Young adults

  • AEIOE 14 years +
    14 years +
    • £10.89
    • RRP £10.99
    Collins all-in-one revision guide and exam practice workbook for GCSE Science and GCSE Additional Science shows how each student can follow their level, test their knowledge, check their answers and improve.

    Content written by examiners to help students step up a level in their exams and get the grade they want.
    Detachable workbook answers for flexible practice.
    Content tried and tested in schools and recommended by teachers.
    Every student at Key Stage 4 has to take GCSE Science and GCSE Additional Science - that's over 700,000 each year.
    Vibrant jackets help books stand out on the shelf.
  • AIVKO 14 years +
    14 years +
    • £5.95
    This book is full of clear revision notes and detailed diagrams for GCSE Resistant Materials students. It covers all of the topics in the current Design & Technology course for the OCR exam board, and there's loads of coursework advice and useful tips for getting good grades - all the way up to A*. To help your revision, each topic is laid out on a clear double-page spread, with practice questions at the end to check what you've learned (answers are at the back). It's easy to read and revise from - everything's explained simply and thoroughly.