Dinosaur Gifts

Dinosaur gifts make roar-some presents for children, as they'll enjoy hours of prehistoric fun - while also learning a great deal about these ancient reptiles. Our T-rexcellent dinosaur gifts range includes craft kits, toys and even stationery. That's something even grown-ups can enjoy!

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    Dino Snakes & Ladders (Other)

    Hand-picked favourites
    Children will love this classic game with a prehistoric twist!

    Use the spinner to climb the trees and slide down the dinosaur necks as you race around the board to finish.

    Complete with a roar-some activity book, this fun-filled set is perfect for rainy days.
    Ages 3 plus. Contents: 4 game board pieces, 12 counters, 1 spinner.
    Box size 230 x 295mm
    • £4.99
    • RRP £14.99
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  • CN0702 3 years +

    Wooden Dinosaur Bookends (Other)

    (1) Hand-picked favourites
    We all know that reading is roar-some, so what better way for your children to display their books than with this set of dinosaur-themed bookends?

    With these prehistoric pals for the bookshelf, little explorers can discover a whole world of reading. They're designed in vibrant colours that will complement any child's room.

    Ages 3 plus
    Box size 145 x 205mm
    Dimensions each bookend 100mm x 140mm
    • £6.99
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  • ED2120

    3D Cardboard Puzzle - Triceratops & Stegosaurus (Other)

    Hand-picked favourites
    Make incredible 3D models of a superb Stegosaurus and a terrific Triceratops with this easy-to-assemble construction kit.

    Creative fun for everyone! All you have to do is slot the corrugated cardboard puzzle pieces together to build the impressive models. The eco-friendly and non-toxic pieces have been laser-cut for a precision fit.

    After finishing the models, you can enjoy them in their natural form or decorate and embellish them with paint, paper or felt-tips!
    Packaging size 310 x 310mm, completed Triceratops model 2050 x 850mm, completed Stegosaurus model 170 x 150mm

    Ages 7 plus
    • £4.99
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  • CT1009

    Dinosaur Construction Set - Triceratops (98 pieces) & Tyrannosaurus (109 pieces) (Other)

    Hand-picked favourites
    This build-it-yourself kit has everything you need to make your own triceratops or tyrannosaurus. The Triceratops has 98 pieces to put together and the Tyrannosaurus has 109 pieces.

    The kit includes all the tools, pieces and instructions you need to make movable models and putting them together encourages concentration, stimulates imagination and develops hand-eye coordination.

    Box size 200 x 280mm
    Ages 8 plus
    • £5.99
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    Sandy Clay Set - Glow in the Dark Jurassic (Other)

    Hand-picked favourites
    Enjoy creative modelling fun by making a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur scene with Sandy Clay!

    Soft, reusable, easy to mould and mess-free, children will enjoy filling up a mould with the glow-in-the-dark sand (glows after exposure to sand) and then displaying their finished creation for all to see.

    This set contains 500g of glow-in-the dark sand, 10 dinosaur figurines (that can be covered with the sand so they glow!) and a prehistoric scene card.

    Box size 250 x 270mm
    Contents: 1 x 500g sandy clay, 1 scene card 10 plastic moulds
    Recommended for ages 4 plus. Not suitable for children under 36 months.
    • £6.99
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  • CT1041

    Dinosaur Plaque Painting Set (Other)

    Hand-picked favourites
    Encourage children to get creative with this fun-filled plaque painting set!

    It features all the dinosaur favourites for children to paint and it can then be put on display using the stand.

    Contents: dinosaur plaque, double sided tape, frame stand, paintbrush and 8 paint pots.

    Box size: 292 x 276mm.
    • £4.99
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  • CT1021

    Knit Your Own Dinosaur (Other)

    Hand-picked favourites
    Knit a prehistoric pal with this cute introduction to crafting!

    This imaginative set will help creative children develop their hand-eye coordination in a fun way. They'll love knitting together their very own dinosaur.

    Contents: Beads, 2 x knitting needles, 1 plastic needle, 1 metal needle, thread, yarn, stuffing, instructions
    Ages 8 plus
    • £3.99
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  • CT0804 6 years +

    Dinosaur Puppet Kit (Other)

    Hand-picked favourites
    Children who love crafting will adore this make-it-yourself dinosaur puppet kit. Easy to put together, it has everything they need including googly eyes, a tail and even little humps.

    The puppet strings make it fun to play with and great for developing dexterity while the four pots of paint come in a variety of bright colours to encourage creativity. This whole play kit is roar-some!
    Box dimensions: 230 x 210mm Ages 6 plus
    Contents: Dinosaur body, neck, tail, head, eyes, feet and humps. Puppet strings, glue, paint and paintbrush.
    • £7.99
    • RRP £9.95
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  • CT0802 6 years +

    Brain Noodles: Make Your Own Dinosaurs (Other)

    Hand-picked favourites
    Similar to pipe cleaners, brain noodles are a great way for children as young as 6 to get into modelling and making things. This collection has everything creative kids need to make their own roar-some dinosaurs (instructions included).

    They could also transform the noodles into animals, shapes, sculptures and floral arrangements. The 12-noodle set also includes stickers and accessories including feathers, foam boards and googly eyes.

    All of these brain noodles are non-toxic, reusable and have been crimped for safer play.
    Ages 5 plus. Adult supervision recommended.
    Box dimensions 115 x 460mm
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, this gift was recommended for ages 6 plus in our recent catalogue and on the photographed packaging. Please rest assured they are suitable for ages 5 and over.
    • £9.99
    • RRP £11.95
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