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Featuring furry friends having all sorts of fun adventures, we have a huge variety of animal books available. Whether your child loves woodland creatures or exotic wildlife, you'll find a book or collection below, with great prices guaranteed.

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Animal Story Books

  • The First Dinosaur

    Ian Lendler

    Product Code: CBPCB
    Join early scientists as they piece together one of humanity's greatest puzzles-the fossilized bones of the first dinosaur! Dinosaurs existed. That's a fact we accept today. But not so long ago, the concept that these giant creatures could have roamed Earth millions of years before humans was unfathomable. People thought what we know as dinosaur bones were the bones of giant humans. Of large elephants. Of angels, even. So, how did we get from angel wings to the T-Rex? The First Dinosaur tells the story of the idea of dinosaurs, and the chain of fossil discoveries and advances in science that led to that idea. Be prepared to meet eccentric men and overlooked women who uncovered the pieces to a puzzle so much bigger than themselves, a puzzle far stranger and more spectacular than they could have ever imagined.
    • £11.99
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £3.00
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  • Maisy's Christmas Letters: With 6 festive letters and surprises!

    Lucy Cousins

    Product Code: CBOVO
    Maisy is throwing a Christmas party, and all her friends are invited! When her guests RSVP, they send other Christmas surprises including an advent calendar, festive decorations, a gingerbread recipe and more. This story includes six real envelopes containing Christmas cards, gifts, decorations and a special letter from Maisy to personalise. Happy Christmas, everyone!
    • £10.39
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £2.60
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  • The Bear and the Star

    Lola M. Schaefer

    Product Code: BZQBL
    In this universal celebration of community and love, Bear gathers his friends from near and far to mark the changing of the season. Acclaimed author Lola M. Schaefer and award-winning artist Bethanne Andersen explores themes of empathy, hope, and peace in this breathtaking picture book that will bring joy to the holidays as well as year round storytimes. On a cold winter morning, Bear welcomes a new star to the sky and searches for the perfect tree-a majestic evergreen-under which to host a celebration for everyone to enjoy. Almost as if by magic, guests start to arrive. They are feathered, furry, scaled-on the wing, on four paws, on two feet. They are young and old. They bring gifts. They bring love. They bring hope for peace. The Bear and the Star is a stunning picture book from acclaimed author Lola M. Schaefer and award-winning artist Bethanne Andersen. With a focus on understanding, empathy, community, and hope, it's the ideal choice for family sharing during the holiday season and throughout the year.
    • £10.39
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £2.60
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Books about animals have the ability to captivate kids' minds, teaching them all about the natural world while broadening their minds with plots and topics in a fun, enjoyable way. Kids go wild for animals, which is part of the reason animal tales are just so popular.

Tales that teach

Animal books are a great way to introduce children to interesting and important ethical and moral questions. While the stories will be firmly grounded in the realms of fantasy, they're a calm and caring way to slowly get kids thinking about themes such as cause and effect and proper relationships.

All sorts of authors

From classic titles by the likes of A. A. Milne and Rudyard Kipling, to newer books by authors such as Gill Lewis and Pippa Funnell, we stock a wide range of authors writing on an equally diverse range of topics. What's more, you can pick up whole collections of works by particular authors for a low price – perfect for filling up an avid young reader's bookshelf.

View our range

Take a look through our selection of animal tales and books – all guaranteed to be fun, furry and fantastic for young readers.

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