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Whether you need assistance with DIY or inspirational ideas on how to decorate, our range of DIY books and interior design books will give you all the help you need. They cover everything from using tools to work wood to creating stylish decorations - so take a look at our hand-picked selection of DIY books now!

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DIY & Home Improvement Books

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    Happy by Design

    Victoria Harrison

    Product Code: HBYD
    Hand-picked favourites
    Happy By Design is a hardback book that shows how you can improve your health and well-being by designing your living space in a simple and practical manner.

    From the happiest paint colour to the science behind getting a good night's sleep, this book is packed with affordable and easy design ideas - inspired by everyone from NASA scientists to colour gurus.

    It contains fun and easy ideas for every room to make you feel happy and will help you put well-being at the heart of your home. It can even help you tidy your way to happiness!
    • £4.99
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    • RRP £12.99
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  • The Tool Book

    Phil Davy

    Product Code: TLBK
    Hand-picked favourites
    This big book from DK will help you always choose the right tool for the job. It comes with a foreword from Ron Swanson himself - woodworker and tool fan Nick Offerman.

    The information in this book will help you understand, look after and use tools effectively. It contains over 800 photographs and illustrations of tools and pays homage to centuries of craftsmanship and know-how. Looking at tools from every angle, it will help you understand the structure and manufacturing of so many different pieces of hardware.

    From hammers and spades to chisels, this has step-by-step photography that will help you use tools like a pro.
    • £7.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £12.01
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  • Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book

    Chris Lubkemann

    Product Code: SAKW
    Hand-picked favourites
    Get out your Swiss Army knife and prepare to carve 43 incredible, useful and whimsical objects. They range from the practical and useful to the wonderfully creative.

    Presented in a handy pocket size and written by Chris Lubkemann, a famous and talented whittler, the objects require no more than a stick and a Swiss army knife and range from practical spoons and forks to ornamental flowers, funny animals and the classic curly-tailed rooster.

    Chris also offers advice on choosing the best wood, sharpening a blade and safely controlling your knife.
    • £3.99
    • RRP £8.99
    • Save £5.00
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