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  • Amelia Jane Collection - 5 Books - Collection - 9780603576287 - Enid Blyton
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    Amelia Jane is a naughty doll and takes great pride in being the 'terror of the toy cupboard'! She snips the tail off the pink rabbit, squirts Tom the soldier with water and gets up to all kinds of mischief!

    But what happens when the toys turn the tables and play their own tricks on Amelia Jane?

    These five books from Enid Blyton, one of the best-loved children's authors of all time, offers a fabulous collection of humorous stories for new readers.

    Book People and Enid Blyton - A Lifetime of Adventure
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    Enid Blyton's Amelia Jane is big, bad and the terror of the toy cupboard - but the other toys have had enough of her behaviour and are set to teach her a lesson.

    In this book, Amelia Jane is causing chaos with a boomerang, scribbling over the nursery walls and playing tricks on Mr Up-and-To! When the other toys teach her a lesson, she promises to be good but as she's been so naughty in the past can she curb her behaviour?
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    New editions, with new illustrations and new format, of all four Amelia Jane titles. Amelia Jane is big, bad and the terror of the toy cupboard! In this book, she gives the toys some terrible scares with her mischief and gets poor Teddy to carry her home without him knowing it. Sometimes the toys get their own back...Ages 5+.
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    Meet the terror of the toy cupboard - Amelia Jane - in this three-in-one bind-up from one of the world's favourite children's authors, Enid Blyton.

    Featuring Naughty Amelia Jane, Amelia Jane is Naughty Again and Amelia Jane Gets Into Trouble, the hilarious stories follow the rag doll as she gets into all sorts of exciting adventures - much to the dismay of the other toys in the toy cupboard.
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    Meet Amelia Jane - the terror of the toy cupboard! Written by Noddy, St Clare's and The Faraway Tree author Enid Blyton, Good Idea, Amelia Jane! is a laugh-out-loud tale about a rag doll who gets into plenty of mischief.

    In this book, Amelia Jane swaps toys' wind-up keys so that a clockwork robot jumps like a rabbit and a mouse zooms along like a train, hides things inside the poor old bear's tummy and pours water down everyone's clothes - but don't worry, the toys will get her back!