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Christmas: Fiction for Children

  • Roald Dahl Collection - 15 Books

    Roald Dahl

    Product Code: NROJ
    Collection 7 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    There are no other authors quite like Roald Dahl. A supreme storyteller with a wicked sense of humour, his characters and stories are timeless and unforgettable - and they're gathered together here in one box set!

    With striking new artwork to celebrate the Roald Dahl 100 celebrations and a keepsake slipcase featuring Quentin Blake's iconic illustrations, this 15-book collection is packed with Dahl's classic children's novels.

    From Mr. Hoppy and Mrs Silver to Mr & Mrs Twit; and from giant peaches to magic medicines; this is a collection bursting with unique characters, hilarious situations and unforgettable storylines - as well as Dahl's wicked sense of humour.

    An essential addition to any bookshelf, the likes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The Witches and Fantastic Mr Fox have shocked, excited and entertained generations of children and now's your chance to own them all - whatever your age!

    Format: paperback
    • £18.00
    • RRP £98.85
    • Save £80.85
    Just £1.20 per book
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  • Harry Potter Books 6-7: Audio Collection - 37 CDs

    JK Rowling

    Product Code: HPAB
    Audio 9 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Witches and wizards unite as you join the Battle of Hogwarts!

    Complete the entire series of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter stories with this enchanting audiobook collection. The 37 CDs cover The Half-Blood Prince and The Deathly Hallows and find Dark Magic rising. Will Harry be able to summon the courage (and the spells) to stop Lord Voldemort once and for all?

    Narrated by Stephen Fry, this unabridged CD collection provides over 44 hours of spellbinding entertainment for the whole family - especially on long journeys, whether by car (maybe flying?), broomstick or on the Hogwarts Express.
    Format: CD Unabridged
    CDs in this collection: Harry Potter and the Half-blood Price - Disc 1-17 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Disc 1-20
    • £20.00
    • RRP £144.00
    • Save £124.00
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  • Harry Potter Books 4-5: Audio Collection - 41 CDs

    JK Rowling

    Product Code: CDHP
    Audio 9 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Our first unabridged Harry Potter audiobook collection left so many wizards, witches and Muggles spellbound and now we are so excited to give you the chance to hear Stephen Fry read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (books 4 and 5 from J.K. Rowling's world-conquering series).

    As Lord Voldemort's power strengthens and dark forces rise, Harry faces his biggest challenges yet. The Wizarding World is so richly detailed and these books find Harry dealing with all kinds of emotions and issues as he also grows up...

    Will the Boy Who Lived be able to keep his friends and loved ones from Hogwarts safe from Voldemort's army? Listen to these Harry Potter audio books to find out!

    41 CDs

    Format: CD, unabridged, approximate running time 50 hours
    • £25.00
    • RRP £159.00
    • Save £134.00
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  • Theodore Boone Collection - 6 Books

    John Grisham

    Product Code: TBOO
    Collection 12 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    John Grisham, one of the world's favourite authors, turns his attention to children's books with Theodore Boone - a high-intensity legal drama for readers aged 11 and over.

    This six-book collection introduces Theodore, a 13-year-old who wants nothing more than to swap his home life for a career in the courtroom. He lives for big trials and now the biggest murder case in his city's history is set to begin. A husband is awaiting trial for the murder of his wife and Theo is captivated. But then Theo uncovers a surprise witness. Will he be able to find a way to bring the killer to justice?

    The son of two lawyers, Theo knows the criminal justice system better than anyone and often performs his own investigations - he looks into the disappearance of his friend, April; chases down a thief who has set him up; faces a moral dilemma when he illegally uncovers a terrible secret that could put a stop to some shady developers' plans; and gets caught up in the hunt for a serial killer...

    Format: paperback
    • £5.00
    • RRP £50.94
    • Save £45.94
    Just £0.83 per book
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  • Lara Williamson Collection - 3 Books

    Lara Williamson

    Product Code: LARW
    Collection 10 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Three family dramas from a critically acclaimed author.

    In A Boy Called Hope, Dan's life changes when his dad runs off with the lady from the chip shop. His sister is acting mean and he's not sure about his mum's new boyfriend... Eventually, he decides he's going to get his family back together - whatever it takes.

    The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair finds Becket Rumsey setting sail on a journey of discovery; and Just Call Me Spaghetti-Hoop Boy has Adam butters deciding to take his rightful place as a superhero.
    These poignant, witty and thought-provoking novels from Lara Williamson deserve a place on every young reader's bookshelf.

    For fans of authors like: Jacqueline Wilson, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Ross Welford
    Format: paperback
    • £4.00
    • RRP £20.97
    • Save £16.97
    Just £1.33 per book
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  • Judith Kerr Collection - 3 Books

    Judith Kerr

    Product Code: JKER
    Collection 11 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Having sold over 1.2 million copies of her books in the UK alone, Judith Kerr is one of our most cherished authors.

    The three books in this collection are partly inspired by her childhood growing up during the Second World War. They're poignant, emotional and told with great humour.

    When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is the unforgettable story of a Jewish family fleeing from Germany before the start of WWII. It finds 9-year-old Anna's father going missing. Straight away she and her brother Max are rushed away, in alarming secrecy, to a completely new place. Everything they know from Germany - home, schoolmates, toys - will now be a distant memory.

    In Bombs on Aunt Daity (previously published as The Other Way Round), Anna is a teenager and she's living in London during the Blitz. The bombs are coming from Germany - the country that was once her own. How will she and her beloved refugee family survive if Hitler does invade?

    The final book in the trilogy is A Small Person Far Away. In this emotional tale, Anna has to head back to Berlin to visit her dangerously ill Mama. While there, she will have to face a past that she has shut away for so long.
    Format: paperback
    • £4.00
    • RRP £20.97
    • Save £16.97
    Just £1.33 per book
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  • Matt Brown Collection - 3 Books

    Matt Brown

    Product Code: MBRO
    Collection 10 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Alien talent shows, zombie school trips and killer vending machines... Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Matt Brown!

    These zany and funny readers for fans of Pamela Butchart, Tom Fletcher and Diary of a Wimpy Kid have so much appeal that even children who wouldn't normally pick up a book will be laughing their way through the pages.

    The author's Compton Valance series was a big favourite with our customers and we just know your children are going to love these misadventures. We wouldn't be surprised if they want to sign up for a place at Dreary Inkling Primary School...
    Format: paperback
    • £4.00
    • RRP £17.97
    • Save £13.97
    Just £1.33 per book
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  • Alex Rider Missions 1-10 MP3 CD Collection - 10 MP3 CDs

    Anthony Horowitz

    Product Code: ARCD
    Audio 11 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    The Alex Rider books are packed with action and adventure and this audiobook collection contains the 14-year-old spy's first 10 missions.

    After being forcibly recruited into the deadly world of espionage following the death of his uncle in a car crash, Alex finds himself in ever-present mortal danger...

    Told at breakneck pace, these are awesome stories that will inspire children to pick up similar books.

    Ages 11 plus
    Please note this collection contains CDs that can only be played on MP3-accessible CD players, computers and laptops. The majority of post-2001 car model stereos are MP3 CD accessible. Please check your CD player is MP3 accessible before placing an order. Import into iTunes or any other media player, then transfer to your MP3 device or player. Suitable for smartphones, iPads and tablets
    Format: MP3 CD. Approximate listening time: 78 hours.

    CDs in this collection:
    Stormbreaker, Point Blanc, Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, Scorpia, Ark Angel, Snakehead, Crocodile Tears, Scorpia Rising and Russian Roulette.
    • £5.00
    • RRP £60.00
    • Save £55.00
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  • Blue Door Collection - 5 Books

    Pamela Brown

    Product Code: BLUE
    Collection 9 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Take a bow! These are the stories that inspired Maggie Smith to take up acting...

    Written in 1941 when author Pamela Brown was just 14 years old, The Swish of the Curtain has inspired generations of children to take to the stage. Set in the town of Fenchester, the books follow seven resourceful children who want nothing more than to see their names up in lights.

    One day, they come across a disused chapel, and an idea is formed. With a lick of paint and the addition of a beautiful curtain (which, however much they try, won't "swish" as stage curtains ought to), the chapel becomes a theatre - and The Blue Door Theatre Company is formed.

    The children go from strength to strength, writing, directing and acting in their own plays. But their schooldays are numbered, and their parents want them to pack it in and train for sensible jobs. But with a bit of luck, and the help of some influential friends, perhaps this might not be the end...

    Format: paperback
    • £2.00
    • RRP £38.95
    • Save £36.95
    Just £0.40 per book
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