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  • British Steam Railways Book & DVD Gift Folder - Hardback - 9990000018925
    • £4.49
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £15.51
    From the first engines through to the Golden Age of steam, this book covers the history of steam railways.

    It's illustrated with over 200 colour and black-and-white photographs, maps, prints and drawings - and comes with an incredible DVD that tells the story with archive footage.
  • Mothers, We're Nowhere Without Them - Hardback - 9781910232101 - Cath Tate
    • £2.49
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.50
    Following a 30-year career writing amusing, deadpan and subversive greetings cards, Cath Tate is the perfect person to give the lowdown on what it means to be a mother by combining quips with all-too familiar images.

    In this quirky and hilarious book, she embraces all aspects of motherhood - from that first terrifying journey home from the hospital with your screeching bundle of joy through to the teenage tantrums and what life is like once children have flown the nest.

    She even has a quote to describe what it's like when you realise you've turned into your own mother...
  • Book End Gift Set: Travel Map Design - Other - 5051237048476
    • £4.49
    • RRP £12.00
    • Save £7.51
    With its atlas map-themed design, anyone will be on top of the world when they receive this gift box full of stationery.

    The box is book shaped and inside you'll find a stylish pen, an A6 notebook and eight notecards with envelopes.

    Dimensions: 210 x 145mm
  • Baby's First Book: Farm - Other - 9780333902509 - Jo Lodge
    BVFF Babies
    Jo Lodge
    • £2.49
    • RRP £5.99
    • Save £3.50
    Babies love to look at faces and high-contrast images right from birth. Doing this helps stimulate the senses and encourages them to explore the world around them.

    This soft cloth book comes with a mirror and crinkly page and focuses on the animals children will find on the farm.
  • Collins Easy Learning French Dictionary - Paperback - 9780007945955 - Collins Dictionaries
    CELF 7 years +
    Collins Dictionaries
    7 years +
    • £3.49
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.50
    Whether you're learning French for a holiday, a business trip or for your GCSE exams, the Collins Easy Learning French Dictionary will help you master the basics of the language!

    Covering everyday French themes, the dictionary also highlights those key curriculum words that will help with exam preparation. There are clear and concise language notes that provide information on common grammatical errors and words some may find confusing, while the book also looks at key cultural differences.

    All presented in Collins' accessible style, the dictionary will help you have confidence when it comes to speaking French!
  • Look & Learn: Numbers & Shapes - Other - 5060083100658
    CN0183 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £4.49
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £5.50
    This colourful puzzle board makes learning fun! All children have to do is lift out each number and shape to reveal the object in text with a fun picture to match.

    Very bright and colourful, this will help children recognise numbers and shapes as they play with it over and over again and the pieces have been designed especially so that little fingers can grab them and lift them out.

    Ages 3 plus
    Please note this puzzle is made from board that has a brilliant wood effect.
    Packaging dimensions: 365 x 300mm
  • Fisher-Price Treasure Island Floor Puzzle - Other - 9990000016655
    CT0254 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £3.49
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.50
    Young children will have plenty of fun on the high-seas with this giant floor puzzle, that not only contains plenty of things to spot but also an awesome pirate ship!

    Starring Fisher-Price's popular Little People characters, the puzzle is bright, bold and has giant pieces that children will be more than happy to put together.

    Clear the living-room floor and prepare to set sail and head to Treasure Island with this fun-filled puzzle.
  • Galt First Vehicles - Other - 5011979560209
    CT0635 Babies
    • £8.99
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £6.00
    Developed by Dr. Miriam Stoppard - the UK's most-trusted parenting expert - these three colourful cars can be joined together and pushed along for hours of fun.

    There's even a play guide to help you encourage your child's development.

    Ages 6 months plus

    Dimensions: 290 x 200mm
  • Make & Create: Lolly Stick Craft Kit - Other - 9781784459406
    CT0674 8 years +
    8 years +
    • £5.49
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £7.50
    This craft kit from the popular Make & Create team has a whole host of sensational lolly stick projects for children to make from scratch.

    Containing a book full of projects and lots of lolly sticks to decorate, it even includes colourful paints and a paintbrush. From lolly stick snowmen and Christmas decorations to dog characters, there's something for every creative child to try their hand at.

    Ages 8 plus
    Folder size: 255 x 210mm. Book dimensions: 250 x 195mm, PB, 32 pages
  • Factivitiy SPACE 4 in 1 Activity pack - Other - 9781474851916
    • £4.49
    • RRP £9.00
    • Save £4.51
    Including a factivity book, a double-sided poster to colour, a 54-piece puzzle (double sided, 400 x 610mm) to colour and 4 double-sided colouring pencils, this set will introduce children to the wonders of space.

    It allows children to explore the furthest reaches of the galaxy and will provide hours of fun. Suitable for ages 5 and over, this is an out-of-this-world - and very creative - adventure.
  • Dave Picture Book Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781444933253 - Sue Hendra
    DVPB 3 years +
    Sue Hendra
    3 years +
    • £3.49
    • RRP £20.97
    • Save £17.48
    • Just £1.16 per book
    From Sue Hendra, the creator of Barry the Fish with Fingers, come three picture books about a greedy cat that are sure to make children toot with delight. Oh, and the cat's name? He's Dave..

    Full of toilet humour and with their bold, illustrative style from Liz Pichon and Lee Wildish, the books follow Dave as he gets stuck in a cat flap after eating too much; goes on the hunt for his missing breakfast; and has to deal with another 'Dave' eating his food and taking his place.

    Children know there is nothing funnier than a fart and these hilarious and slightly naughty books will be returned to over and over again by those aged 3 and over.
  • What is Evolution? - Hardback - 9780750292108 - Louise Spilsbury
    EVOL 7 years +
    Louise Spilsbury
    7 years +
    • £3.49
    • RRP £13.99
    • Save £10.50
    Any child who's ever wondered about where we came from and how we came to be will find the answers in the brilliantly illustrated book, What is Evolution?

    Full of fascinating facts (did you know that some crows are so clever they get cars to crack nuts for them at traffic lights?), the book reveals some of the mind-boggling ways in which animals and plants have evolved over billions of years.

    It also provides an introduction to the groundbreaking theories of Darwin and Wallace, as well as describing how the discovery of DNA structure has changed life as we know it.
  • Retro Coffee Tin - Other - 5050993201361
    • £2.98
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.01
    Emblazoned with the words 'Wake Up & Smell the Coffee', this tin has ample space for all the coffee you need. It will look fantastic on your kitchen shelf, too!

    Size: 190 x 140mm
  • Retro Sugar Tin - Other - 5050993201378
    • £2.98
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.01
    A kitchen essential, this canister will keep your sugar safe and its vintage design makes it perfect for displaying for all your friends to see.

    Size: 190 x 140mm
  • Retro Tea Tin - Other - 5050993201354
    • £2.98
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.01
    We all know there's nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a nice, hot cup of tea and it's even better to have a nice jar to keep all your tea bags in. With its pink lid and nice slogan, this will become an essential for your kitchen.

    Size: 190 x 140mm
  • Retro Treats - Set of 3 Chalkboard Jars - Other - 5050993196438
    • £7.99
    • RRP £13.99
    • Save £6.00
    These three gorgeous, little jars are perfect to keep in your store cupboard. They are dishwasher-safe and have chalkboards on them that can be used to write the contents or leave a note for a loved one.

    Dimensions: 120 x 255mm
  • Family Frame - Other - 5050565224231
    • £5.49
    • RRP £10.00
    • Save £4.51
    This family frame has space for photographs of every member of the family. It is a wonderful centrepiece for any room.
  • Mums Are Like Buttons: They Hold Everything Together - Hardback - 9781447292845 - Emma Marriott
    • £3.49
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.50
    The perfect gift to let your mum know that you love her, Mums Are Like Buttons: They Hold Everything Together is full of poignant and inspirational quotes about mothers.

    Beautifully illustrated, the book shows how the relationship between children and mothers is strong and special all over the world and across different cultures. From Jewish, Persian and Irish proverbs through to quotes from Louisa May Alcott, Jeanette Winterson and Fay Weldon, this is a heart-warming anthology sure to bring a smile to her face.

    Perfect for letting your mum know just how how much you love her!
  • Marvel: Avengers Ultimate Character Guide - Hardback - 9781465445469
    • £4.49
    • RRP £16.99
    • Save £12.50
    Avengers fans... assemble!

    Featuring all the favourite characters from the Marvel universe, this extensive book provides profiles of over 225 superheroes, their friends and their foes.

    From Avengers including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Incredible Hulk to villains like Red Skull, Loki and Thanos, you'll get to discover facts and stats about each character and their history and powers.

    The book even comes with collector cards of the famous heroes and a pull-out poster!
  • Fisher Price Lullabies & Nursery Rhymes With CD - Other - 9781782964827
    • £4.49
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £8.50
    From the experts at Fisher-Price, this little book is bursting with fantastic fairy tales and nursery rhymes and even comes with a CD featuring awesome audio versions of the tales.
  • Carry Me Sing Along Board Book & CD Collection - 3 Books - Hardback - 9781785982880
    • £4.49
    • RRP £14.97
    • Save £10.48
    These three carry-along board books come with CDs full of singalong nursery songs. From Humpty Dumpty to Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cakes and Row, Row, Row Your Boat, these are familiar and timeless tales.

    With fantastic illustrations by Kate Toms, these books are easy to read and perfect for sharing. The songs on the CDs (10 on each) are delightfully sung by a group of children. Your young readers won't be able to resist joining in!

    Format: board book
  • Potion Diaries Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781471169113 - Amy Alward
    PTND 12 years +
    Amy Alward
    12 years +
    • £5.49
    • RRP £23.97
    • Save £18.48
    • Just £1.83 per book
    A combination of The Hunger Games and The Princess Diaries, Amy Alward's (Zoella's editor) The Potion Diaries series is a funny, fresh and action-packed read that follows Sam as she heads off on a magical quest...

    The Princess of Nova has accidentally poisoned herself with a love potion and has now fallen head over heels in love with her own reflection. There's a nationwide hunt to find the cure and competitors all over the world are searching for rate ingredients in locations ranging from magical forests to frozen tundras...

    Samantha Kemi is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary talent. Hailing from a family of respected alchemists who have now fallen on hard times, she knows winning this competition would restore their reputation. But how shall we compete with the power of the ZoroAster megapharma company? She's also having boy trouble and, of course, the quest is all over social media...

    Format: Paperback
  • Signs and Symbols Sourcebook - Paperback - 9780007951314
    • £6.99
    • RRP £30.00
    • Save £23.01
    A great gift that anyone will find fascinating, this comprehensive reference book will help you crack the secrets behind the world's ancient and modern signs and symbols.

    Visually stunning and divided into easy-to-follow A-Z sections, it looks at the hidden meanings behind topics ranging from magic and mystery to landscapes and elements; and answers questions ranging from 'Why do Masonic temples have a black-and-white chequered floor covering?' to 'What is the most important symbol in the world?'

    Other symbols you can learn about are the secret Demonic alphabet, Native American hunting symbols and the Glastonbury Zodiac.
  • Gardenia Nesting Boxes - Other - 9990000017980
    • £6.79
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £6.20
    These three storage boxes fit inside each other like a Russian doll and are sure to keep all those important documents and paperwork safe.

    Each box has a different beautiful floral design and an inside pocket to give you some extra storage space.

    Largest box dimensions: 235 x 325mm