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Our must-read children's books include classic stories and contemporary fiction of the highest calibre. We also have essential non-fiction in our must-read books for kids, including great coming-of-age books. Whether you're looking for books with strong female characters or super school stories, you're sure to find a new bookshelf favourite in our selection of popular children's books.

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Toddlers : Must Read Children's Books

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    Rosie's Walk

    Pat Hutchins

    Product Code: RWW2
    Other Toddlers
    Hand-picked favourites
    Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins is a witty and enchanting book and this sturdy board book version makes it ideal for babies and young toddlers. Rosie the hen explores the farmyard oblivious to the fact that she's being followed by a hungry fox.

    Toddlers will love predicting the disasters as the fox gets into a series of scrapes. With stunning and original illustrations, this is a gorgeous board book to share with babies and toddlers from 1+.
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    Debi Gliori's Alfie Collection - 3 Books

    Debi Gliori

    Product Code: DGLI
    Collection Toddlers
    Hand-picked favourites
    This delightful series from bestselling author Debi Gliori is about Alfie the rabbit and his experiences in the garden, bath and woods!

    With beautiful watercolour illustrations and a lovable main character, these endearing stories are able to capture the irrepressible imagination of children and are perfect reads for toddlers.

    In the first story, Alfie is out in the garden and starts to imagine that he's in the jungle as a lion, an elephant and a little bird. In the second story, Alfie goes from splashing around in the bath to imagining an amazing deep-sea adventure. And in the third story, Alfie imagines himself as all sorts of woodland creatures whilst on a walk through the woods!

    Format: paperback
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