7 years +

  • GWIW 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £3.99
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £4.00Save 50.00%
    Young adventurers can embrace the great outdoors by following the tips in this pocket-sized adventure book from the National Trust.

    It tells them what to pack, how to build a shelter, how to craft tools and even how they can get drinking water from wee! With plenty of wit, this book also offers instructions on what not to do - from avoiding poisonous mushrooms to starting forest fires.

    It has advice on tracking animals, ideas for fun games to play in the woods and a handy chapter on first aid.
  • Developing Readers Bundle 106 - Collection - 9990000037346
    SP106 6 years +
    6 years +
    • £70.88
    • RRP £141.75
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    • Just £2.84 per book
    Recommended for confident readers, the precisely levelled books in this bundle introduce more unconventional sentence structures and figurative language.

    The stories are more challenging and will be able to be read independently at a relatively fast pace.
  • New My Little Pony Collection - 12 Books - Collection - 9781408357330 - G. M Berrow
    MYLP 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £13.99
    • RRP £59.88
    • Save £45.89Save 75.9999999999999960209606797434389591217041015625%
    • Just £1.17 per book
    Join Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and all the other characters from Equestria - a place full of magic and friendship - in this perfect My Little Pony collection.

    With 12 first chapter books to read through, this is a bumper collection of stories that are ideal for children (aged 7 and over) who are just starting to read chapter books.

    These are heart-warming stories that My Little Pony fans will enjoy over and over again: Twilight Sparkle casts a crystal heart spell; Pinkie Pie enjoys a rocking pony party; and Princess Celestia has to help with a royal rescue.

    Each book also contains bonus activity pages packed with puzzles, games and fun.

    Format: paperback
  • You Choose Fairy Tales Collection - 6 Books - Collection - 9781474776622
    YCFT 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £9.99
    • RRP £41.94
    • Save £31.95Save 76.00000000000000682121026329696178436279296875%
    • Just £1.67 per book
    Wave your magic wand and enjoy a fresh twist on familiar fairy tales with these choose-your-own-adventure-style stories.

    These fast-paced stories will engage children who wouldn't normally pick up a book with their interactive elements and really do offer fantastically different takes on fairy tales.

    The introduction of each book sets the scene for the story and the multiple endings and scenarios mean there's always the chance of a different 'happily ever after'...

    Format: paperback
  • GWOR 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £3.99
    • RRP £7.99
    • Save £4.00Save 50.00%
    Learn what to pack, how to build your own raft and how to spot river animals and wildlife with this pocked-sized adventure guide from the experts at The National Trust.

    Also revealing how to catch a fish, this book is packed with fun games to play on and around a river and provides essential tips on staying safe. It also tells children what they should do if an emergency was to occur.
  • BEI2 8 years +
    8 years +
    • £5.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £4.00Save 40.00%
    Did you know that mammoths and pharaohs walked the earth at the same time? Or that over 30 types of gladiators fought in ancient Rome? This fascinating book is filled with 100 historical facts, bright, infographic-style illustrations, a glossary and index. There are also links to specially selected websites with video clips and more information.
  • ANHYK 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £4.89
    • RRP £4.99
    • Save £0.10Save 2.00%
    Prepare to have your ribs tickled as you relive the humour from the Star Wars universe. Packed with jokes about all your favourite characters from all six films, this book is sure to have even the darkest Sith laughing his head off.
  • Developing Readers Bundle 107 - Collection - 9990000037353
    SP107 6 years +
    6 years +
    • £78.35
    • RRP £156.71
    • Save £78.36Save 49.000000000000003410605131648480892181396484375%
    • Just £2.70 per book
    Written in line with curriculum expectations, the readers in this book bundle are the most sophisticated and complex stories children will have read so far.

    Suitable for different interests, they are longer form and begin to introduce the concept of chapters and multiple narratives.
  • Time Hunters Collection - 10 Books - Collection - 9780007974641 - Chris Blake
    TMEH 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £9.99
    • RRP £59.90
    • Save £49.91Save 82.99999999999999317878973670303821563720703125%
    • Just £1.00 per book
    After roaring through the Beast Quest books, adventure-loving children can take exciting trips through time with the 10 books in Chris Blake's Time Hunters collection.

    These pacy stories follow Tom and Aztec girl Zuma as they battle against some of history's greatest warriors including Isis the Egyptian mummy who's been imprisoned for years and outlaws, samurais and pirates!

    Packed with action and historical facts, these books find Tom and Zuma trying to track down hidden amulets and are oh-so addictive.

    Please note: this is a 10-book collection and titles not included are Mohican Brave and Aztec Attack.

    Format: paperback
  • CLSU 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £9.99
    • RRP £53.94
    • Save £43.95Save 80.9999999999999994315658113919198513031005859375%
    Explore the countries of the world with this amazing collection of geography books. They encourage readers to explore key countries, topographical features and cities in an engaging and entertaining way.

    Each book also highlights significant human, geographical, sporting and economic information.

    Format: paperback
  • The Gateway Collection - 5 Books - Collection - 9781760502560 - Cerberus Jones
    GTWY 8 years +
    8 years +
    • £6.99
    • RRP £34.95
    • Save £27.96Save 78.9999999999999994315658113919198513031005859375%
    • Just £1.40 per book
    Embark on an exciting adventure with a science fiction twist. When Amelia's parents reopen an old hotel, she and her new friend Charlie find the hotel and its guests rather unusual....

    With a host of intergalactic visitors from all kinds of planets, Amelia and Charlie will have their work cut out to protect the hotel and their families.
    The Gateway series are thrilling sci-fi adventures. Packed with action and a little bit of horror, they'll delight children who love the Goosebumps books.

    Format: paperback
  • Helen Peters Collection - 6 Books - Collection - 9781788003629 - Helen Peters
    HLNP 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £7.99
    • RRP £35.94
    • Save £27.95Save 76.9999999999999994315658113919198513031005859375%
    • Just £1.33 per book
    Described as 'a modern James Herriot for young readers', Helen Peters' heart-warming stories are all inspired by life on a farm.

    Suitable for children aged 6 and over, the six books in this collection focus on cute critters including a duckling called Button, a lamb called Lucky and a goat called Willow.

    The charming and traditional nature of the stories is sure to delight animal lovers and there's even a Christmas story (A Kitten Called Holly) to add extra sparkle.

    Format: paperback
  • Judy Blume's Fudge Collection - 5 Books - Collection - 9781529009507 - Judy Blume
    BLUM 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £6.99
    • RRP £29.95
    • Save £22.96Save 75.999999999999998863131622783839702606201171875%
    • Just £1.40 per book
    In worldwide-bestselling author Judy Blume's laugh-out-loud series for younger readers, Peter thinks he has the world's biggest problem - a naughty little brother called Fudge...

    Freshly illustrated by Kate Greenaway Medal-winning Emily Gravett, the Fudge books are very funny and perfect for bridging the gap between picture books and longer chapter stories.

    Throughout the books, Fudge's long-suffering brother has to put up with Fudge trying to sell their baby sister, Fudge's excitement about going on holiday and his attempts to steal Andrew's new turtle, Dribble!

    Format: paperback
  • Go Girl Collection - 5 Books - Collection - 9781760502553
    GGIR 8 years +
    8 years +
    • £6.99
    • RRP £24.95
    • Save £17.96Save 70.999999999999996589394868351519107818603515625%
    • Just £1.40 per book
    This refreshing, princess-free collection sees relatable female characters experiencing real-life situations including school, sports, friendship and family.

    In this series, Olivia worries about attending her very first sleepover, Annabelle is nervous about her birthday party, Sophie contends with juggling old and new friendships at camp and much, much more.

    With simple language and chapter structure, these are perfect for reluctant readers and deal with themes and scenarios that will be familiar to young readers.

    Format: paperback
  • Developing Readers Bundle 108 - Collection - 9990000037360
    SP108 6 years +
    6 years +
    • £79.39
    • RRP £162.76
    • Save £83.37Save 51.00000000000000142108547152020037174224853515625%
    • Just £3.31 per book
    The longer books in this bundle introduce children to a varied range of storytelling, plots and sentence structures.

    Written by authors including Michael Morpurgo and Enid Blyton, they contain more dialogue and include high-frequency and tricky words to help build up vocabulary.
  • CDTT 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £3.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.00Save 60.00%
    This interactive hardback will help children aged 7 and over learn all about important maths skills in the comfort of their own home.

    It has over 100 multiplication questions for children to answer and is designed to help them gain confidence when it comes to maths. It will become a useful study aid for maths lessons.

    Children can use the wipe-clean pen to write down the answers and then pull out the tab to check if they have got the answers right...
  • LGBW 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £4.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £5.00Save 50.00%
    With pictures of Minifigures, vehicles, sets and scenes, children aged 5 and over can build up their knowledge of 500 early words with this awesome LEGO book.

    From police officers catching crooks to firefighters going through their training drills and hot dog sellers cooking up tasty snacks, all the scenes in this book are delightfully busy and all the interesting words are clearly labelled.

    Activities like spotting recurring characters and finding hidden objects will keep children engaged as they learn words that will come in useful in their day-to-day lives.
  • Confident Readers Bundle 109 - Collection - 9990000037377
    SP109 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £135.28
    • RRP £270.55
    • Save £135.27Save 48.9999999999999982946974341757595539093017578125%
    • Just £3.01 per book
    The books in this bundle rely on dialogue to move their plots forward and can be full of humour, drama or action.

    Containing various themes for different interest ages, children can read these books to themselves or share them with teachers in front of the class as they begin to understand the core topics.
  • LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Collection - 10 Books - Collection - 9780241287019
    LGDC 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £14.99
    • RRP £69.90
    • Save £54.91Save 78.00000000000000227373675443232059478759765625%
    • Just £1.50 per book
    Including an exclusive Minifigure of Batman, this 10-book collection gives young superhero fans the chance to learn more about Batman, Superman and many more of the heroes and villains from the DC Comics universe.

    Full of facts about the characters and their battles, it will tell you who their friends and foes are and focuses on some of the best builds you can make inspired by them.

    Format: Hardback
  • WSSD 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £9.99
    • RRP £47.92
    • Save £37.93Save 79.0000000000000039790393202565610408782958984375%
    Learn all about why dinosaurs were so extraordinary with this eight-book collection. Each book is packed with bright and colourful prehistoric facts.

    Combining picture book-style illustrations with accessible facts and a reference format, these books are perfect for children who are interested in natural history.

    Focusing on creatures including the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Megalosaurus and Ankylosaurus, each book has the same layout so children can compare the different dinosaurs' speed, teeth and scariness.

    Format: paperback
  • CDDS 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £3.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.00Save 60.00%
    This interactive and reusable hardback will help children aged 7 and over learn all about important maths skills in the comfort of their own home.

    It has over 100 division questions for children to answer and is designed to help them gain confidence when it comes to maths. Children can use the wipe-clean pen to write down the answers and then pull out the tab to check if they have got the answers right...
  • KNU2 8 years +
    8 years +
    • £2.99
    • RRP £8.99
    • Save £6.00Save 65.9999999999999982946974341757595539093017578125%
    Kunkush is a cat who was separated from his family when they fled Iraq to become refugees in Europe. This is the heart-warming and poignant true story of how they reunited.

    Fully illustrated in stunning style, the narrative will help children understand more about refugees and the obstacles they have to overcome in order to find a better life while Kunkush is a lovable character that is sure to delight cat lovers of all ages.
  • AAZWX 8 years +
    8 years +
    • £9.89
    • RRP £9.99
    The perfect companion to "Kids Chords and My First Recorder Music", this is the ideal guide for those who may enjoy playing instruments, but have not yet mastered how to read music from the page. It is ideal for any age, but ideal for children between 8 and 10 years old. This guide provides the essentials you need to know, explaining pitch, the treble clef, the bass clef, rhythm, accidentals, key signatures and time signatures. You can then practise what you have learnt with the 'Play Along' sections containing simple, well-known examples of music. It comes with helpful diagrams, clear accessible text and a practical ringbound format.
  • Confident Readers Bundle 110 - Collection - 9990000037384
    SP110 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £141.77
    • RRP £284.53
    • Save £142.76Save 49.999999999999996589394868351519107818603515625%
    • Just £3.02 per book
    With appealing themes and a range of genres for different reading interests, these books are suitable for children who are ready to progress to longer chapter books.

    Their simple, patterned text will help children develop an understanding of core themes while building their confidence.