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Our children's thrillers, mysteries and ghost stories are full of shocks and scares. These mystery books for kids are available at unbelievable prices and are captivating from start to finish. Our range includes great horror books for kids that will have them hooked on reading.

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Thrillers & Mystery Books for Kids

  • Framed

    Frank Cottrell Boyce

    Product Code: FFU3
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    The perfect crime - it's a work of art, in Frank Cottrell Boyce's ingenious story, Framed. Dylan is the only boy living in the tiny Welsh town of Manod. His parents run the Snowdonia Oasis Auto Marvel garage - and when he's not trying to persuade his sisters to play football, Dylan is in charge of the petrol log. And that means he gets to keep track of everyone coming in and out of Manod - what car they drive, what they're called, even their favourite flavour of crisps. But when a mysterious convoy of lorries trundles up the misty mountainside towards an old, disused mine, even Dylan is confounded. Who are these people - and what have they got to hide? A story inspired by a press cutting describing how, during World War II, the treasured contents of London's National Gallery were stored in Welsh slate mines. Once a month, a morale-boosting masterpiece would be unveiled in the village and then returned to London for viewing. This is a funny and touching exploration of how art - its beauty and its value - touches the life of one little boy and his big family in a very small town. This edition of Framed includes bonus material and discussion questions from Frank Cottrell Boyce, and illustrations by Steven Lenton.
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If your child loves heart-pounding adventures and adrenaline-pumping action, look no further. Our range includes ghoulish ghost story books, spellbinding mysteries and enthralling thrillers.

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