Kitchen Accessories & Gifts

  • HW3287
    • £9.99
    This large ceramic cookie jar is the perfect place to store your Christmas cookies, sweets and treats this festive season.

    It features artwork of fir trees, presents, snow and even Santa himself!

    Box size 148 x 145 x 235mm
  • HW3272
    • £5.99
    Give your bakes the ultimate stamp of approval with this incredible set.

    All three silicone stamps have wooden handles and will prove to anyone that your treats have been made with love and care.

    Box size 110 x 90mm
    Contents: 2 x Made With Love cookie stamps, 1 x Home Made cookie stamp
  • HW3278
    • £9.99
    These two eye-catching LED lights (one green, one grey) will brighten up your home with cool cactus style.

    A combination of cactus and Mason jar, these lights add spiky style and a warming atmosphere to any room.
    Box size 150 x 160mm
  • HW3248
    • £3.99
    Make your own cool ice lollies with the kids this summer. They'll be a refreshing treat.

    This pink silicone mould has space for six mini lollies and is so easy to use. All you have to do is fill the mould with healthy fresh fruit or delicious juices and enjoy the results.

    Box size 130 x 130mm
  • HW3268
    • £6.99
    Bring cool cactus style into your home or garden with this set of four cactus-shaped drinking glasses.

    These novelty glasses can be used as cool ornament or decoration and will add some fun to your next refreshing cold beverage.

    Box size 160 x 350mm (recyclable)

    Capacity 400ml each

    For cold beverages only. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • HW3249
    • £4.99
    Make your own cool and refreshing treats using these nine silicone moulds for mini pops!

    Experiment with healthy, fresh fruits and delicious juices to make your favourite flavours or broaden your horizons by creating new and exciting ones. Simply pour the liquid or fruit into the mould, add the pop stick and leave in the freezer.

    You'll be able to enjoy a cold treat within hours.

    Box size 165 x 250mm (recyclable)

    Not dishwasher- or microwave-safe. Not suitable for anyone aged 3 or under
  • HW3263
    • £7.99
    This set of two LED solar lanterns is a wonderful addition to any garden. Simply place them in direct sunlight and the solar panel will charge the battery. As soon as it gets dark, you'll be able to enjoy the stunning illuminations.

    The weatherproof lanterns are made of glass and are suitable for use in gardens of any size. Each charge will give you approximately 6-8 hours of continuous use.

    Box size 130 x 210mm (recyclable)
    Battery: 1.2v AAA 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery x 1. Replace after 12 months of use. The solar panel will take between 6-8 hours of exposure to sunlight to recharge.
  • HW3261
    • £5.99
    This tropical set of stacking lunchboxes is perfect for people who like to eat their food on the go. The small boxes are ideal for storing sandwiches, carrots, biscuits and other little nibbles.

    Presented in a variety of bright colours and featuring friendly toucans, they'll help you bring a taste of the tropical into your daily lunch and eats.
    Dimensions: Largest box 135 x 65mm, smallest box 85 x 40mm
    Wash before use. Not suitable for dishwasher, freezer or microwave use.
  • HW3262
    • £6.99
    Enjoy a cold drink with this cool tropical cup. Coming with a straw, this reusable cup features a glitter-filled design packed with toucans and the exciting combination of colours are sure to appeal.

    It's perfect for juices, squashes and other cold soft drinks. The screw-lid will help you avoid spillages, too.
    Dimensions: 155 x 100mm
    Wash before first use. Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use. Not suitable for hot beverages.
  • HW3253
    • £3.99
    • RRP £6.99
    • Save £3.00Save 42.0000000000000005684341886080801486968994140625%
    Presented in a gift box, this fine china mug has a stylish design and the quip: 'I'm still hot. It just comes in hot flushes now.'

    This is a great gift for any woman of a certain age who is going through some changes...

    Wash before first use. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe.
    Box size: 115 x 155mm; mug size 90 x 110mm
  • HW3246
    • £5.99
    Ideal for homes with small or no gardens, the Upside-Down Strawberry Planter provides you with a fast and easy way to harvest - all you have to do is simply hang up the planter and then feed and water the plant to grow some tasty strawberries.

    Follow these tips for the best results:
    1) Ensure your soil is well drained. Combine two-parts sand with one-part peat moss and one-part potting compost.
    2) Avoid selecting a strawberry plant with leggy foliage, brown leaves or spots.

    Box size 250 x 250 x 70mm
  • HW3111
    • £3.99
    • RRP £5.00
    • Save £1.01Save 20.000000000000000710542735760100185871124267578125%
    Treat the grumpiest person you know to the most fitting mug for their brew.

    Featuring popular Mr. Men character Mr. Grumpy, the ceramic mug has the slogan 'Grumpy by name, and even more grumpy by nature'.

    Mug size: 125 x 95mm
  • HW3231 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £7.99
    This fine china mug features one of Quentin Blake's memorable illustrations from Roald Dahl's Matilda (the one when Miss Trunchbull swings a pupil by their pigtails) alongside the headmistress' classic quote: 'Horrible little slugs'.

    It's a marvellous mug for you to treat yourself to or to give as a gift. Do you know any teachers with a sense of humour who'd appreciate it? It comes presented in a gift box.
    Wash before first use. Microwave- and dishwasher-safe
    Box size: 95 x 100mm
  • Roald Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Mug - Other - 5050993309302
    HW3232 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £6.99
    'Imported direct from Loompaland', this fine china mug features one of Quentin Blake's memorable illustrations from Roald Dahl's classic story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    With its crazy artwork, anyone who enjoys a drink in this mug will feel like they've won a Golden Ticket.
    Wash before first use. Microwave- and dishwasher-safe
    Box size: 95 x 100mm
  • HW3195
    • £6.99
    Everyone knows that home is where the heart is and what better way to tell your loved ones how you feel than with this gorgeous, rustic memo chalk board.

    With a rope to hang it from and plenty of space to write down messages, recipes or even to draw a pretty picture, this will be an essential addition to any household.

    The board even comes with some chalk so you can start your masterpiece right away.

    Dimensions: 400 x 290mm
  • CN0704 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £6.99
    Made from bamboo fibre, this environmentally friendly set includes a little plate, a bowl, a mug and a spoon and fork - all featuring beautiful illustrations of a friendly snail.
    Box size 250 x 290mm, ages 3 plus, not suitable for microwave or oven use, dishwasher safe.
  • HW3227
    • £4.99
    This porcelain mug has a cork base to use instead of a coaster and is decorated with Christmas illustrations.

    It's the perfect way to enjoy hot drinks on the cold evenings in the build-up to the big day.
    Dishwasher friendly. Do not microwave
    Dimensions: 145 x 145 x 85mm
  • HW3194
    • £4.99
    This hanging photo frame has space to put pictures of your loved ones and has a brilliantly rustic, beach-themed feel.

    Perfect for hanging anywhere in your house or to give as a beautiful gift to your friends and family, it's a convenient size to help you put your favourite pocket-sized photographs on display.

    Dimensions: 460 x 145mm
  • HW3228
    • £9.99
    Brew up a plan to get into Mum and Dad's good books with the joint gift of these fun porcelain mugs with incorporated cork coasters. The mugs have the messages 'This is Mum's' and 'This is Dad's' and come presented in a gift box.

    Simply fill with Mum and Dad's drink of choice for instant favourite child status.
    Dimensions: 180 x 220mm
  • HW3196
    • £6.99
    This is a lovely rustic-style wooden photo frame with heart-shaped windows. Suitable for any room in your house, it's the perfect way to display your cherished memories.

    The hanging nature of the frame makes it even more perfect. it would be a much-loved gift for a loved one but also adds some extra style and charm to your own home.
    Packaging dimensions: 440 x 150mm
  • HW3200
    • £7.99
    These dishwasher-safe lunchboxes come in three different sizes and feature a fabulous flamingo theme.

    Made from bamboo, they are eco-friendly and come with resealable plastic lids so that your food and snacks are kept moist and safe. The smaller size makes them perfect for transporting around, too.
    Sizes 160 x 160mm, 130 x 130mm, 110 x 110mm. Not suitable for microwave or oven use
  • HW3197
    • £4.99
    'Friends are like stars... You don't always see them... But you know they are there' is the heart-warming statement featured on this gorgeous hanging decoration.

    The ornament contains three white hearts with black text and star imagery that won't fail to put a smile on your (or the friend you gift it to's) face.

    Dimensions: 360 x 185mm
  • HW3212
    • £5.99
    This wooden calendar comes with a storage compartment and will add rustic style to any kitchen, home of living space.

    A beautiful alternative to a wall calendar, the perpetual calendar's blocks can be rotated to display the next date and will help you keep track of the date and month.

    It looks stunning and is highly practical.

    Dimensions 100 x 220mm
  • HW3204
    • £3.99
    With its fresh and natural appearance, this non-toxic and environmentally friendly cup also has a fabulous flamingo theme and is completely biodegradable.

    The cup comes with a plastic lid and has a striking flamingo- and pineapple-themed design.

    Box size 150 x 100mm, capacity 475ml.
    Not suitable for microwave or oven use.