an expert Minecrafter. The bullet-pointed facts are great for dipping in and out of.

    Prepare for your Minecraft playing to be revolutionised.
  • My Big Book of Fun: Disney Princess - Paperback - 9781474853699
    • £2.99
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.00Save 62.00%
    Follow Snow White, Rapunzel, Belle and all of your favourite Disney Princesses with this amazing book. Spot the difference, join the dots, colour in scenes, and use over 50 stickers to decorate the pages. Disney Princess Big Book of Fun has over 200 magical pages of stories, colouring and activities.
  • A Question of Trust - Hardback - 9780755377626 - Penny Vincenzi
    • £6.49
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £13.51Save 67.0000000000000028421709430404007434844970703125%
    Penny Vicenzi's A Question of Trust is an intelligent, moving and thought-provoking novel that will appeal to fans of Santa Montefiore and Harriet Evans.

    Tom Knelston is a charismatic individual who has a passion for politics and reform. His wife shares his ideals and together they seem to be the perfect match. But then Tom meets an old childhood acquaintance. She's everything he stands against but he finds her irresistible...

    As Tom embarks on an affair with this married fashion model - despite them both knowing it will only end with people they care about getting hurt - he receives some shocking news. A child is ill and Tom must make a decision about his principles, his career and decide who he cares about most.
  • Chair Yoga - Paperback - 9780349416083 - Kristin McGee
    • £3.49
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £9.50Save 73.0000000000000017053025658242404460906982421875%
    Counting the likes of Tina Fey, Ben Stiller and Steve Martin among her clients, Kristin McGee is a hugely successful yoga and Pilates teacher and celebrity trainer who will show you how to sit, stretch and strengthen your way to a happier, healthier you in Chair Yoga.

    With no need for any yoga experience or equipment, she presents a range of simple exercises for all ages which will take up just minutes of your day. With step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow photos, the exercises in each chapter target a specific muscle group. There are even 5- and 10-minute routines to help them all at once.

    A great way to improve posture and lessen back pain, this book shows how a few simple chair yoga moves a day will activate the body and focus the mind for better physical and mental health.
  • LEGO Star Wars: Mighty Minifigures - Paperback - 9780241195840 - DK
    LSWM 6 years +
    6 years +
    • £3.49
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £4.50Save 56.00%
    Children (and older Jedis!) can enjoy this DK Ultimate Sticker Collection that showcases the heroes and villains from a galaxy far, far away in their LEGO Minifigure form!

    With 1,000 easy-to-peel and reusable stickers included, the book lets children engage in the epic space battles that take place between the Jedis and Sith, the Republic and Separatists and even the ewoks and stormtroopers.

    Packed with facts about the likes of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Darth Vader, LEGO Star Wars: Mighty Minifigures is an out-of-this-world sticker book!
  • Little Miss Chatterbox: Record & Play - Other - 5021854020926
    CT0541 Toddlers
    • £11.99
    • RRP £24.99
    • Save £13.00Save 52.00%
    One of the most popular Little Miss characters, Little Miss Chatterbox is always talking - and now your child can listen to her speak in their own voice!

    A beautiful cuddly toy, all a child has to do is press one hand to record their voice and press the other to hear it played back to them. They can record their voice as many times as they want, too.

    Dimensions: 260 x 210mm
  • Usborne: My Very First Castles Book - Board - 9781409564157 - Abigail Wheatley
    VFCB 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £2.79
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £7.20Save 72.00%
    My Very First Castles Book will show little ones just what it feels like to be king or queen of the castle!

    There is information about kings, queens, knights, banquets and jousting featured in the non-fiction book and the full-colour illustrations will also help children develop their vocabulary skills before starting school.

    With its de-knight-ful illustrations and plenty of new words for children aged 3+ to learn, the book has many things for the young reader to spot and then discuss as they share with a parent.
  • Glitter Puzzle: Princess Party - Other - 5011979566898
    CT0618 4 years +
    4 years +
    • £4.49
    • RRP £8.99
    • Save £4.50Save 50.00%
    Perfect for pony lovers, this 60-piece puzzle is emblazoned with sparkly glitter highlights.

    There are also plenty of things to spot on the detailed and traditional scene.

    Box dimensions: 225 x 280mm; Puzzle size: 470 x 670mm

    Ages 4 plus
  • Essential Origami - Other - 9781743635940
    • £4.49
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £10.50Save 70.00%
    Have you ever wanted to master the art of origami? This box has everything you will need!

    The 64-page guide provides an introduction to the craft, explaining its history and traditions alongside a number of paper-folding techniques. With 100 sheets of origami paper also included in the box, you can follow the step-by-step instructions and make over 20 traditional pieces of art.

    Providing hours of folding fun, the book has been written by leading origami expert Matthew Gardiner and features contributions and original designs by renowned origami experts.

    Box dimensions: 260 x 205mm. Book dimensions: 250 x 185mm, 64 pages, pb
  • Construction Crew set - Other - 5060515911050
    CT0777 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £8.99
    Children will love making their own construction site with this incredible play set. From traffic lights to lorries and cement mixers, it has everything a child needs to recreate the busy scenes.

    A high-quality set for children aged 3 and over, this makes a wonderful gift and includes four vehicles to play with including a cement mixer and accessories including traffic lights.

    Ages 3 plus

    27 pieces

    Box size 360 x 325
  • Davina's Sugar-Free in a Hurry - Paperback - 9781409157694 - Davina McCall
    • £6.49
    • RRP £16.99
    • Save £10.50Save 61.00000000000000198951966012828052043914794921875%
    We're now well into the new year.. are you thinking it's time for a new you? Let the ever-popular Davina McCall help you kick the sugar habit and cut out junk food for good.

    The quick recipes are ideal for the whole family and will help you balance blood sugar, lose weight and feel fantastic. With ideas for everything from lunch on the go to quick suppers and guilt-free snacks, among the highlights are Mexican tomato and black bean soup and banana, oat and sultana muffins.

    With healthy meals that will quickly become favourites over the next 12 months and beyond, this book is perfect for anyone who wants 2017 to be the year they look after their blood sugar levels.
  • Eating Well Made Easy - Hardback - 9780007950942 - Lorraine Pascale
    • £7.49
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £12.51Save 62.0000000000000028421709430404007434844970703125%
    A Book People friend who has always delighted us with her delicious recipes, Lorraine Pascale is turning her attention towards healthy food with her latest cookbook, Eating Well Made Easy.

    The 100 recipes all include easy-to-find ingredients that are also affordable and there are ideas for everything from breakfast snacks to sensational soups, and light lunches to lazy brunches.

    Full of quick, no-fuss ideas for healthy and tasty meals, we highly recommend Blackberry and Blueberry Ginger Yogurt Pots, the Smoked Salmon Quiche with Kale and Basil and a Sesame Seed Crust and the No-Cook Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake Bites.
  • Star Wars: Dot-to-Dot - Paperback - 9780603573002
    • £3.49
    • RRP £10.99
    • Save £7.50Save 67.99999999999999317878973670303821563720703125%
    The Force will be with you as you join the dots and watch your favourite Star Wars characters magically appear in this out-of-this-world book for older fans.

    Simply follow the numbers and connect the dots one by one to show original Star Wars drawings of the likes of Chewbacca, Darth Vader and R2-D2.

    As well as character images, the designs also include spaceships and locations from the long-running saga.
  • Grow Vegetables - Hardback - 9780241239100 - Alan Buckingham
    • £5.49
    • RRP £16.99
    • Save £11.50Save 66.999999999999994315658113919198513031005859375%
    From juicy tomatoes to crunchy celery and the likes of turnips and carrots, this book will show you how easy it is to grow your own organic vegetables - no matter how much space you have.

    This book has detailed, step-by-step growing instructions and advice on how to grow more than 80 vegetables and herbs, meaning you'll be making the best salad around in next to no time.

    Including the more obscure vegetables, this is a must-have grow-your-own guide for all gardeners and foodies.
  • Labyrinth - Hardback - 9781847809988 - Theo Guignard
    LABY 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £3.49
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £9.50Save 73.0000000000000017053025658242404460906982421875%
    Children will love finding their way through the challenges posed in this marvellous maze book.

    From worlds made of plants to futuristic cities and wild habitats, there are 14 mazes to work through and each one is full of things to spot along the way.

    Wonderfully interactive and ideal for stay-at-home days, the mazes advance in complexity as children work through the pages. All of the mazes have been beautifully designed and are sure to keep children aged 5 and over happily entertained.
  • Postman Pat Playbook - Other - 9781785574146
    PPPY 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £3.49
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £4.50Save 56.00%
    Postman Pat is still happily delivering the mail to the friendly folk of Greendale and this interactive book will encourage children to push, pull and lift the mechanisms on every page as he goes out and about on his rounds.

    Featuring all the favourite characters, it is packed with activities to complete and the interactive nature will help keep children entertained for hours on end.