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  • Paint Your Own Ceramic Egg Cups - Other - 5060515913122
    • £3.00
    Paint your own ceramic egg cups with this egg-citing kit!

    Children will love decorating these egg cups at Easter time, as they choose from a chicken, lamb, duck and bunny and decorate it using the paints.

    Contents: 4 ceramic egg cups, 6 paints, 2 paintbrushes
    Box size: 174 x 174mm
    Ages 3 plus
  • ST2867
    • £4.99
    Introduce children to new vocabulary and key concepts with the My Very First Calendar!

    Learn all about days, months, feelings and much more using the 50 magnets and place them on the calendar to have a fun start to the day.

    Size: 415 x 285mm
  • ED2131
    • £4.99
    The Fingerprint Kit is both fun and educational as it encourages children to develop an interest in forensic science studies.

    Use the tools provided to gather fingerprints of friends and family and fill out the record cards for an exciting rainy day activity.

    Box size: 180 x 210mm
    Contents: bottle for fingerprint powder, brush, black plastic, stamp pad, magnifier, blower, goggles, clear tape, badge, record card
    Please note that the kit does not include fingerprint powder for safety reasons. Instructions advise on using baby powder.
    Ages 10 plus
  • ED2130
    • £4.99
    See nature up close using the Junior Outdoor Microscope!

    There are six holders for children to view rocks, flowers, shells, and much more. It encourages them to develop an interest in science and nature while practising cognitive and hand-eye coordination skills.

    Box size: 255 x 215mm
    Ages 8 plus
  • ST2673
    • £4.99
    • RRP £10.00
    • Save £5.01Save 50%
    This beautiful collection of wrapping paper will ensure that your gifts look stylish.

    With 12 sheets of wrapping paper in six different designs, the gift wrap also comes with 12 matching gift tags - all presented in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    Sheet size: 460 x 840mm, Packaging size: 240 x 235mm
  • CT1027
    • £6.99
    Create amazing spiral art with this easy-to-use stencil kit - perfect for outdoor fun!

    Snap the tracks together and place your chalk in a stencil hole, then roll it along the edges like a cog. Use different sizes and colours and let your imagination run in circles with endless possibilities!

    Box size: 290 x 290mm
    Contents: 9 stencils and 3 chalks
    Ages 8 plus
  • CT1028
    • £4.99
    Use the wheels and rings to make endless amazing designs with the Spirograph Deluxe Set!

    Children can develop their hand-eye coordination skills and unleash their creativity as they create a range of differing swirling patterns.

    Box size: 316 x 220 x 30mm
    Contents: 22 pieces, 3 pens, putty and paper
    Ages 8 plus
  • CT1034
    • £4.99
    Get creative and make beautiful quilling art with this fun-filled kit.

    Choose from an array of multi-coloured paper strips and roll them using the quilling pen before sticking them on to the design templates. Designs include a tropical parrot, a wise owl and a pink flamingo.

    Contents: 3 design templates, glue, quilling pen, multi-coloured paper strips.
    Box size: 200 x 200mm.
    Ages 6 plus (adult supervision required)
  • Grow Your Own Tomatoes Kit - Other - 5060515911128
    • £3.00
    • RRP £3.99
    • Save £0.99Save 24%
    Sow and harvest Garden Pearl tomatoes indoors all year round with handy kit. You can also use it to harvest outdoors from June to October. Just pick the fruits as they ripen.

    With easy-to-follow instructions, this kit will help you produce sweet, cherry-type tomatoes on the vine and they will have a fresh and vibrant flavour.

    Contents: 1 metal trough, 2pc x 55g pressed coco, 250g vesuviantie and 2 seed sachets (approx 10 seeds each)

    Packaging size: 275 x 115mm
  • The Usborne Nature Journal - Other - 9781474941884
    • £3.00
    • RRP £8.99
    • Save £5.99Save 66%
    From bird poo being good luck to the reasons birds have differently shaped beaks, The Usborne Nature Journal is a beautifully illustrated hardback full of facts about the animals and plants of our world.

    It has ample space to add in your own notes and sketches and is a very handy book to keep on you to make notes and keep track of plans.

    HB, 215 x 150mm, 104 pages
  • Colouring Unicorns Set with pastel pens and glitter glue - Other - 9781488909870
    • £4.00
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £8.99Save 69%
    This 64-page colouring book comes with five pastel markers and one tube of glitter glue and is full of kaleidoscopic images of unicorns. It will provide creative types with hours of magical fun.

    Providing an enchanting and interactive visual experience for all ages, it has exquisite and intricate images on sheets that can be torn out so you can put the finished pieces up on display!
    Size 290 x 230mm
  • CT0809
    • £5.99
    Watch giant bubbles float and flutter through the air at the push of a button with this bubble fan. It provides fantastic fun for children aged 6 and over.

    Mesmerising, magical and so easy to use, the bubbles will shimmer in the light and change shape and colour as they fly!

    Ages 6 plus
    Box size 165 x 245mm, fan 250 x 140mm
    Contents: fan, bottle of bubble solution (90ml)
  • CN0732 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £6.99
    Simply inflate the bubble pond by blowing into the valve, pour the bubble solution into the dipping dish, attach a handle to a wand and dip and wave it to make amazingly huge and long bubbles.

    A brilliant and fun activity for children to partake in as the days get longer and the sun comes out to shine. There's nothing better than bubbles.

    Ages 5 plus
    Box size 275 x 330mm
    Contents: 1 bubble pond, 1 bubble solution, 4 large bubble wands
  • ST2818
    • £3.99
    • RRP £8.99
    • Save £5.00Save 55%
    From different words for 'journey' to ideas for things to do on a trip, The Usborne Travel Journal is a beautifully illustrated hardback full of facts about the countries of the world.

    It has ample space to add in your own notes and sketches and is a very handy book to keep on you to make notes and keep track of plans. It's definitely one to take on your travels this year.

    HB, 215 x 150mm, 104 pages
  • CT1033
    • £4.99
    Make your own felt butterfly picture with this adorable kit!

    Simply stick the felt pieces to the canvas to create a beautiful butterfly picture and display it using the mini easel.

    Contents: canvas, mini easel, self adhesive felt sheets
    Box size: 220 x 220mm
    Ages 3 plus (adult supervision required)
  • ST2819
    • £9.99
    This box of 30 assorted greetings cards (two each of 15 designs) all come individually wrapped with white envelopes and are sure to raise a chuckle.

    These cards feature funny animal characters and they're all accompanied by puns and quips (an elephant stating 'Your age is completely irrelephant'; a cat in a party hat with the words 'You're the cat's whiskers'; and an alpaca telling the lucky recipient 'Birthday picnic? Alpaca lunch') to make people laugh out loud.

    Box size 190 x 240mm
    30 greetings cards (15 each of 2 designs)
  • Kaleidoscope Magical Metallic Marker Kit - Other - 9781488937194
    • £4.00
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £8.99Save 69%
    Presented in a striking folder, this colouring book has over 20 kaleidoscopic images to colour in using the five metallic markers provided. These special pens will add shimmer and shine to the exquisite patterns.

    Each design is perforated so you can display your completed masterpiece for all to see.

    NB, size 290 x 230mm
  • HW3269
    • £6.99
    This set of two aqua bulbs not only looks stunning but will also help you keep your plants hydrated.

    The aqua globes are made from hand-blown glass, which means each one has its own distinct shape, colour and pattern - every single one is unique.

    To use the globes, all you have to do is fill them with water and insert them into your plant compost. This will help keep plants hydrated.

    Box size 325 x 110mm (recyclable)
    Bulb size 300 x 85mm each. Capacity 300ml each.
  • Words Of A Feather: A5 Exercise Books - Other - 9990000018116
    • £2.49
    Perfect for making notes, keeping addresses or for school and office work, these three lined exercise books feature awesome Words of a Feather artwork and cool, contemporary imagery.

    Each book has 64 pages for you to write all your plans and need-to-know information in.

    A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

    Only from the heart can you touch the sky.

    The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live

    Dimensions: 210mm x 200mm x 20mm
  • CT1032
    • £3.99
    Make your own animal mobile with this adorable kit!

    Sew together the felt pieces to make the decorations and string them together to create a colourful hanging mobile.

    Contents: felt, wooden pieces, needle, thread, beads, stuffing, metal hook.
    Box size: 200 x 200mm
    Ages 8 plus (adult supervision required)
  • Transporter truck with 6 pick-up trucks - Other - 5060515912088
    • £4.99
    Awesome fun for little racers!

    Little truck fans will love playing with this set of six brightly coloured pick-up trucks (1:48 scale). They can store them inside the large transporter truck and enjoy hours of imaginative and action-packed fun.

    Box size: 140 x 430mm
  • ED2114
    • £5.99
    Solve the crossword and make the 550-piece jigsaw (finished size 610 x 460mm) with this double-challenge puzzle!

    This box contains a tricky crossword on a paper sheet. Fill this in and use your completed answers to guide you as you put the 550 pieces together for a large jigsaw.

    Hours of fun for anyone who likes brain-teasers!

    Box size 250 x 220mm, completed puzzle 610 x 460mm
  • Firwood Bird House - Other - 5060515911562
    • £4.00
    A home tweet home for the birds that visit your garden!

    This wooden bird house is an amazing accessory for any garden and is extremely welcoming to all kinds of small wild birds including tits and finches. Its classic design is made from strong and solid firwood which offers a natural style.

    It's a cosy and comfy hideaway for all your feathered friends.

    Box size 180 x 165mm
  • Kawaii Pencil Set of 20 with Erasers - Other - 9781488934421
    • £4.00
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £10.99Save 73%
    This superb stationery set contains 10 graphite pencils, 10 coloured pencils, a pink pencil sharpener and 20 erasers with an appealing kawaii theme.

    As an added bonus, it also includes a 32-page drawing, colouring and activity book featuring the cute characters. It's a lovely gift for any child who loves kawaii and the pencils could be shared out to make perfect party bag presents!
    Contents: 10 graphite pencils, 10 coloured pencils, pencil sharpener, 20 erasers
    Ages 3 plus