Mermaid Gifts & Homewares

  • CN0745
    • £9.99
    Sparkle and style - this mirror is some-fin special!

    This magnificent purple mirror encourages children to 'keep calm and be a mermaid', while sparkling blue tail fin adds style to any room. The mirror also contains three convenient pegs.

    Size 415 x 295mm
  • Mermaid Wall board with mirror and pegs - Other - 5060515912323
    • £6.00
    Make mermaid memories...

    This enchanting message board has space for every mermaid's memories. It has a mirror complete with a blue glitter mermaid's tail, a chalkboard with the words 'mermaid kisses', pegs to hang photos and a panel with the inspiring advice 'keep calm and be a mermaid'.

    Size 265 x 400mm
  • CN0747
    • £6.99
    Splash and sparkle with this mermaid board...

    'Keep calm and be a mermaid' with this purple and sparkling blue board. Shaped like a magnificent mermaid with a glittered fin, it has three hooks for bags, clothes and keepsakes.

    Size 445 x 275mm
  • CN0748
    • £5.99
    Two sea-sational canvas bags...

    These gorgeous canvas bags are truly enchanting. Coming in green and purple, they feature marvellous mermaid artwork and a salty but sweet message.

    Each bag size 400 x 300mm
  • CN0749
    • £5.99
    A magical mermaid planner...

    Make note of all your splash-filled plans for the week ahead with this chalkboard planner. It has a sparkly fin and bow for extra sea-sational style.

    Size 300 x 400mm
  • CN0750
    • £9.99
    Fin-tastic glasses for splashing good parties...

    Shaped like mermaid's tails, these drinks glasses are truly enchanting. The set contains two purple and two green glasses and they can also be used as stunning decorations.
  • HW3323
    • £5.99
    This Mermaid Tail Doorstop is perfect for bringing under-the-sea magic into your bedroom or playroom.

    With its bright scales and soft base, it's sure to brighten up any door!

    Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm.
  • CN0751
    • £5.99
    This adorable shell money box is great for keeping coins and saving up to buy something magical!

    With its beautiful rose gold finish, it's perfect for bringing some under-the-sea magic into your bedroom!

    Size: 150 x 155mm.
  • CN0752
    • £3.99
    This adorable trinket shell is great for keeping your most precious treasures and keepsakes safe.

    With its beautiful rose gold finish, it's perfect for bringing some under-the-sea magic in your bedroom!

    Box size: 115 x 117mm.
  • HW3337
    • £5.99
    Bring some under-the-sea magic into your room with this marvellous mermaid cushion.

    Made from 100% polyester, the cushion has a stunning scaly design.

    To clean the cushion, use a damp cloth.
    Size 400 x 400mm
    • £5.89
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    This irresistible companion to Marcos Chin's Mermaids in Wonderland features twenty detachable postcards to color and send or display. This collection of intricately illustrated scenarios culled from Mermaids in Wonderland enables colorists to explore and vividly bring to life a magical undersea world. This bewitching postcard book includes a diverse range of images, from mermaids riding a sea horse merry-go-round to a deep cavern filled with treasures, from mermaids styling their flowing tresses to detailed drawings of a range aquatic flora and fauna.
    • £12.39
    • RRP £14.99
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    Discover your future with these stunning and magical cards inspired by mermaids and dolphins. Pick up Mermaids and Dolphins and divine your fate with these 52 beautiful cards expressing the magic of two of the ocean's most beguiling creatures - the mermaid and the dolphin. The mermaid, mistress of fateful beauty and queen of her realm, will command your attention as she divulges her knowledge of the unknown, while the dolphin, an ancient symbol of healing and salvation, will appear to you with other creatures of the seas to bring you gifts of light and learning. Together, the mermaid and dolphin rule the ocean and together they will help to reveal the hidden depths of your destiny. Choose a card each day as an affirmation, or try one of the ten layouts shown within the illustrated book to foretell the future and connect with your deepest desires.