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Our wooden toys range from animals to alphabet letters and even bookends. They're wonderfully traditional and will delight any child with their exciting colours and shapes. These can also make a fantastic learning tool to help children improve their hand-eye coordination and creative skills as they create unique scenes.

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Wooden Toys for Kids

  • Wooden Owl Shape Sorter

    Product Code: ED2112
    Other Toddlers
    Hand-picked favourites
    This wooden owl shape sorter is the perfect way to introduce colours and shapes to children while developing their hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills.

    To use, match up the colourful shapes to the correct slots and listen as the blocks rattle inside the adorable owl frame.

    Ages 1 plus
    Box dimensions: 153 x 143mm
    • £4.00
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  • Wooden Stacking Owls

    Product Code: ED2111
    Other 3 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Learn how to count, balance and develop dexterity with this colourful owl stacking game.

    The set includes nine wooden owls and two wooden poles, which can be used to stack in a variety of exciting acrobatic arrangements.

    Each owl is painted with numbers 1-9 and will help to develop hand-eye coordination while learning early concepts and simple sums!

    Ages 3 plus
    Box size: 270mm x 220mm.
    • £4.00
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