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We have books on rocks, fossils and minerals for anyone with an interest in geology. You’ll find out about how certain rocks are formed, how fossils are preserved and learn about crystal healing.

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Fossils, Rocks & Minerals Books

  • Dinosaur Doctor

    Edmund Critchley

    Product Code: BZAWS
    Gideon Mantell (1790-1852) was a respected surgeon and a pioneering geologist and palaeontologist. Using his skill in comparative anatomy, he pieced together unidentified bone fragments found in chalk quarries to evaluate the modes of life of early dinosaurs including the Iguanodon, his most famous discovery. From the flora and fauna of the rock strata, Mantell established the Age of Reptiles, and he revealed how the soft bodies of animalcules formed the chalk. Most of his findings came from the Weald in south-east England, where he made an extensive study of the geology. His collection of antiquities and fossils of every size was exhibited to the public, and later formed a major section of the British Museum. Coming from humble, dissenting stock in a provincial town, Mantell qualified as a surgeon through an apprenticeship when fifteen years old, and developed a practice in surgery, midwifery, and general medicine, making advances in medical science. He was influenced by Tom Paine, the French Revolution, and his own background, and, as a result, became embroiled in Whig politics and support for the underdog. Mantell's journal and correspondence provide a fascinating insight into the social history of the period. The need to achieve financial stability through his profession frequently conflicted with his scientific endeavours, but, despite this, Mantell became a famous writer and lecturer, with books such as The Wonders of Geology and Medals of Creation. He exhibited along with other members of the Royal Society at scientific conversazioni, patronised by Prince Albert. Although he achieved great acclaim in prehistorical research, Mantell's life was dogged by scientific rivalry, family misfortunes, overweening ambition, and an accident leading to the distortion of his spine, which eventually became a prize exhibit of the Royal College of Surgeons.
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  • The Dinosaur Artist

    Paige Williams

    Product Code: BTGZW
    New Yorker magazine staff writer Paige Williams delves into the surprisingly perilous world of fossil collectors in this riveting true tale. In 2012, a New York auction catalogue boasted an unusual offering: `a superb Tyrannosaurus skeleton'. In fact, Lot 49135 consisted of a nearly complete T. bataar - a close cousin to the more-famous T. rex - that had been unearthed in Mongolia. At 2.4 metres high and 7.3 metres long, the specimen was spectacular, and the winning bid was over $1 million. Eric Prokopi, a 38-year-old Floridian, had brought this extraordinary skeleton to market. A one-time swimmer who'd spent his teenage years diving for shark teeth, Prokopi's singular obsession with fossils fuelled a thriving business, hunting for, preparing, and selling specimens to clients ranging from natural-history museums to avid private collectors like Leonardo DiCaprio. But had Prokopi gone too far this time? As the T. bataar went to auction, a network of paleontologists alerted the government of Mongolia to the eye-catching lot. An international custody battle ensued, with Prokopi watching as his own world unravelled. The Dinosaur Artist is a stunning work of narrative journalism about humans' relationship with natural history, and about a seemingly intractable conflict between science and commerce. A story that stretches from Florida's Land O' Lakes to the Gobi Desert, The Dinosaur Artist illuminates the history of fossil collecting - a murky, sometimes risky business, populated by eccentrics and obsessives, where the lines between poacher and hunter, collector and smuggler, and enthusiast and opportunist can easily blur.
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