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  • HW3264
    • £6.99
    These 3 LED solar lights are a quirky and fun addition to your garden.

    Presented in three different colours (green, red and blue), they're simple to charge up - just place them in direct sunlight and the solar panel will recharge the battery. You'll then be able to enjoy their illuminations in the garden at night-time.

    950 x 190mm

    Each charge gives approximately 6-8 hours of continuous use (and requires 6-8 hour of exposure to charge). Replace the battery (1.2V AA Ni-MH200mAH rechargeable) after 12 months.
  • HW3265
    • £7.99
    Add a cool and quirky look to your garden with these mini bulb string solar lights.

    For the best results, place the lights in direct sunlight. This will help the solar panel recharge the battery and then you'll be able to enjoy the illuminations in your garden at night-time.

    Box size 180 x 150mm (recyclable)
    Battery: 1.2V AA 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery
    Bulb: 10 x white LED
  • HW3266
    • £7.99
    Add some colour and style to your garden with these solar rattan ball string lights.

    With a total length of 3.8m, the weatherproof lights come with a handy garden stake and will be charged by direct sunlight. Simply place them in a positing where light can get to them - this will help the solar panel recharge the battery and then you'll be able to enjoy illuminations in your garden at night-time.

    Box size 180 x 150mm (recyclable)
    Battery: 1.2V AA 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery x 1
    Bulb: 10 x warm white LED

    Colours may vary
  • HW3256
    • £4.99
    Add some colour and joy to your garden with this set of wind spinners. One is inspired by fabulous flowers and comes in a pretty pink and white, while the other is a buzzing bee.

    The bee spinner has an attachable smiley face, complete with a cool hat. These are great for encouraging children to get in the garden and could even inspire them to start helping with growing and taking care of the lawn.

    Packaging size 405 x 350mm
    Ages 3 plus
  • HW3196
    • £6.99
    This is a lovely rustic-style wooden photo frame with heart-shaped windows. Suitable for any room in your house, it's the perfect way to display your cherished memories.

    The hanging nature of the frame makes it even more perfect. it would be a much-loved gift for a loved one but also adds some extra style and charm to your own home.
    Packaging dimensions: 440 x 150mm
  • HW3280
    • £5.99
    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, our Hanging Heart Tea Light Holder will add some charm and a little style to any room in your home or your garden.

    This is a gorgeous addition to any household and is sure to bring a smile to the face of you, your family and any visitors who you welcome over the months ahead.

    Box size 245 x 225mm

    Only suitable for use with tea lights, product will be hot when in use. Do not touch holder while in use. Keep away from flammable materials. Fire can be dangerous. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Please use caution and keep away from children.
  • HW3193
    • £5.99
    This fantastic fox ornament adds some warmth and cosiness to any household.

    The wooden fox has a rustic feel and a knitted body that will capture the attention of any visitor.

    The ornament would also make a lovely gift for any loved one.

    Dimensions: 230 x 230mm
  • CN0715
    • £9.99
    Any bookworm will be proud to display their favourite reads on this Book People exclusive set of Matilda bookends.
    With Quentin Blake's illustrations of the magical girl with telekinetic powers and two famous quotes from Roald Dahl's story featured on each one ('I'm wondering what to read next', and 'The books transported her into new worlds'), this is a fine addition to any room.

    Each bookend also has stoppers so that your child's beloved books don't slip and slide!
    Dimensions: 150 x 320mm, each bookend 135 x 155mm
  • HW3194
    • £4.99
    This hanging photo frame has space to put pictures of your loved ones and has a brilliantly rustic, beach-themed feel.

    Perfect for hanging anywhere in your house or to give as a beautiful gift to your friends and family, it's a convenient size to help you put your favourite pocket-sized photographs on display.

    Dimensions: 460 x 145mm
  • HW3246
    • £5.99
    Ideal for homes with small or no gardens, the Upside-Down Strawberry Planter provides you with a fast and easy way to harves - all you have to do is simply hang up the planter and then feed and water the plant to grow some tasty strawberries.

    Follow these tips for the best results:
    1) Ensure your soil is well drained. Combine two-parts sand with one-part peat moss and one-part potting compost.
    2) Avoid selecting a strawberry plant with leggy foliage, brown leaves or spots.

    Box size 250 x 250 x 70mm
  • HW3247
    • £5.99
    This Upside-Down Tomato Planter provides you with the easiest way to grow tomatoes. All you have to do is hang it on your wall balcony and patio and use ordinary potting soil. The juicy tomatoes will soon grow and be ready for you to eat.

    Eliminating the need for weeding, caging and staking, this is perfect for apartments, flats, mobile homes and smaller gardens. Your tomatoes can be harvested, trimmed, suckered, watered and fed - all while standing up.

    Box size 250 x 250 x 70mm
  • HW3195
    • £6.99
    Everyone knows that home is where the heart is and what better way to tell your loved ones how you feel than with this gorgeous,
    rustic memo chalk board.

    With a rope to hang it from and plenty of space to write down messages, recipes or even to draw a pretty picture, this will be an essential addition to any household.

    The board even comes with some chalk so you can start your masterpiece right away.

    Dimensions: 400 x 290mm
  • HW3198
    • £5.99
    • RRP £11.99
    • Save £6.00
    This cranberry-scented candle lamp is the perfect addition to any room. It will ignite your senses and wrap your home in comfort with a long-lasting aroma.

    The printed glass lamp is beautifully designed and emits a gorgeous glow. It comes with a convenient holder, too.
    Dimensions: 170 x 240mm
  • HW3197
    • £4.99
    'Friends are like stars... You don't always see them... But you know they are there' is the heart-warming statement featured on this gorgeous hanging decoration.

    The ornament contains three white hearts with black text and star imagery that won't fail to put a smile on your (or the friend you gift it to's) face.

    Dimensions: 360 x 185mm
  • HW3199
    • £4.99
    • RRP £8.99
    • Save £4.00
    Ignite your senses and wrap your home in comfort with the long-lasting aromas of apple, cinnamon and winterberry with this three-pack of sensational, seasonal candles.

    Displayed in a keepsake gift box, the set includes two winterberry-scented candles and one apple and cinnamon and is sure to give any room a relaxing atmosphere.

    Each candle jar is presented in the shape of a retro soft drink tankard, making it extra stylish.
    Box size: 95 x 250mm
  • CN0706
    • £4.99
    A hessian-style stocking featuring the one and only Rudoph - a reindeer who, as you may know, had a very shiny nose, alongside a cute Christmas tree.

    A fantastic addition to any festive display and perfect for hanging on Christmas Eve, this is a lovely way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

    Size: 490 x 280mm
  • CN0707
    • £4.99
    This embroidered stocking features Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and is perfect for storing all of those gorgeous gifts on Christmas morning.

    Presented in a festive red (and with a Santa-style white rim), it has Rudolph wearing a scarf and a green jacket while his gloved hands hold a cute, little Christmas tree. There are also some stylish snowflakes, making this ideal for any festive display.

    Size 405 x 175mm
  • CN0708
    • £4.99
    This hessian-style sack is the perfect place to store all of the treats and surprises your children receive this Christmas. With an embroidered Santa and ample space for all kinds of presents, it's a must-have for any family.

    Measuring 470 x 492mm, it also has the words 'Love from Santa' embroidered on it and a fantastically festive red rim at the top.
    Size 470 x 492mm
  • CN0724
    • £6.99
    If your children believe in fairies and unicorns and can't stop smiling, this is an enchanting display board for all of their treasured memories.

    It includes a mirror with the quote 'Never stop smiling', a sparkly mini display board with a peg, a star-themed mini display board with a peg and a pink mini board with some string. It's accompanied by a magnificent illustration of a magic unicorn.

    Box size: 280 x 400mm
  • CN0725
    • £4.99
    A magical addition to any room, this unicorn-themed photo board has clips to display all your favourite memories.

    The pink unicorn has a sparkly mane and horn while the wooden blue board has the motivational quote that 'Life is all rainbows & unicorns'.

    Box size 190 x 412mm
  • CN0726
    • £6.99
    Add a touch of magic to any room with this light-up decorative frame featuring an incredible pink unicorn.

    With a sparkly background that can be lit up by a simple flick of the switch, it will add a touch of pizazz to any household and will look great on shelves, counters and drawers.

    Unicorn lovers will love this so much! It's freestanding or can be hung on a wall.
    2 x AA batteries required (not included)
    Size 180 x 180 x 55mm
  • CN0723
    • £7.99
    This is a gorgeous, glittery unicorn-themed board for organising all your treasured items and proudly boasts the quote: 'Life is all rainbows and unicorns'.

    It has four pegs to hang all kinds of trinkets and keepsakes from and the unicorn has a super-sparkly horn and tail. A magical addition to any room, it's the perfect place to display some of your children's favourite memories.

    Box size 340 x 410mm
  • HW3184
    • £9.99
    Exclusive to Book People, this indoor light-up bunting will help you brighten up any occasion. It can be personalised with any message you want.
    Coming with 105 reusable letter, symbol and number stickers, this is perfect for parties and gatherings and the way it lights up will brighten any event.
    Requires 3 x AA batteries
    Dimensions: 205 x 270mm
  • HW3230
    • £8.99
    Write your own message on this cool speech bubble decoration. It comes with an easy-to-clean black marker pen and can be freestanding or hung on a wall.

    It's perfect for parties and for leaving important and loving (or perhaps, not-so-loving...) messages to all your friends and family.
    Box size 180 x 150mm
    Comes with wipe-clean pen