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Know a child in need of homework help? The Book People offers educational titles and homework books to help with all their school studies. From learning about the stars with our space books for kids, to understanding basic anatomy with our range of human body children's books, you'll find something for every age group and Key Stage.

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Babies : Homework Help

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    First Welsh Words

    Product Code: FWLW
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    Hand-picked favourites
    Learn first words in Welsh!

    This beautiful book introduces 100 common and useful Welsh words for young children to learn. They're all complemented by bright illustrations and pictures of teddy bears.

    Each entry is listed alongside English translations and pronunciation guides for anyone wishing to start speaking Welsh.
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Homework is a fundamental part of a child’s education, as it affords them the opportunity to work independently, and develop their much-needed problem-solving skills. That’s where our huge range of books to help with homework come in.

Make learning fun

All children need some support with schoolwork sometimes, and our homework help books are extremely useful and seriously fun.

Books covering all ages

Whether your child is just starting out in education, or is tackling their GCSEs, we stock lots of great titles in maths, literacy, history, geography, science and more that will enhance their academic potential in an enjoyable and engaging way.

No subject is too tricky

With the assistance of a homework book, children have the opportunity to work at their own pace, unlike when watching videos which sometimes fly through lessons. This allows children to develop at their own pace, giving them the confidence to progress and succeed.