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Activity books for kids are an excellent way to keep the little ones occupied. Our children's activity books cater to all ages and include everything from brilliant builds in our Minecraft books to a huge range of boredom-busting puzzle books. We also have a great selection of kids' colouring books and LEGO books for the creative ones!

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Activity Books for Kids

  • Quest Adventures Collection - 12 Books

    Product Code: NQUE
    Collection 7 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Children can be heroes and create their own history, maths and science adventures with these 12 interactive books. All they have to do is solve the clues and answer the questions to complete the quests.

    Suitable for children aged 7 and over, these will make learning fun and assist children with their studies at school. They'll also help develop problem-solving and decision-making skills.

    If children get a question wrong, they'll find clues that guide them along to the correct answer.
    • £8.00
    • RRP £59.88
    • Save £51.88
    Just £0.67 per book
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  • Match Football Collection - 3 Books

    Product Code: MFTL
    Collection 8 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Calling all football fanatics!

    These three books are packed with puzzles, records and jokes that will keep any footy-obsessed child (and their parents!) happily entertained for hours on end.

    Inspired by the bestselling Match! magazine, the joke book contains quips, puns and knock-knock jokes featuring the world's greatest players ('Why's Ronaldo's bedroom always tidy? Because he's not Messi'), while the records are great for kids who love facts. The puzzle book is perfect for keeping children happily entertained both at home and on long journeys.
    Format: paperback
    • £5.00
    • RRP £17.97
    • Save £12.97
    Just £1.67 per book
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Children’s Activity Books

Activity books for children include a wide range of tasks to keep them occupied. Including puzzles, colouring books, stickers books and plenty to make and do, there's a whole world of entertainment waiting inside these creative books.

A great gift

Children's activity books make great presents for little ones that just love to discover. The collection of books and kids annuals on offer in our range caters for a variety of ages, making ideal birthday or Christmas presents.

Lots of topics

In the children's activity books category, you'll find a topic to suit even the most particular of kids. From classic puzzle books to Marvel-themed publications, art and even LEGO books, there's something all children are sure to get on-board with.

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If you're stuck for something to keep the children occupied on a rainy afternoon, over the holidays or even on long car journeys, activity books are ideal. Take a look at our range of children's books today.

You'll find the following books in The Book People's range of activity books

  • Drawing books
  • Atlases and geography books
  • Sticker books
  • Joke books
  • Brain games
  • Spot the difference books
  • Doodle books
  • Map activity books
  • Pocket puzzle books
  • Fact books