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  • Friendly Fox Craft Kit

    Product Code: CT1029
    Other 6 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Create your own quilted-style keepsake picture with the Friendly Fox Craft Kit!

    Children will develop hand-eye coordination and creativity skills as they use the crafting tool and colourful fabric pieces to make a picture of a friendly fox.

    Contents: foam board, fabric pieces, crafting tool.
    Box size: 220 x 220mm.
    Ages 6 plus
    • £1.00
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  • Motorcycle Construction Set

    Product Code: CT0775
    Other 8 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    This fun and fascinating DIY set gives children (and adults!) the chance to build their very own moveable motorcycle model.

    With 205 pieces and all the tools you'll need, this is a great way for children to develop skills including hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and attention to detail.

    Providing hours of entertainment for any budding engineer, the intricate model can be assembled either individually or as a team - which would improve communication skills.

    Ages 8 plus
    Box size: 240 x 340mm
    205 pieces
    • £2.00
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  • Danny the Champion of the World

    Roald Dahl

    Product Code: DNN2
    Paperback 8 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake, Danny the Champion of the World is a heart-warming story about a boy, his father and their ongoing battle with a rich snob.

    Danny lives in a gipsy caravan with his father, who is the most marvellous and exciting dad any boy has ever had. However, the land around them belongs to Mr Victor Hazell, an old blue-faced baboon with tiny piggy eyes.

    After finally having enough, Danny and his father concoct a daring plot to give Victor the biggest shock of his life. They just have to make sure they don't get caught...

    With a refreshed jacket to celebrate 100 years of Roald Dahl, this is a classic tale from the master storyteller full of all the traits that have made him so enduringly popular - villains getting their comeuppance, crazy tales and heroes that you instantly love.
    • £2.00
    • RRP £6.99
    • Save £4.99
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  • Sailboat Construction Set

    Product Code: CT1011
    Other 8 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    This 455-piece build-it-yourself sailboat has all the parts, tools and instructions you need to make an amazing and movable model. It will encourage children's concentration, stimulate their imagination and help develop their hand-eye coordination.

    Suitable for children and adults, this is easy to assemble and great for aspiring engineers.

    Box size: 450 x 320mm.
    • £4.00
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  • 3D Cardboard Puzzle - Butterfly & Dragonfly

    Product Code: ED2121
    Other 7 years +
    Hand-picked favourites
    Make incredible 3D models of a beautiful butterfly and a delightful dragonfly with this easy-to-assemble construction kit.

    Creative fun for everyone! All you have to do is slot the corrugated cardboard puzzle pieces together to build the impressive models. The eco-friendly and non-toxic pieces have been laser-cut for a precision fit.

    After finishing the models, you can enjoy them in their natural form or decorate and embellish them with paint, paper or felt-tips!
    Packaging size 310 x 310mm, completed butterfly model 280 x 220mm, completed dragonfly model 1450 x 420mm

    Ages 7 plus
    • £2.00
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