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  • Man Booker Prize 2018 Shortlist - 6 Books - Collection - 9990000037865
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    Book People is very excited to bring you all six novels on this year's Man Booker Prize 2018 shortlist in hardback - including the winner, Milkman by Anna Burns. This is a story of how gossip, hearsay and silence can bring about life-changing consequences...

    The rest of this year's shortlist is as eclectic and thought-provoking as ever. Daisy Johnson's Everything Under is a daring story of family, identity, fate, language and love; Rachel Kushner's The Mars Room is a powerful account of life in an American women's prison; and Richard Powers' The Overstory is a fable about humanity's treatment of the natural world.

    Esi Edugyan's Washington Black is an extraordinary adventure about a runaway slave; and Robin Robertson's The Long Take follows a soldier who tries to find himself through a series of poems as he travels through post-war America.

    Format: hardback
    Anna Burns
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    Winner of the Man Booker Prize 2018, Milkman is an extraordinary tale of gossip and hearsay, silence and deliberate deafness.

    In this unnamed city, to be interesting is dangerous. Middle sister, our protagonist, is busy attempting to keep her mother from discovering her maybe-boyfriend and to keep everyone in the dark about her encounter with Milkman.

    But when her first brother-in-law sniffs out her struggle, and rumours start to swell, middle sister becomes 'interesting'. The last thing she ever wanted to be. To be interesting is to be noticed and to be noticed is dangerous.
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    Tenth of December author George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo won the Man Booker Prize in 2017. It focuses on Abraham Lincoln and the death of his 11-year-old son Willie at the dawn of the Civil War.

    Newspapers reported that Lincoln often returned to the crypt to hold his boy's body and from this historical template, Saunders has cultivated a story about familial love and loss that takes a supernatural twist: Willie Lincoln is trapped in a transitional realm (known in Tibetan tradition as the bardo) while all sorts of beasts try to take his soul...

    With voices ranging from the living to the dead and the historical to fictional, this humorous novel is completely exhilarating and asks how we live and love when we know that everything we hold dear will end?
  • Wolf Hall - Paperback - 9780007230204 - Hilary Mantel
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    Written by Hilary Mantel, one of Britain's finest writers, Wolf Hall won the Man Booker Prize in 2009 and was adapted into a hugely popular BBC drama starring Mark Rylance, Claire Foy and Damian Lewis.

    Set during the Tudor period of 1500 to 1535, this expertly written novel follows Thomas Cromwell's rise to power and looks at how his influence spreads throughout politics.

    It features many famous characters from this time in history and shows how Tudor England was a tumultuous place full of passion and pain.
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    The Man Booker Prize-winning novel of 1971, V.S. Naipaul's In a Free State is first the story of an Indian servant who becomes an American citizen in Washington, but still feels like an outsider. This is followed by an account of a disturbed Asian West Indian in London who is in jail for murder...

    This wide-ranging novel then moves to a fictional country in Africa where two English characters feel liberated, but they won't be safe for long and have to take a long drive to a safe compound...

    Expertly written and full of wonderful prose, this incredible novel ranks as one of V.S. Naipaul's greatest books and is full of thought-provoking moments of violence and rage.
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    The Golden Man Booker was set up to celebrate five decades of the Man Booker Prize. All 51 winning entries were considered by a selection of hand-picked judges who chose five winners from each decade. Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient was voted the overall best Man Booker winner in a public vote.

    The Second World War is drawing to a close and the nurse, Hana, is tending to her sole remaining patient in an abandoned Italian villa. Rescued from a burning plane, the anonymous Englishman is damaged and haunted. The only clue to his identity is a copy of The Histories of Herodotus, that has been covered with handwritten notes about a tragic love affair.

    Adapted into an Oscar-winning film starring Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas by director Anthony Mingella, this is a beautifully written and compelling piece of fiction.
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    Penelope Lively's 1987 Man Booker Prize-winning novel Moon Tiger is a powerful account of loss and desire. It follows the beautiful, famous and independent Claudia Hampton as she suffers from a terminal illness - but she's determined to make the most of what life she has left...

    Harking back to her childhood following the First World War and through the Second, Claudia tells about all the people who shaped her life and those she loved and lost - from her brother Gordon to her untrustworthy lover Jasper and cool daughter Lisa. She also fondly recalls Tom, her one true love...

    Very evocative, complex and full of subtle moments, this is a poignant and perfect novel about the joys and fragility of life.
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    Shortlisted for the 2016 Costa Novel Award, Sarah Perry's The Essex Serpent is based in London in 1893. Cora Seaborne's controlling husband has died, and it's up to her to step into her new life as a widow with as much relief as sadness.

    Along with her son Francis - a curious, obsessive boy - she leaves town for Essex, in the hope that fresh air and open space will provide refuge.

    On arrival, rumours reach them that the mythical Essex Serpent, once said to roam the marshes claiming lives, has returned to the coastal parish of Aldwinter. Cora, a keen amateur naturalist with no patience for superstition, is enthralled and goes to investigate...
  • Satin Island - Hardback - 9780224090193 - Tom McCarthy
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    Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2015, Tom McCarthy's Satin Island is the the tale of a consultant who wants to crack the meaning of our age.

    U is talented but uneasy. His employers advise everyone from big businesses to governments, but he spends his days procrastinating and meandering through the images of which he's bombarded with every day. He starts to wonder if all these pictures have a hidden code that will explain everything...

    Intelligently written by the author of C, this is an ambitious novel that attempts to match the political and corporate global landscapes of today with the thoughts of the people who inhabit the world.
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    Marlon James's A Brief History of Seven Killings was the winner of the Man Booker Prize 2015.

    1976: Seven gunmen storm Bob Marley's house, machine guns blazing. The reggae superstar survives, but the gunmen are never caught. From the acclaimed author of The Book of Night Women comes a dazzling display of masterful storytelling exploring this near-mythic event.

    Spanning three decades and crossing continents, A Brief History of Seven Killings chronicles the lives of a host of unforgettable characters - slum kids, one-night stands, drug lords, girlfriends, gunmen, journalists, and even the CIA. Gripping and inventive, ambitious and mesmerising, A Brief History of Seven Killings is one of the most remarkable and extraordinary novels of the twenty-first century.
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    Winner of the Man Booker Prize 2016, Paul Beatty's The Sellout is a biting satire about a young man's isolated upbringing and the race trial that sends him to the Supreme Court.

    Born in Dickens on the southern outskirts of Los Angeles, the narrator of The Sellout spent his childhood as the subject in his father's racially charged psychological studies. He is told that his father's work will lead to a memoir that will solve their financial woes. But when his father is killed in a drive-by shooting, he discovers there never was a memoir.

    What's more, Dickens has literally been wiped off the map to save California from further embarrassment. Fuelled by despair, the narrator sets out to right this wrong with the most outrageous action conceivable: reinstating and segregating the local high school, which lands him in the Supreme Court.
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    Paula Hawkins's The Girl on the Train is the Sunday Times number one bestseller and thriller of the year, now a major film starring Emily Blunt.

    Rachel catches the same commuter train every morning. She knows it will wait at the same signal each time, overlooking a row of back gardens. She's even started to feel like she knows the people who live in one of the houses. 'Jess and Jason', she calls them. Their life - as she sees it - is perfect. If only Rachel could be that happy.

    And then she sees something shocking. It's only a minute until the train moves on, but it's enough. Now everything's changed. Now Rachel has a chance to become a part of the lives she's only watched from afar.

    Now they'll see; she's much more than just the girl on the train...
    Joseph Knox
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    Shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey Dagger for First Novels 2017, Sirens is the remarkable debut from Joseph Knox.

    I stopped going to work. I went missing. We still live in a world where you can disappear if you want to. Or even if you don't. Detective Aidan Waits is in trouble. After a career-ending mistake, he's forced into a nightmare undercover operation that his superiors don't expect him to survive.

    Isabelle Rossiter has run away again. When the teenage daughter of a prominent MP joins Zain Carver, the enigmatic criminal who Waits is investigating, everything changes.

    A single mother, missing for a decade. Carver is a mesmerising figure who lures young women into his orbit - young women who have a bad habit of disappearing. Soon Waits is cut loose by the police, stalked by an unseen killer and dangerously attracted to the wrong woman. How will he save the girl, when he can't even save himself?
  • City of Friends - Hardback - 9781509823475 - Joanna Trollope
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    Stacey Grant has lost her job and does not know what to do with herself. Used to living the high life as a senior partner at one of the top private equity firms in London, she struggles to accept the fact that she now has nothing to do except sit around at home with her dog and ailing mother while she waits for her husband to come home.

    However, she has her friends Beth, Melissa and Gaby to fall back on. She first met them at university and they've remained close ever since. Now career women, it soon emerges that they all have personal problems and Stacey's redundancy has forced a betrayal to emerge that was supposed to remain secret. Will this startling revelation cause friction in the friendship?

    A bittersweet and compelling read about the trials and tribulations of friendship and relationships, City of Friends is bestselling author Joanna Trollope's twentieth novel.
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    Whether writing non-fiction or fiction, Matt Haig's books are always fantastically written and have important things to say. Sunday Times bestseller How to Stop Time is an award-winning read about the concept of time, love and loneliness.

    Tom Hazard looks like an ordinary 41-year-old history teacher but he's actually been alive for centuries, residing in places from New York to the South Seas and in eras ranging from the Elizabethan era to jazz-age Paris. He's seen it all but one thing is missing - and that's someone to share his experiences with...
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    Favourably compared to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train and praised by literary legends including Lee Child and Peter James, J.P. Delaney's Simon Mayo Radio 2 Book Club Pick The Girl Before is an enticing tale of psychological obsession.

    Jane finds a beautiful house to rent but has to live by a long list of rules set out by the landlord, some of which seem slightly over the top. After moving in, she discovers the previous tenant died in mysterious circumstances... Could she be heading for the same fate?

    This is a gripping and twist-filled read that will soon be adapted into a film by Apollo 13 and a Solo Story director Ron Howard.
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    Pat Barker's The Silence of the Girls has been shortlisted for the Costa Novel Award 2018.

    Man Booker-winning author of the Regeneration trilogy Pat Barker retells the legend of the Iliad from the perspective of a woman in this powerful page-turner.

    There was a woman at the heart of the Trojan war whose voice has been silent - until now. Briseis was a queen until her city was destroyed.

    Now she is slave to Achilles, the man who butchered her husband and brothers. Trapped in a world defined by men, can she survive to become the author of her own story
    Ali Smith
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    Longlisted for the Orwell Prize 2018, Winter is the unmissable second novel in the acclaimed Seasonal Quartet from the Man Booker-shortlisted author of Autumn and How to be both.

    Winter? Bleak. Frosty wind, earth as iron, water as stone, so the old song goes. The shortest days, the longest nights. The trees are bare and shivering. The summer's leaves? Dead litter.

    The world shrinks; the sap sinks. But winter makes things visible. And if there's ice, there'll be fire. It's the season that teaches us survival. Here comes Winter.
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    Tom Rachman's The Italian Teacher has been shortlisted for the Costa Novel Award 2018.

    Rome, 1955. The artists are gathering together for a photograph. In one of Rome's historic villas, a party glitters with socialites and patrons. Bear Bavinsky, creator of vast, masculine, meaty canvases, is their god. He is at the centre of the picture. His wife, Natalie, edges out of the shot.

    From the side of the room watches their son - Little Pinch. At 5-years-old, he loves Bear almost as much as he fears him. Bear abandons their family and Pinch will still worship him, while Natalie faces her own wars with the art world. Pinch tries to live up to his father's name but never quite succeeds. Yet by the end of a career of twists and compromises, he enacts an unexpected rebellion that will leave forever his mark upon the Bear Bavinsky legacy.
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    This powerful story is the fourth novel from multi-award-winning author of the Spinning Heart. Donal Ryan's From a Low and Quiet Sea has been shortlisted for the Costa Novel Award 2018 and was longlisted for the Man Book Prize 2018.

    Farouk's country has been torn apart by war. Lampy's heart has been laid waste by Chloe. John's past torments him as he nears the end.

    The refugee. The dreamer. The penitent. From war-torn Syria to small-town Ireland, three men, scarred by all they have loved and lost, are searching for some version of home. Each is drawn towards a powerful reckoning, one that will bring them together in the most unexpected of ways.
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    Already optioned by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment for a film adaptation, The Poison Tree author Erin Kelly's He Said/She Said is the twisted and atmospheric thriller that everyone is talking about.

    Laura and her boyfriend Kit witness a brutal attack late at night. They call the police shortly after the incident but this leads to four lives changing almost immediately.

    Fifteen years later and the couple are still living in fear. Laura knows she was right to speak out, but she's also fully aware that no one ever knows the whole truth. She knows someone is hiding something, but she'd never have guessed what it is...
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    For fans of A Thousand Splendid Suns, Anatomy of a Soldier, Girl at War and The Yellow Birds Emma did not go to war looking for love, but Adam is unlike any other. Under the secret shadow of trauma, Emma decides to leave Iraq and joins Adam to settle in Colorado. But isolation and fear find her, once again, when Adam is re-deployed. Torn between a deep fear for Adam's safety and a desire to be back there herself, Emma copes by throwing herself into a new role mentoring an Iraqi refugee family. But when Adam comes home, he brings the conflict back with him. Emma had considered the possibility that her husband might not come home from war. She had not considered that he might return a stranger. `An astounding debut, Pieces of Me is a beautiful book written with emotion and compassion and will stay with me for a long time. It's characters and story tugged at my heart with every turning page.' Nina Pottell, Books Editor Prima Magazine and Costa Book Awards Judge `Heart-wrenching and heart-warming in equal measure, Pieces of Me is an incredibly moving tale of love and conflict. A compelling and accomplished debut, Natalie writes with the skill and confidence of a writer who's been published for years. I couldn't put it down' Harper's Bazaar 'Pieces of Me is a brilliantly observed and nuanced look at the war in Iraq and how conflict impacts on the lives of everyone involved' Laura Kaye, author of English Animals 'I devoured this book, and I feel like I'll carry Emma and Adam with me for a long time. Hart tells this devastating story beautifully' Laura Pearson, author of Missing Pieces `Pieces of Me churns with love and rage and hope and terror, as only the best war books can. Natalie Hart writes like a born storyteller, and she uses that gift here to explore how the Iraq War lingers in the dark corners of souls desperate to move on from it. Readers are in for a ride' Matt Gallagher, author of Youngblood `Pieces of Me is a quietly powerful exploration of the complex effects of the Iraq war...The novel builds in power and speaks authoritatively on the polarisation of the lives changed forever by conflict' Zoe Lambert `Natalie Hart's brilliant Pieces of Me is-like Graham Greene's The End of the Affair-a love story set amid the ruins of war. As a British civilian who meets her American husband in Iraq, the narrator, Emma McLaughlin, is a first-hand witness to the ways armed conflict breaks soldiers and non-combatants alike. Her testimony, and this novel, is unforgettably complex and devastating-as it should be' Whitney Terrell, author of The Good Lieutenant `Natalie Hart's vivid novel, Pieces of Me, examines the lives of deployed soldiers' families and displaced Iraqi civilians, eloquently revealing how even the most tightly knit relationships can unravel under the stress of war' Siobhan Fallon, author of You Know When the Men Are Gone and The Confusion of Languages
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    'One of the most stunning debuts I've ever read...Read it!' David Baldacci THE SIMON MAYO RADIO 2 BOOK CLUB CHOICE AUSTRALIA INDIE BOOK OF THE YEAR 2017 AUSTRALIA INDIE DEBUT OF THE YEAR 2017 'Packed with sneaky moves and teasing possibilities that keep the reader guessing...The Dry is a breathless page-turner' Janet Maslin, New York Times WHO REALLY KILLED THE HADLER FAMILY? I just can't understand how someone like him could do something like that. Amid the worst drought to ravage Australia in a century, it hasn't rained in small country town Kiewarra for two years. Tensions in the community become unbearable when three members of the Hadler family are brutally murdered. Everyone thinks Luke Hadler, who committed suicide after slaughtering his wife and six-year-old son, is guilty. Policeman Aaron Falk returns to the town of his youth for the funeral of his childhood best friend, and is unwillingly drawn into the investigation. As questions mount and suspicion spreads through the town, Falk is forced to confront the community that rejected him twenty years earlier. Because Falk and Luke Hadler shared a secret, one which Luke's death threatens to unearth. And as Falk probes deeper into the killings, secrets from his past and why he left home bubble to the surface as he questions the truth of his friend's crime.
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    The Observer Promising first-time British novelists 2018: 'A novel about self-discovery and second chances' 'Warm-hearted, clear-minded, and unexpectedly spellbinding, Meet Me at the Museum is a novel to savour' ANNIE BARROWS, co-author of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society `A beautiful, affecting novel of late love, by an extraordinary new writer' NINA STIBBE 'A quirky, wise and tender novel. Proof that the richest fruits come on the edge of autumn' SARAH DUNANT 'Quietly intriguing, beautifully observed, full of powerful emotions' RUTH HOGAN, Author of The Keeper of Lost Things `Tender, wise and moving, Meet Me at the Museum is a novel to cherish.' JOHN BOYNE `A moving tribute to friendship and love, to the courage of the ordinary, and to starting again' RACHEL JOYCE 'I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone looking for a book that makes you think and wonder and quietly hope. I loved it' TAMMY COHEN 'Insightful, emotionally acute and absorbing' Daily Express 'The loveliest short novel of late love you'll ever read. Whenever I talk about it, I simply cry with joy' JAMES HAWES 'Meet Me at the Museum starts so quiet and small like a bud tightly closed against the winter then it unfurls into something so alive and truly beautiful. I was immensely moved by it' TOR UDALL, author of A Thousand Paper Birds 'Precise, clear, funny, poignant and truthful. This is a work of art, dear readers. Revel in its beauty' ADRIANA TRIGIANI Sometimes it takes a stranger to really know who you are When Tina Hopgood writes a letter of regret to a man she has never met, she doesn't expect a reply. When Anders Larsen, a lonely museum curator, answers it, nor does he. They're both searching for something, they just don't know it yet. Anders has lost his wife, along with his hopes and dreams for the future. Tina is trapped in a marriage she doesn't remember choosing. Slowly their correspondence blossoms as they bare their souls to each other with stories of joy, anguish and discovery. But then Tina's letters suddenly cease, and Anders is thrown into despair. Can their unexpected friendship survive?