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    An unusual book with multiple uses: 11 characters in all, each split into four horizontal panels. Flip the panels back and forth and create new figures. With 22 witty, elegant stickers. - Size: 7 x 10" - 120 ruled ivory pages. - Striped ribbon marker.
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    A pop-up journal with signature graphics of cards, lights and exciting fun! "Fete vos jeux!" or "Place your bets!" describes the feel of vintage French casinos in the artwork and graphics of this pop-up journal.- Pop-up journal with paper engineering- Black-and-white chevron ribbon- 132 ivory pages- Size: 10 x 7 x 0.5"
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    An album for photos, swatches, wedding memories, or snapshots of that long-forgotten summer holiday. A true couture scrapbook. Page edges that are both gold and silver gilded. - Size: 8.25 x 11.5"- 128 blank ivory pages. - Striped ribbon marker.
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    The ultimate Livre d'or. The perfect wedding album. Golden, embossed cover with silver gilded page edges. Striped ribbon marker. - Size: 8.25 x 11.5" - 128 blank ivory pages.
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    To celebrate 150 years since Frank Lloyd Wright's birth, Galison presents a numbered, limited edition gilded journal. The interior is filled with 4-color images, foil detail, and lined-pages with Frank Lloyd Wright quotes throughout.
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    Designed like a book, this selection of gorgeous wrapping paper has been inspired by the Royal Horticultural Society and will ensure your presents look spectacularly presented.

    Easy to remove, each wrapping paper sheet measures 50 x 70cm when unfolded and features gorgeous illustrations from the RHS Lindley Library.

    Dimensions: 350 x 295mm, pb, 28 pages
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    Hardbound Case Size: 7 x 10 x 0.75" 128 Layflat Pages Foil-Stamped and Flocked Cover Effects
  • ST2658 3 years +
    3 years +
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    This huge value set has superb stationery (a fabric pencil case, pencil with Gruffalo topper and erasers) and a money tin for any young reader who loves the Gruffalo and his friends from the deep dark wood.

    Dimensions: Doodle book 150 x 105mm, pencil case 205 x 90mm, money tin105 x 95mm

    Ages 3 plus
  • ST2605
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    Presented in a very stylish Hello Kitty-themed slipcase, here you'll find three keepsake baby books to chronicle the first three years in the life of baby.

    Slpcase dimensions: 155 x 110mm; Each book 148 x 105mm
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    Inspired by the Hogwarts textbook written by J.K. Rowling's character Newt Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them takes fans to a new era in Rowling's Wizarding World, decades before Harry Potter and half a world away. This deluxe enchanted replica of Newt Scamander's case is loaded with interactive special features to make any fan of J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World feel like a master magizoologist. Kit includes: Collectible replica of the case carried along on Newt's adventures, as packaging that doubles as a keepsake box, including metal closing clasps. "Muggle worthy" dial that allows the case to be opened in either no-maj or maj-friendly modes. In no-maj, a trick lid reveals mundane case contents, but in maj mode, further wonders are revealed: Sound activation: each time the case is opened, the sound of 1 of 7 different beasts is released. 128-page, 4-1/4 x 7-inch notebook including beasts encountered along Newt's journeys and field note illustrations. It's also your Fantastic Beasts-inspired journal, inviting you to describe beasts of their own invention with prompts such as "date of discovery," "feed codes," "terrain," and "habitat." Includes elastic band closure. Newt Scamander's wand pen.
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    ***NOT-SO-NEW MUM, YOU'RE DOING BRILLIANTLY*** Reassuring, joyful and down-to-earth, THE NOT-SO-NEW MUM'S NOTEBOOK is every mum's essential companion and journal BEYOND THE FIRST YEAR. This is a place for you to reflect on and celebrate your life during the oh so demanding early years of being a mum. There are pages and pages of self-care, reassurance and `we've all been there' advice, as well as beautifully designed space to write down all your thoughts (when you're tearing your hair out) and all those memories you don't want to forget (when you're not). The Not-So-New Mum's Notebook will make you feel good about yourself, and about how you're already raising your kids. It will make you see that you're a great mum, just as you are. * Perfect for gift for yourself or a friend with a pre-school child aged 1-5 years old - start on page 1 any day and any year, whatever their age. * Beautifully designed pages of reassurance, self-care advice, journal space, affirmations and simple recipes * Takes you through every stage of the pre-school years (and what you, as a mum, will need!) * Milestone charts for mum and child
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    The New Mum's Notebook: a sanity-saving journal; a companion to reassure the sleepless and unsure - this is every new mum's best friend. 'You've created the book that we all wish we'd had.' Clemmie, mum of two What do new mums want most of all (apart from sleep)? They want someone to tell them what they're feeling is 'normal.' That they're doing ok. That THEY will be ok. The New Mum's Notebook does all of this, and more. Amy Ransom, mum of three, is the writer of the Surviving Motherhood blog. She believes that no new mum should feel lost or overwhelmed. So she wrote The New Mum's Notebook to help each one navigate the first year of life with a baby, however she chooses to raise them. Here are 304 pages of reassurance, love and advice to support, inspire and entertain - whether it's baby number one or number five that's just arrived. Divided into the first 12 months of motherhood, there are also spaces to scribble everything down and to keep thoughts, feelings and memories from those crazy early days. From night feeds, napping and weaning; to which films to cue up on Netflix, finding some headspace and getting all the support, coffee and cake you need, Amy has been there - and this is the book she wishes she'd had by her side. She also knows - like the army of mums who have gone before - that it will get easier and that one day soon sleep and sanity will come again. Promise. "This book has reduced me to tears with its honesty and kindness. It reminds me I'm not alone.' Victoria, mum of two 'I've had loads of baby record books and never ever filled one in. This book feels so different. I love it." (Annabel, mum of five). It is perfect for expectant mothers and new mums. It features 304 gorgeous colour pages including lots of reassurance, self-care advice, journal pages, affirmations and simple recipes. It is divided into 12 months to address each stage of a new mum and baby's first year. There are eight journal pages per month with space to write notes, thoughts, memories and all those 'to-dos'. It also includes 12 months of milestone charts for mum and baby.
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    When Elma van Vliet's mother became ill in 2001, she realised there was still so much she wanted to ask her. That's why she created a series of books to help share and preserve precious memories. Since then, more than three million people worldwide have used her books to tell their family's stories. Mum, Tell Me is a guided journal that prompts your mother to share her memories, dreams, and wishes, asking her to record everything from her favourite band as a teenager and her childhood games to her proudest accomplishment and her first memory of you. Give it to her as a gift, get it back as a chronicle of her life. The end result will be a deeply personal keepsake, one that helps you remember what is really important in life: the people we love and the stories we share with one another.
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    Two decks of playing cards with art depicting the atmosphere of vintage French gambling houses. Each card has its own unique design from the world of Christian Lacroix, and each deck has its own keepsake box.- Two decks of 52 cards each- Decorative box with ribbon pull tab- Size: 4 x 5.5 x 1"
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    Box Size: 5.5 x 7.5 x 1" Notecard Size: 4.75 x 6.75" Set of 6 Notecards Die-cut Multi-Gatefolds Foil-Stamp and Flocking Effects Shrink Wrapped Packaging
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    Slim notebook embossed in scarlet. All-over Paseo design, embossed like a beautiful leather folio. Striped elastic closure and ribbon marker. Lay-flat construction for ease of use. - Size: 7 x 10" - 152 ruled ivory pages
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    Gray Malin's awe-inspiring aerial photographs are shot from doorless helicopters, creating playful and stunning celebrations of light, shape, and perspective, as well as summer bliss. This gorgeous Gray Malin At The Parker Playing Card Set includes 2 decks of cards, each card has its own unique photograph from Malin's collection, packaged in a sturdy collector's keepsake box with magnetic closure.
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    The innovative and classic PHOTODARIUM desk calendar makes its 8th annual appearance with a new selection of instant photographs, one for every day of the year. A truly international selection, all taken by photographers, both professional and amateur from around the world. This photo-tear-off calendar is set to delight everyone who buys or is given one. A new picture every day and each one accompanied by a short text or comment on the reverse of each photo, that outlines the feelings or thoughts of the photographer, as the shot was taken. Together with a note on the film used and the photographer`s name and home city. The photos have a high lacquer finish and the calendar comes complete with its own stand. Everything is contained in a sturdy collector`s box. An ideal and very unusual present and an eye catching and useful decorative addition for any desk, window sill, bedside table .... wherever!
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    Following the huge success of Insight Editions' first The Walking Dead poster book, this second volume brings together even more gloriously gory posters from AMC's hit television series. Along with all new imagery from the third and fourth seasons, this new book features exclusive artwork from Hero Complex's The Walking Dead gallery and amazing images of the most gruesomely memorable Walkers from the show.
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    The mer-folk are teachers and guides, born in a watery world of magical mythology and powerful energy. This elegantly illustrated Rider-Waite based deck invites you to receive the lessons and blessings of the mystical realm, offering the insights you need to move forward through the challenges and barriers that we all must face. Now more than ever, the songs of the mermaid are calling the people of the land. Let their magic be your guide.
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    3D cover engraving of 18th-century Arles. Printed end pages. Flocked butterfly glasses let you view front and back covers in full-blown 3D. - Size: 6 x 8" - 128 ruled ivory pages. - Striped ribbon marker. - Silver gilded pages.
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    Six majestic die-cut and stand-up cards with six fluorescent envelopes. Two products in one: note cards or place cards. Each die-cut card a different character: Zebra Girl, Shaman, Neptune, Jungle Leo, Crazy Horse, and Wild Bird. Room for a dedication and a holiday note. Envelopes with the signature Bellechasse flap. Decorative box with gold Christian Lacroix Paris logo sticker.
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    This sweet keepsake journal is just right to jot down the special moments in baby's first year. Designed like a playful board book-with a fun, shakable cover with confetti enclosed within-this simple shower gift features simple repeating prompts for each month, making it easy to make note of that unforgettable first year with a little one.
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    One side a fan, the other a note card with ruled lines. Three butterfly and three bouquet designs, all with spot UV and embossed details. Six envelopes with the signature Bellechasse flap and lace printed interior. Decorative box with die-cut cellophane window and interior gold logo bellyband. - Size: 7.5 x 7.5" - Six unique and innovative die-cut note cards. - Sticker sheet included.