Non-Fiction Clearance Sale

  • Colour Quest - Paperback - 9781782435990 - Joanna Webster
    Joanna Webster
    • £2.49
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £7.50
    Will you complete Colour Quest?

    This large-format book combines geometric designs with the joy of colouring in. There are 30 designs to complete and they range from tessellating buildings to camouflaged animals and pixelated patterns.

    Whether you're an art lover or a colouring enthusiast, the intricate designs here will keep you happily entertained and find your worries drifting away.
  • How to Eat Better - Hardback - 9781784721916 - James Wong
    James Wong
    • £4.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £15.01
    Using the latest scientific evidence, James Wong shows you how to select, store and cook certain foods and enjoy their health-giving benefits in this inspiring book.

    He reveals how a Braeburn apple has almost double the antioxidants of a Fuji one; how strawberries that are kept on the counter instead of in the fridge will quadruple their heart-healthy compounds; and how broccoli cooked with a teaspoon of mustard will have even more cancer-fighting potential.

    This straight-talking book is delightfully free from fad diets, superfood fixations and obscure ingredients and will help you make your everyday foods far healthier (and tastier) by changing how you select, store and cook them.

    You'll enjoy making any food a superfood with these 80 foolproof recipes.
  • The Little Book of Hygge - Hardback - 9780241283912 - Meik Wiking
    Meik Wiking
    • £3.49
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.50
    The Little Book of Hygge is a book that encourages you to live life the Danish way and embrace the well-being benefits of Hygge.

    A word that has no direct translation, Hygge more or less means comfort, warmth or togetherness. It's the feeling of sharing good food with your closest friends and exchanging easy conversation or waking up to a beautiful, crisp morning. It basically means comfort, warmth or togetherness.

    Full of warming photography, this little book shows you how to become more Hygge by offering up a variety of practical steps and tips. From choosing the right lighting to organising dinner parties and even dressing comfortably, the tips are all backed up by author Meik Wiking's years of research at Copenhagen's Happiness Research Institute.
  • I Want to be Organised - Hardback - 9781784880248 - Harriet Griffey
    Harriet Griffey
    • £2.49
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £5.50
    If you're the kind of person who lets things get on top of them and just wants to have a more organised life, this book has all the practical solutions, tips and inspiration you need.

    I Want to Be Organised will help you identify your organisational style and then outline simple steps that will help you tackle the disorder in each areas of your life.

    From de-cluttering living and workspaces to organising diaries and your digital life, the book shows how adopting simple habits and making small changes to everyday routines can make life clearer and more enjoyable.
  • Flavours of Greece - Hardback - 9781906502607 - Rosemary Barron
    Rosemary Barron
    • £3.99
    • RRP £18.99
    • Save £15.00
    Regarded as one of the most authentic and authoritative collections of Greek recipes, Rosemary Barron's Flavours of Greece is a cookbook with over 250 regional and national specialities included.

    From the olives, feta and seafood of mezes to delicate lemon broths, hearty bean soups, grilled meats and fish, baked vegetables and honey pastries, there's something for all tastes and seasonal food perfect for informal eating with friends, family and for entertaining. The tantalising recipes included here are sure to make your mouth water!
  • From Mother to Mother - Hardback - 9781471125621 - Lisa Faulkner
    Lisa Faulkner
    • £4.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £15.01
    Ever since winning Celebrity MasterChef, Lisa Faulkner has gone from strength to strength and is now just as beloved for her cooking skills as she is her acting work. Her latest cookbook finds her sharing recipes that have been cooked both by her as a mother and by her friends and family who are mothers.

    Lisa has tweaked, rewritten, added and played around with the recipe ideas, adding some of her own family's staples and presents all 100 here with easy-to-follow instructions and sumptuous photography.

    Providing wholesome, hearty meals for the family any day of the week, you will find a delicious selection of poultry, meat, fish, veggie and sweet dishes.
  • How Money Works - Hardback - 9780241225998 - DK
    • £2.99
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £12.00
    This DK book will help you manage your money and teach you all about investments and financial markets. It provides definitions of all the tricky terms and also offers advice on maximising your income and investing for the future.

    An intriguing guide that breaks down financial jargon, it can also help you learn about debt management and ensure you don't fall victim to online fraud.

    Fully up to date, it provides insights into personal, business and governmental finance.
  • F in Exams - Hardback - 9781849537100 - Richard Benson
    Richard Benson
    • £1.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £11.00
    We can all remember sitting exams: the long nights reading and re-reading through our textbooks, the frantic last-minute 'cramming', the tremendous sense of foreboding kindly provided by the ticking - the relentless ticking! - clock as it counts down the little time you have left...

    One thing you will not have had the opportunity to enjoy, though, is some of the outrageous howlers given as answers by your classmates. Containing some of the funniest and downright bizarre answers from English, geography, history and science exams, F in Exams does just that!

    Presented in an all-new, bumper edition that fans of the 'F in...' series will no doubt love, the laugh-out-loud book is providing a little comfort for those sitting their exams - and is equally entertaining for those who no longer have to worry about them.
  • Movie Star Chronicles - Hardback - 9780857623447
    • £4.99
    • RRP £25.00
    • Save £20.01
    From the stars of the silent era through to today's Hollywood headliners, Movie Star Chronicles is the definitive guide to 330 of our finest actors and actresses - from Christopher Lee to Jennifer Lawrence and James Stewart to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Presented in beautiful hardback, this is a must for any movie buff's bookshelf and provides overviews and opinions on all the actors listed. With a colourful infographic for each star showing the key films in each career, the book also has plenty of stills and photographs to pore over.

    Written by esteemed critic Ian Haydn Smith as an encyclopedia for the 21st century, the book also looks a the different genres of films and their role in the development of key character types in the cinematic cannon.
  • Brain Games: Optical Illusions - Paperback - 9781450886369
    • £1.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £8.00
    Nothing is quite what it seems in this brain-bending collection of optical illustions!

    From drawings that will trick your eyes into believing a flat surface is actually 3D to images that you have to look at twice, this Brain Games book takes you on an amazing journey that will challenge your powers of perception.

    The manipulations of space, depth, colour and form will keep you hooked as you dip in and out of this spiral-bound book and help keep your brain age young. With a mixture of images and photography throughout, this book is full of surprises.
  • Primrose Bakery Celebrations - Hardback - 9780224086912 - Martha Swift
    Martha Swift
    • £3.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £16.01
    This collection of brand new recipes from the talented bakers behind one of London's favourite cake shops, the Primrose Bakery, will help you create a range of cakes, cupcakes and treats to make every day a celebration with your friends and family. Learn how to throw Primrose-themed parties and follow the step-by-step illustrated guides to bake delicious and beautiful cakes for every age and any event, including sweet and savoury ideas, recipes for small children, and cocktail-laced cupcakes for grown-ups. Simple, tested and utterly delicious, each recipe has plenty of Primrose wit and even features brilliant ideas for how you can best decorate your creations. Perfect for parties and adding some sparkle to your everyday baking, this is a must-have book for avid cake-bakers from some of the best in the business.
  • Ultimate Dot-to-Dot Animals - Paperback - 9781782436959 - Dr Gareth Moore
    Dr Gareth Moore
    • £2.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £7.00
    With extreme puzzle challenges to complete and colour, this large-format dot-to-dot book contains over 30,000 dots.

    All animal themed, the puzzles are sure to entertain and engage you for hours on end. As you connect the dots (one has 2,000 just by itself!), the intricate animal images will appear before your eyes - as if by magic.

    Once you've finished joining the dots, why not colour it in and make it unique?
    Please note that the dots featured in this book are very intricate.
  • The Boys in the Boat - Hardback - 9780230763845 - Daniel James Brown
    Daniel James Brown
    • £3.49
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £16.51
    A charismatic young man abandoned by his family at an early age, Joe Rantz dared to dream of escaping the challenges of the Great Depression and the painful memories of his early family life, finding solace in rowing. Heading on an extraordinary journey, Joe found himself lining up in a gold medal rowing race at the Berlin Olympics of 1936, in front of Adolf Hitler himself.

    Written by Daniel James Brown and full of lyricism and unexpected beauty, The Boys in the Boat is an inspirational true story.
  • Great British Bake off: Another Slice of 2015 - Hardback - 9781473615601 - Great British Bake Off Team
    Great British Bake Off Team
    • £7.49
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £7.50
    A peek behind-the-scenes of The Great British Bake Off - the perfect gift for Christmas. For six years The Great British Bake Off has held the nation enthralled as home bakers battle it out to be crowned Britain's best amateur baker. Now The Great British Bake Off - Another Slice gives you the chance to relive some of the most memorable moments, catch-up with all the winners and peek behind the tent flaps to find out the secrets of The Great British Bake Off. It's a feast of bake-related confections that's guaranteed to sate the appetite of armchair bakers and cake-making addicts everywhere. Packed with baking trivia, quizzes, and games, this is a mouth-watering selection of Bake Off goodies. So, what are you waiting for? On your marks...get set...bake! "We reckon Bake Off fans will go crazy for this annual - it contains more deliciousness and excitement than a freezerful of Baked Alaskas. As Mary B would say, it's "cram-jam full!" Baker interviews, a lot of behind the scenes gubbins, even a Paul and Mary Spot the Difference puzzle. (Can YOU spot the difference between Paul and Mary? It's taken us years. Paul's the one with the beard and Mary wears the flowery blouson jackets, right? Or is it the other way round? Hmmm...) It's surely the perfect gift for any Bake Off fan - assuming they've already got the Paul Hollywood doll with removable hair and the Mary Berry Sings The Metal Hits double CD" MEL & SUE
  • A Curious Guide to London - Hardback - 9780593073230 - Simon Leyland
    Simon Leyland
    • £2.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £7.00
    Published in beautiful hardback which harks back to the turn of the 20th century, A Curious Guide to London by City trader turned historian Simon Leyland is a wildly entertaining and captivatingly comic account of our nation's capital's secrets and colourful history.

    Brimming with tales of its forgotten and little-known past, the book unearths London's strangest traditions, eccentric inhabitants and more, providing a hilarious and wildly entertaining commentary of this vibrant city.

    The perfect gift for day-trippers, London enthusiasts and armchair historians who call London home, this hugely entertaining and alternative guidebook presents the City of London in a whole new light.
  • Adult Colouring Book Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781782212492
    • £4.49
    • RRP £20.97
    • Save £16.48
    • Just £1.50 per book
    More adults and older children are rediscovering the nostalgic, creative and therapeutic art of colouring and each book in this three-book collection is filled with over 100 beautiful projects - both large and small - which are sure to provide hours of artistic entertainment.

    Each themed book - Art Nouveau, Flower, and Angel & Fairy - is packed with line drawings of small motifs that are quick to complete and more absorbing projects that require a little more time. Plus, at the front of each book you'll find some ready-coloured images to help provide you with a little inspiration for your own colourful creations.

    With the images printed on one side of the page only to prevent any show through from other images, the book is just perfect for all would-be colourers - whether your chosen weapon is a marker pen, felt-tip, pencil, paint or crayon.

  • Colour Yourself to Calmness - Hardback - 9781782493266 - Sue Coccia
    Sue Coccia
    • £2.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £7.00
    With animals from the desert, savannah, mountains, rainforests, wetlands and deep in the ocean, this adult colouring book will help you colour yourself to calmness.

    Sue Coccia's detailed and distinctive designs represent 100 of the most popular creatures from the animal kingdom and you'll find all your worries slipping away as you add some colour to all of them.

    Each animal has some words associated with its behaviour and there's also a ladybird tucked away in every image to spot - she represents good luck, happiness and prosperity.
  • Good Bottled Beer Guide - Paperback - 9781852493097 - Jeff Evans
    Jeff Evans
    • £2.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £10.00
    British brewing in the last decade has been enjoying its strongest period of growth ever, with an unprecedented variety of bottle-conditioned beers now available not only in the most traditional of pubs around the UK, but our supermarkets, too! Fully updated and featuring the best real ales our country has to offer, CAMRA's Good Bottled Beer makes for the perfect gift for the beer enthusiast in your life.

    Packed with tasting notes, ingredients and brewery details from internationally-recognised and award-winning beer writer Jeff Evans, the book is a comprehensive showcase of British brewing that will help readers understand more about our country's beers as they enjoy them.

    Containing more than 500 recommended beers, recommended stockists, specialist retailers and much more - including a section of selected international ales - Good Bottled Beer is the complete reference book for landlords, restauranteurs or beer fans looking for the best of British beer.
  • When I Was a Nipper - Signed Edition - Hardback - 9781849901680
    • £14.99
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £5.01
    A signed edition of Alan Titchmarsh's When I Was a Nipper. In When I Was a Nipper Alan Titchmarsh goes on a personal and nostalgic journey through post-War Britain in search of treasured values and traditions that were once the soul of society.

    With characteristic wit, warmth and humour he draws on the experience of his own childhood, and also takes a broader perspective, creating a wonderfully detailed and evocative portrait of a way of life that is fast disappearing, and asks what can we learn from this era of austerity to make our lives better today?

    Born in Yorkshire in 1949 and brought up in a Britain still recovering from the Second World War, Alan remembers a time of relative calm, when it was enough to return home at night knowing that the house would still be standing. We were known throughout the world for our patience, resourcefulness and resilience.

    'Mustn't grumble' was almost a national catchphrase, and queuing was second nature. Illustrated throughout with over 200 wonderful archive photographs, "When I Was a Nipper" takes us back to those days, down high streets and through farmyards, on to trolley buses and into local pubs
  • Five Forget Mother's Day - Hardback - 9781786486868 - Bruno Vincent
    Bruno Vincent
    • £1.99
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £6.00
    You can always trust the Famous Five to find something special and this spoof book will have you and your family laughing into your ginger beers.

    It's Mother's Day and George, Dick, Anne, Julian and Timmy the dog are keen to show Aunt Fanny just how much she means to them. However, George has a habit of forgetting important occasions (her own mum's birthday and Christmas presents being just two examples) and this means everyone is quite stressed when Fanny comes to stay.

    As tensions rise, the gang wonder if changing the normality of the mother/daughter bond really was the right thing to do... and then Uncle Quentin threatens to get involved.
  • Watching the English - Hardback - 9781444787399 - Kate Fox
    Kate Fox
    • £3.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £9.00
    If you've ever wondered about the peculiar quirks of the English, acclaimed anthropologist Kate Fox's Watching the English is the book for you. A bestseller when it was first published 10 years ago, this revised and updated edition includes over 100 new entries and several new chapters.

    A set text for university anthropology courses and endlessly fascinating to dip in and out of, the book showcases the findings from Kate's field research and observational experiments about all things English. Over the past decade, social media and mobile phones have grown in stature and become everyday elements of modern society - how have these changed the way the English behave?

    A book to make anyone who is English sit back and think about things in a different way, this is a brilliant analysis and decipherment of England's enigmatic behaviour codes, social rules and subcultures.
  • The New Low-Carb Diet Cookbook - Paperback - 9781848991125 - Laura Lamont
    Laura Lamont
    • £2.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £10.00
    Full of groundbreaking recipes for healthy and long-term weight loss, The New Low-Carb Diet Cookbook is the book for you if you're looking to eat better food and improve your well-being.

    Low-carb diets work and this book will help you eat the correct amount of complex carbohydrates, protein and 'good' fats and explain how these will help boost your metabolism, stabilize blood sugar levels and curb any cravings you may have. By following these hints and tips, you could even lost at least a kilo a week.

    The book contains 75 mouth-watering recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts and by adapting to this diet, you'll be feeling healthier than ever!
  • Highlands: Scotland's Wild Heart - Hardback - 9781472919007 - Stephen Moss
    Stephen Moss
    • £6.49
    • RRP £25.00
    • Save £18.51
    Accompanying the BBC series of the same name, Highlands: Scotland's Wild Heart is a book that follows a year in the lives of a cast of wild animals as they try to survive in this tough yet beautiful landscape.

    Europe's greatest wilderness, the Scottish Highlands is a stunning land full of snow-capped mountains, incredible lochs and some truly breathtaking wildlife. Red Deer stags fight for the right to win a mate on the main land, while the offshore islands are homes to millions of seabirds and the seas themselves contain basking sharks, orcas and bottlenose dolphins.

    Full of spectacular photography and Stephen Moss' authoritative yet accessible text, this is a brilliant book for people who love nature. It also includes a foreword from the programme's narrator, Ewan McGregor.
  • Olive: 100 of the Very Best One Pot Meals - Hardback - 9781407250632
    • £3.49
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £11.50
    Inspired by Olive magazine, this cookbook has a selection of 100 one-pot meals for you to indulge in.

    Loved by foodies and those who prefer to spend less time in the kitchen, all the recipes are easy to follow and have a photograph so you know exactly what to aim for.

    From meat-free meals to chicken, beef, fish and puddings, this is a book for anyone who wants to cook amazing food with minimal fuss.