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10 Best New Novels for Your Collection

18th December 2018

Running out of good reads? Not to worry! We've put together a sparkling selection of brand new contemporary novels to escape into for a while. Featuring heart-pounding journeys, unforgettable characters, poignant romances and more, see below for the best new novels for your collection.

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1. The Root of Evil 

Hakan Nesser

Hakan Nesser has solidified his reputation as the Godfather of Swedish Crime with The Root of Evil. He began writing novels about Inspector Barbarotti in 2006 and his latest sees him tackle his most mysterious and challenging case yet. In July 2007 he received a letter detailing a murder that was about to take place, by the time the police found the victim he was already dead. Then the letters kept coming and a diary centre stage as the death toll threatens to rise. 

2. And So It Begins

Rachel Abbott

This season's top psychological thriller is And So It Begins by Rachel Abbott, a nail-biting read from start to finish. Cleo is happy when she finds out her brother Mark is seeing someone new after the death of his first wife until things take a dark turn. Evie is having a lot of accidents at home and Mark is starting to look suspicious. At the same time, a court case to determine who's responsible for a clifftop murder... If a suspenseful thriller is what you’re looking for then this book is ideal.  

3. Absolute Proof

Peter James

Peter James' new novel is a fascinating exploration of religion and science. Investigative reporter Ross Hunter has no idea how much one phone call could change his life until it leads him to find proof of God's existence. Hunter becomes determined to find a way to secure proof that will convince the rest of the world but there are some that will do anything to stop this news reaching the public. This is an incredible journey that would make compelling reading for anyone who likes a book that keeps them thinking long after they've finished reading. 

4. A Spark of Light

Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult's latest book is just as though--provoking and poignant as her previous works. This novel focuses on the theme of abortion. The Center for Women's Reproductive Health plays a controversial role and is not unfamiliar with protestors. One day, an armed protestor takes everyone inside the Center as hostages. Told in reverse, this is a gripping story that shows the perspectives of many individuals in one compelling narrative. 

5. The Stranger Diaries

Elly Griffiths

This compelling crime story has a Gothic twist. Clare Cassidy is a literature teacher who specialises in the Gothic writing of R. M. Holland but the darkness looks set to creep in to her real life when one of her colleagues is murdered. She starts writing about her concerns and fears in her diary until she sees writing in her diary that isn't her own...

6. Bright Young Dead

Jessica Fellowes

This is the second novel in the Mitford Murders series which is in the style of the Golden Age crime stories and based on real cases. The Bright Young Things are 1920s hedonists who take part in famed treasure hunts. When they organise a treasure hunt for the 18th birthday of Pamela Mitford they get more than they bargained for after the cruel Adrian Curtis is pushed to his death. Their maid, Dulcie, is initially thought to be the killer but Lousia Cannon, the Mitford sisters' chaperone, is determined to prove her innoncence. 

7. The Turn of Midnight 

Minette Walters

If a historical treat is more your thing then Minette Walters' fantastic The Last Hours series make for great reading. The Turn of Midnight is a sequel of The Last Hours and which saw the people of Develish in Dorseteshire driven into quarantine from the threat of the Black Death. This is a hugely gripping sequel that you will want to read again. 

8. One Enchanted Evening

Anton Du Beke

Anton Du Beke, star of Strictly Come Dancing, has written a novel filled with as much glitz and glamour as you'd expect from a ballroom professional. Set just before the outbreak of World War Two, One Enchanted Evening is a story full of secrets and scandals. At the exclusive Buckingham Hotel, the rich gather to dance and gossip whilst the staff listen in to their every word...

9. Moscow, Midnight

John Simpson

Journalist John Simpson's high-stakes thriller is filled with shocking twists and turns and a dry wit. When a government minister is found dead, everything about the situation is suspicious. In a matter of days his flat is burgled and his friend, journalist Jon Swift, finds his research on other government officials who have been found in similar states. Swift needs answers and in his quest for the truth he find himself in Moscow where he's about to encounter danger like he's never known. 

10. Agatha Raisin & The Dead Ringer

M.C. Beaton

M. C. Beaton's latest Agatha Raisin story is just as entertaining and readable as the others. A bell ringer has been killed and Agatha is on the case to find whodunit. The lawyer Joseph Kennell is looking like the most likely suspect and when Millicent Dupin, one of the most enthusiastic bell ringers in England and one of Joseph's least favourite people is also found dead, he's looking all the more suspicious. 

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