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Our range of crime, mystery and thriller books is full of explosive action, unexpected twists and shocking scandals. We offer the famous Sherlock Holmes books, Alex Cross novels, bestsellers and much more alongside a hand-picked selection of crime books, thriller and mystery novels that belong on every reader's bookshelf.

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Crime, Thriller & Mystery Books

  • Janie Bolitho Collection - 7 Books

    Janie Bolitho

    Product Code: JANI
    Hand-picked favourites
    Set in the picturesque setting of the Cornish countryside, these seven books follow artistic amateur sleuth Rose Trevelyan as she attempts to uncover the truth behind a number of startling mysteries.

    Rose was hoping to make friends with one of her female clients - but then she turns up dead; she begins to connect the dots in a case of a man who fell off a cliff in suspicious circumstances and the non-show of one of her friends at the opening of a new exhibition; and has so many suspects following a series of burglaries and brutal attacks on young women.

    You'll be racing through the pages as you try to follow the clues and spot the murderers. These are perfect for fans of Rebecca Tope and M.C. Beaton.
    Format: paperback
    • £5.00
    • RRP £62.93
    • Save £57.93
    Just £0.71 per book
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  • Ann Granger's Campbell & Carter Collection - 6 Books

    Ann Granger

    Product Code: ANNG
    Hand-picked favourites
    Full of murder and intrigue, these English country crime novels find Superintendent Ian Carter and Inspector Jess Campbell investigating quirky crimes across the Cotswolds.

    Format: paperback
    • £5.00
    • RRP £57.94
    • Save £52.94
    Just £0.83 per book
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    Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse Collection - 14 Books

    Product Code: CLND
    Hand-picked favourites
    Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse is one of the great detectives from the world of fiction and our 14-book collection gives you the chance to read through every one of his compelling cases.

    Morse is a curmudgeonly detective with some snobby attitudes but you can't help but root for him as he tries to keep his beloved Oxford safe from criminals. Accompanied by his ever-loyal assistant Robbie Lewis, they discover the famous city is seething with jealousy and dark secrets. Will they be able to keep it safe?

    This complete collection is full of cases that will keep you guessing. We'd recommend these novels and accompanying set of short stories to anyone who loves classic murder mysteries and those who enjoyed the popular TV adaptation.

    For fans of authors like: Ruth Rendell, P.D. James, Josephine Tey

    Format: paperback
    • £8.00
    • RRP £125.86
    • Save £117.86
    Just £0.57 per book
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    Nick Louth Collection - 3 Books

    Nick Louth

    Product Code: NLTH
    Hand-picked favourites
    The bodies pile up in these twisted thrillers...

    Criminologist Martin Knight has always been a thorn in the side of the police but then he goes missing along with his wife, Liz. The police are struggling to find clues when Liz's ex DCI Craig Gillard is brought on to the case. He starts examining whether the events around the shocking Girl F case have any bearing on this latest disappearance.

    DCI Gillard also investigates the shocking murder of a promising architect and his aunt's potential involvement in a brutal killing. These pacy crime novels will captivate you from first page to last.
    For fans of authors like Robert Bryndza, Tania Carver, Liane Moriarty
    Format: paperback
    • £5.00
    • RRP £26.97
    • Save £21.97
    Just £1.67 per book
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    Ian Rankin Collection - 4 Books

    Ian Rankin

    Product Code: RNKN
    Hand-picked favourites
    Can you help Inspector Rebus uncover the truth?

    Ian Rankin's John Rebus police procedurals follow the detective as he attempts to uncover the brutal crimes that hide behind the tourist-friendly facade of Edinburgh - all while battling a number of demons of his own...

    In these books, Rebus is meant to have retired but a life of leisure does not suit him all that well. He jumps at the chance to get involved in some grisly, sleazy cases...

    Rankin subtly introduces challenging social issues (racism, austerity, division) into each novel that show why he is regarded as one of Britain's finest crime writers.

    Format: paperback
    • £5.00
    • RRP £35.96
    • Save £30.96
    Just £1.25 per book
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    Craig Russell's Lennox Series Collection - 5 Books

    Craig Russell

    Product Code: CRSL
    Hand-picked favourites
    'Tartan neo-noir at its most entertaining' - Sunday Herald

    Craig Russell is a crime writer at the top of his game. Praised by Peter James and Michael Connelly for his gritty stories filled with gangsters, his 1950s Glasgow-based dramas draw readers into dark places filled with even darker characters.

    These page-turners follow the shady investigator Lennox as he winds up in the middle of a gruesome murder case... As he tries to prove his own innocence, he stirs up Glasgow's underworld and is violently tracked down by the men he's been hired to follow.

    Format: paperback
    This collection includes books 1-5 in Craig Russell's Lennox series For fans of authors like Peter James, Lee Child, Val McDermid
    • £5.00
    • RRP £44.95
    • Save £39.95
    Just £1.00 per book
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    Careless Love

    Peter Robinson

    Product Code: GGC3
    Hand-picked favourites
    The twenty-fifth instalment of the Number One Bestselling DCI Banks series 'The master of the police procedural.' Mail on Sunday 'Robinson is prolific, but with each book he manages to ring the changes.' Guardian ***** The body of a young local student is found on a lonely country road. Initially the evidence points to suicide, yet she didn't own a car and she didn't even drive. So how did she get there, where did she die and who moved her? Meanwhile, a man in his sixties is found dead in a gully up on the nearby wild moorland. He is carrying no identification. The post-mortem indicates that he died from injuries sustained during the fall, but what was he doing up there? And why are there no signs of a car in the vicinity? As the trail gets colder, Annie's father's new partner, Zelda, alerts Banks and Annie to the return of an old and dangerous enemy in a new guise. This is someone who will stop at nothing, not even murder, to get what he wants.
    • £6.00
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £1.99
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