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Children's Game Books

Children's Game Books

Looking for inventive ways to banish boredom? We have a selection of fun and engaging titles to keep kids entertained for hours! From books which accompany well-known video games, to activity books featuring colouring, doodling, crafts and more, we have a range of books to suit all tastes.

Inventive, creative and fun

Games teach children a number of different life lessons, as well as problem-solving skills and creativity. These skills will prove to be hugely beneficial in later life, but right now the important thing for children’s games to be is fun.

Screen-free adventures

While video games can be great for teaching children important lessons and skills, some activities allow children to get some important time away from the television or tablet, giving them the opportunity to let their imagination run wild, laugh and even get a little exercise. Books offer a great way to introduce children to games, as they might stumble across a game they haven’t played before.

Magical titles

There’s lots more to explore in our fun range of games books, so take a look and find a book your child will treasure.