10 Book Characters Who’d Make The Perfect Match

Welcome to the Book Character Matchmaking Service where we aim to find the perfect partner for your favourite book characters! From stubborn children to grisly monsters to giant spiders, we reckon we’ve found the answer to our lovesick singletons romantic woes (all right, some of them aren’t actually single but just play along!). Here, we have 5 pairings of characters from books or series that don’t cross over and have, therefore, never met but our Book Character Matchmaking Service has brought them together and here they are…

1. Shelob (from the Lord of the Rings series) And Aragog (from the Harry Potter series)

These sneaky spinners would make a perfect match if they lived in the same literary universe. They are both giant spiders who are willing to kill any humanoid beings that wander into their lairs… together they really would be a force to be reckoned with!

2. Hermione Granger (from the Harry Potter series) and Romeo Montague (from Romeo and Juliet)

Hermione with her sensible, intelligent and no-nonsense personality could certainly bring the romantic but quite impulsive Romeo down to Earth. He could go to Hogwarts when he needs a break from his toxic family and she’d love exploring the way Italian witches and wizards operate. Plus, she’s not a Capulet which has to be a bonus!

3. Verruca Salt (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and Edmund Pevensie (from The Narnia Chronicles)

This greedy pair seems perfect for one another. Since they are both sweet-toothed and stubborn, they’d have a hard time sharing their treats but, after returning to the good side in Narnia, maybe Edmund could help Verruca lose her bratty attitude for good.

4. The Gruffalo (from The Gruffalo books) and a Wild Thing (from Where the Wild Things Are)

These odd beings may just be exactly what the other is looking for. Instead of hiding from the scary mouse the Gruffalo could spend some time in the care-free land of the Wild Things. And, the Wild Things have proved that, with a little bit of coaxing, they can be great child-carers and now that the Gruffalo has a child, this pairing could create a whole new furry family.

5. Cersei Lannister (from the A Song of Ice and Fire series) and Dorian Gray (from The Picture of Dorian Gray)

What a beautiful, if not slightly scary, couple these two would make. As Cersei’s ambition lets her take on the brutal fight for the throne of Westeros so Dorian is living the high-life in Victorian London, it really seems they couldn’t be further (fictional) worlds apart but personality wise they are quite similar – not least of all because they are both willing to go to do truly horrific things to keep their secrets safe!

Oh, if only they were all in the same fictional universes…

What do you think of our unusual pairings? Who would work? Who wouldn’t? Who’d end up in couples’ therapy a week after being together? Sadly, we’ll never know but it is fun to imagine what it would be like. The Book Character Matchmaking Service is closed for now!