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  • LCTR 5 years +
    5 years +
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    Featuring stories, activities and a collectable Town Doctor Minifigure, this LEGO City book will appeal to any Master Builder!

    Bursting with LEGO-inspired artwork, it includes an exciting story about the emergency rescue heroes of the town for children to delve into and two comic book-style sections.

    There are also activities to complete including mazes, dot-to-dots, spot-the-difference challenges, colouring and more!
  • Yasmin Collection - 4 Books - Collection - 9781474781114 - Saadia Faruqi
    YASM 5 years +
    5 years +
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    This delightful four-book collection is about a spirited student named Yasmin Ahmad and her adventures as a fashionista, painter, builder and explorer!

    Yasmin is a strong character with a knack for solving problems in unique ways and she is known in her family as having big imagination. In each book, Yasmin inspires readers by using her creative thinking and curiosity to solve life's little problems.

    With bold illustrations and important messages, Saadia Faruqi's books subtly weave Muslim traditions into fun, relatable stories and would be great reads for children growing in confidence or moving from Key Stage 1 to 2.
    Format: paperback
  • A Kid's Guide to Feelings Collection - 8 Books - Collection - 9781912502561
    KIDS 5 years +
    5 years +
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    The Agents of F.E.E.L.S are here to help young children learn all about emotions.

    With superheroes representing feelings including sadness, happiness, jealousy, excitement and embarrassment, these books are presented in an eye-catching comic book format and the everyday situations the characters find themselves in add to the appeal.

    These appealing books combine interesting storylines with facts that will encourage young readers to talk about how they are feeling.
    Format: paperback
  • HTRM
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    Learn how to read music and hit the perfect note every time with this easy-to-follow guide.

    Written in clear and accessible text, it covers all the essentials including pitch, the treble clef, the bass clef, rhythm, accidentals, key signatures and time signatures.

    It then encourages you to practice what you have learned with 'play along' sections featuring simple and well-known pieces of music. You can also scan a QR code to hear the chord or scale so you know what to aim for.
  • My First Maths Collection - 4 Books - Collection - 9781445166797
    MYFM 4 years +
    4 years +
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    Covering sizes, shapes, counting and sorting, this four-book collection introduces maths in a fun and accessible manner for preschool children.

    All of these books have bright and eye-catching photographs and help children appreciate how maths is used in their day-to-day lives. These books also have accessible and simple text that will build children's awareness and understanding of each topic.

    Format: paperback
  • FHST Toddlers
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    With its shaped cover, this charming board book retells the much-loved story of the hare and the tortoise.

    With tactile flip-and-see pages and beautiful illustrations, this colourful book is the perfect introduction to Aesop's Fables for little ones.

    This simple retelling of the traditional story will help children learn all about the moral behind the text.
  • CT1040
    • £4.99
    Encourage children to get creative with this fun-filled plaque painting set!

    It features all the wild animal favourites for children to paint and it can then be put on display using the stand.

    Contents: wild animal plaque, double sided tape, frame stand, paintbrush and 8 paint pots.

    Box size: 292 x 276mm.
  • CT1041
    • £4.99
    Encourage children to get creative with this fun-filled plaque painting set!

    It features all the dinosaur favourites for children to paint and it can then be put on display using the stand.

    Contents: dinosaur plaque, double sided tape, frame stand, paintbrush and 8 paint pots.

    Box size: 292 x 276mm.
  • CT1042
    • £4.99
    Encourage children to get creative with this fun-filled plaque painting set!

    It features all the sea life favourites for children to paint and it can then be put on display using the stand.

    Contents: sea life plaque, double sided tape, frame stand, paintbrush and 8 paint pots.

    Box size: 292 x 276mm.
  • Physical & Human Geography Collection - 8 Books - Collection - 9781912502547
    PAHG 9 years +
    9 years +
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    Explore planet Earth's most impressive natural processes with this fact-filled collection and discover how these shape our world.

    With clear illustrations and informative text, each book provides an intriguing insight into natural disasters by looking in detail at their causes and effects.

    Ranging from volcanoes and earthquakes to landslides and avalanches, young science-obsessed readers will be able to examine our planet's most destructive geographical events and answer important questions surrounding each process.
    Format: paperback
  • SLEP
    Lisa Varadi
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    This illustrated book will help you enjoy the best night's sleep you've ever had. Inspired by William Blake's advice of 'Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night', it shares the benefits you can gain from having a peaceful sleep.

    This book describes how sleep nourishes the mind and body and all of its health benefits. It also explains why body clocks are so important and how there are four different stages - ranging from shallow to deep.

    This endlessly interesting book also covers what dreams really mean, why it's so important to nourish the mind and offers tips on tackling insomnia.
  • GHTP
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    Do you want to be the next Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix or Slash? This book will help set you on your way...

    It contains expert advice on chords, scales, note and techniques and is suitable for both new and intermediate acoustic and electric guitar players.

    The spiral format of the book means it's easily transportable and can fit into gig bags and flight bags.
  • PHTP
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    Want to be the next Elton John? This easy-to-follow guide has all the information you need to ensure that you always hit the right notes while tickling the ivories.

    It contains expert advice on notation, expression and techniques and is suitable for anyone learning or playing this wonderful instrument - whether by themselves or with a group.

    Suitable for beginners and intermediate players, this book is full of useful diagrams and charts. The spiral format makes it easily transportable and perfect for gig bags and flight cases.
  • CN0759
    • £3.99
    A lucky black cat will look after your trinkets, keepsakes and jewellery. This ring holder is purr-fect for any bedside table.
  • Ross Welford Collection - 4 Books - Collection - 9780007976904 - Ross Welford
    RWEL 10 years +
    10 years +
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    Shortlisted for the Costa Children's Book Award and longlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal, Ross Welford's Time Travelling with a Hamster is a truly original debut novel from an extraordinarily talented new voice in children's books.

    When Al Chaudhury discovers his late dad's time machine, he finds that going back to the 1980s requires daring and imagination. It also requires lies, theft, burglary, and setting his school on fire. And he has to make sure he doesn't lose his pet hamster, Alan Shearer...

    You'll laugh, cry and wonder at this race-against-time story of a boy who travels back to 1984 to prevent a go-kart accident and save his father's life.

    The other three books - The 1,000-Year-Old Boy; What Not to Do If You Turn Invisible; and The Dog Who Saved the World - in our collection are equally surprising, exciting and magnificent: Alfie can remember the last Viking invasion but no one believes him... He soon loses everything in a fire and decides it's time to find a way to die; Ethel learns the joy that comes from being invisible is rather short-loved; and 12-year-old Georgie has to save every dog on Earth and all of humanity without leaving her room when a virtual reality experiment goes wrong.
    Format: paperback
  • SCEG
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    Dr Ruth Galloway returns in The Stone Circle - the eleventh book in Elly Griffiths' bestselling series of archaeological mysteries.

    DCI Nelson has been receiving threatening letters telling him to 'go to the stone circle and rescue the innocent who is buried there'. He is shaken, not only because children are very much on his mind, with Michelle's baby due to be born, but because although the letters are anonymous, they are somehow familiar...

    They're reminiscent of the letters that first led him to Ruth, who is currently working on a dig at a henge in Saltmarsh. When bones belonging to a 12-year-old girl who disappeared 30 years previously are found, Ruth realises the past is reaching out for her and Nelson - and its grip is deadly...
  • WMCH
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    From pleads of 'I'm not tired' to passionate boasts of 'Look what I've done', this handy guide will help you understand the psychology behind your child's behaviour and choose the best kind of response.

    It covers over 100 everyday situations and offers recommendations on dealing with each one. It explains the thought process behind your child's behaviour and also the feelings you will experience as a parent.

    Rooted in evidence-based clinical psychology and based around positive parenting, this book will help you understand your children's innermost thoughts and tackles important topics including temper tantrums, sibling rivalry and peer pressure.
  • ST2862
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    This superb stationery set contains 10 graphite pencils, 10 coloured pencils, a pink pencil sharpener and 20 erasers with an appealing kawaii theme.

    As an added bonus, it also includes a 32-page drawing, colouring and activity book featuring the cute characters. It's a lovely gift for any child who loves kawaii and the pencils could be shared out to make perfect party bag presents!
    Contents: 10 graphite pencils, 10 coloured pencils, pencil sharpener, 20 erasers
    Ages 3 plus
  • FNGW 7 years +
    7 years +
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    Myrtle Meek has everything a child could ever want, but that doesn't stop her demanding more, more, MORE!

    Myrtle has declared she now wants a FING, but everyone is at a loss when it comes to knowing what a FING actually is... Mr and Mrs Meek examine the library vaults to dust off the pages of the mysterious Monsterpedia in an effort to find the perfect FING.
  • Scarlet and Ivy Collection - 6 Books - Collection - 9780007976959 - Sophie Cleverly
    SAIV 9 years +
    9 years +
    • £9.99
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    • Just £1.67 per book
    Scarlet has disappeared from Rockwood Boarding School and the terrifying Miss Fox has invited her quieter twin sister Ivy to 'take her place'...

    Ivy reluctantly agrees to this as she views it as a chance to investigate exactly what happened to Scarlet. When she arrives, Ivy finds a scattered trail of diary pages hidden all over the grounds - could these lead her to the whereabouts of her sister?

    This spine-tingling series magically mixes a compelling mystery with the spellbinding joys of Harry Potter and the charm of Enid Blyton's boarding school stories.
    Format: paperback
  • JMGB
    • £8.99
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    Following his foodie trips around France and the USA, James Martin comes closer to home with a culinary journey around Great Britain.

    Accompanying the new ITV series, James shares his favourite recipes and stories from his coast-to-coast trip. He shares classic British meals and more surprising treats hailing from towns and cities including Bristol, Belfast, Orkney and Land's End.

    This is a great cookbook for any proud Brit and it features exclusive behind-the-scenes photography from James' latest road trip.
  • ANON
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    Described as 'a clever thriller with masterful twists' by Karin Slaughter, The Wife Between Us authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen's An Anonymous Girl is a thrilling read about the deadly nature of obsession.

    Jessica Farris signs up for an anonymous psychology study conducted by the mysterious Dr Shields, thinking it will be a case of answering a few questions, collecting her money and then leaving. But then the questions become more intense and invasive and she is told what to wear and how to act...

    Jessica starts to believe that Dr Shields knows all her secrets and realises she can't trust what is real in her life and what might be one of his manipulative experiments. She's caught up in a web of deceit and jealousy. Will she be able to untangle herself out of it?
  • CT1023
    • £5.99
    Budding engineers can build their very own robot warrior by assembling this model. Once it's complete, the robot can even move forward and walk!

    This model provides anyone aged 8 and over with a fun way of developing their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It comes with full instructions.
    Ages 8 plus
    Box size: 190 x 250mm
  • Witch School Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781788005296 - Em Lynas
    WSCH 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £5.99
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    • Just £2.00 per book
    Aspiring actress Daisy Wart has been sent to Witch School despite most definitely not being a witch. She's always had her sights set on a starring role in a Shakespeare play, after all...

    Daisy's grandmother is insistent that she starts studying at Toadspit Towers School for Witches by her grandmother and despite her initial disappointment, she's drawn into the magic and mystery of this intriguing, enchanting and educational place.

    Written by Em Lynas, these magical books combine the spellbinding storytelling of The Worst Witch with the enchanting and exuberant joy of school stories like Malory Towers. The spellbinding black-and-white illustrations by Jamie Littler just add to their appeal.
    Format: paperback