10 Books That Will Make You Glad to Be Single

Being in a relationship isn't always all it's cracked up to be, as shown by this selection of books that will make you glad to be single. Featuring tempestuous relationships, messy love triangles and scandal in abundance, you're sure to be relieved you don't have to deal with all this hassle!


1. The Twits

  • £2.99

Roald Dahl

This smelly, mean, ugly couple just can't get enough of each other. Well, of doing all sorts of horrid things to each other, that is. They just love to perform cruel (if inventive) pranks on each other, from Mrs Twit replacing Mr Twit's spaghetti with worms, to Mr Twit launching Mrs Twit into the air, attached to a bunch of balloons! There's no love lost here, that's for sure.

2. Poldark

Poldark Set - 2 Books - Collection - 9781509815074 - Winston Graham
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  • Just £2.00 per book

Winston Graham

This gripping and engrossing series of books is nonetheless a complete mess of reckless relationships. When Ross Poldark returns from war, he finds the woman he once loved, Elizabeth, married to his very own cousin. That's got to sting. But then he meets Demelza, a miner's daughter, and before long he marries her, raising her up to be a lady. It seems like they're genuinely happy together - but Poldark is still in love with Elizabeth, and one day, he acts on his feelings. When Demelza finds out, what will happen when she meets a handsome officer, and is tempted to stray herself? Surely no-one needs these kinds of problems in their lives.

3. Game of Thrones

  • £51.89

George R. R. Martin

Where do we start?! Just don't get into a relationship. Seriously. The person you love will probably be brutally executed, set on fire, drowned, stabbed, shot with an arrow, poisoned or suffer some other gruesome fate. Then they'll doubtless be turned into an undead wight and most likely come back to kill you, too. Or at least, that's what Game of Thrones has taught us about relationships. It's just not worth it.

 4. Eat, Pray, Love 

  • £7.19

Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth seems to have the life everyone wants in their thirties - a husband, a house, trying for a baby... but she's not happy. Following a bitter divorce and turbulent affair, Elizabeth goes on a journey around the world, determined to care for herself for once. She travels to Italy, India and Bali, having all sorts of incredible adventures and novel experiences. After all, who wants to be stuck in a boring house with a partner when you could be going on all kinds of escapades around the globe?

5. Twilight

  • £8.09

Stephenie Meyer

That gorgeous yet enigmatic person you have a crush on? They could be out for your blood. Just think about that. Not ideal, right? But there's worse. They could sparkle in the sunlight. Do you really want that? Do you? Because it sounds pretty horrifying to us. This enticing YA vampire read is infused with tension, mystery and risky romances, the perfect antidote to wanting a relationship.

6. Before I Go to Sleep

  • £7.89

S. J. Watson

This paranoia-inducing novel taught us that even the person who sleeps next to you may not be who he or she claims to be. Who can you trust if you can't trust your own partner? Surely it's better to just stay out of the whole relationship thing altogether.

7. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Collection - 3 Books - Collection - 9781407130361 - Suzanne Collins
  • £5.99
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  • Just £2.00 per book

Suzanne Collins

There's no doubt about it: hormone-addled teenage relationships are difficult. Poor Katniss Everdeen has to contend with not one, but two young men vying to be her boyfriend. At some point, she's got to pick one. But she's got slightly more pressing things to worry about, like, you know, saving the nation from a tyrannical dictator. How are you supposed to get on with your life with all these love troubles chipping away at you? It's just not practical.

8. The Girl on the Train

  • £6.39

Paula Hawkins

This book shows readers that even those relationships you think are perfect may in fact be riddled with difficulties. This dark, gritty novel stars Rachel, an alcoholic who catches the same commuter train every day, passing the same back gardens and houses. In one of these houses lives a cute and cosy couple whom she names Jess and Jason. But when she sees something shocking, she can't simply stay back and do nothing. Discover a web of lies, jealousy and secrets that's sure to make you question even the most ostensibly idyllic-looking relationships.

9. Fifty Shades of Grey

  • £7.89

E. L. James

This spicy, sensual and addictive read may get you hot under the collar temporarily, but when you sit back and think about it for a moment, the relationship between Ana and Christian is actually really weird - and definitely not desirable. Christian Grey is seriously controlling. Like, really. He makes Ana sign a long and complex contract agreeing to be his 'submissive', stalks her, monitors her, controls her and even buys her job, he's so obsessed with her. Surely this is a bit much?

10. Revolutionary Road

  • £8.89

Richard Yates

An instant classic upon publication, this is the story of Frank and April Wheeler, a bright and beautiful couple who dream of more than their hollow suburban lifestyle. Bored and frustrated, they decide to move to Paris, but this plan quickly starts to crumble apart, particularly when April conceives the couple's third child. Scandal, misery and horrifying events are sure to follow. We could really do without all that trouble!