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11 years + : Children's Hobbies & Interests

  • Plastic Sucks!

    Dougie Poynter

    Product Code: PLST
    Paperback 9 years +
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    How can YOU help save our planet from plastic?

    McFly man Dougie Poynter's Plastic Sucks! is a book full of clear and easy ideas and advice that will help children cut out single-use plastic and live a more environmentally friendly life.

    Dougie explains how plastic fills up our oceans and endangers our wildlife and how the time to take action is NOW. He also discusses the history of plastic and introduces campaigners and reveals how, by working together, we can reduce and replace plastic.
    • £3.00
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.99
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  • Coding for Beginners using Scratch

    Jonathan Melmoth

    Product Code: CFBS
    Hardback 7 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    An ideal introduction to coding for children who are just starting to learn about computer coding at school, Coding for Beginners is a friendly and accessible book will teach children the basics of Scratch (a free, online programme developed by MIT which is widely used in primary schools), allowing them to get inside the code of their computer and create simple games and animations on screen.

    Taking young coders step by step through a number of different Scratch learning games and tasks, the book will have them mastering coding in no time at all.
    • £2.00
    • RRP £12.99
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