10 Nick Sharratt Books Your Kids Will Love

Best-known as the illustrator of Jacqueline Wilson's beloved books, Nick Sharratt has also produced his very own picture books that are guaranteed to delight little readers! Check out the list below for Nick Sharratt books your kids (and you!) are sure to love.

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1. Socks

  • £6.89


Kids will be laughing their socks off with this colourful, quirky book! Stripy sharks and woolly crocs, purple dogs with polka dots! What can you see made from socks? This sock celebration of the nation's favourite footwear is packed with brilliant puns - look out for sockerels, sockodiles and Goldisocks, to name just a few!


2. Shark in the Park

  • £5.39


Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope, what can you see through your telescope? Is there really a shark in the park? Go on a fun trip through the park alongside a sweet little boy. Little ones will love looking at the colourful park scenes and peeking through the die-cut holes in this vibrant and hilarious interactive book.


3. Shark in the Dark

  • £6.29


The sequel to Shark in the Park is sure to keep kids just as captivated! It's night-time and a certain little boy is looking through his telescope again. But what's that in the sky? Find out in this exciting and funny book by peering through the die-cut holes.


4. Ouch! I Need a Plaster!

  • £5.89


Have you ever bashed your nose? Scraped your knee? Stubbed your toe? Then this is the perfect book for you! You'll meet Paul, Greg and Jacinta, who all know how to say, 'Ouch! I need a plaster!' Sure to make everything better, this is a fun counting book for all tree-climbers, adventurers and budding doctors.


5. Fancy Dress Farmyard

  • £7.89


Hooray - there's a fancy dress party at the farmyard! Lift the flaps and discover which animals are hiding behind the disguises. Pig has come as a pirate, Duck as a superhero, and Sheep as a wizard! This brilliant book combines lots of toddler favourites: peek-a-boo flaps, farmyard friends, bouncing rhymes and lots of animal noises to join in with!


6. Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars!

  • £6.29


This is the way we stomp our feet! This is the way we like to eat! This fantastic action rhymes book focuses on the perennial favourites - dinosaurs - and features a host of fun, interactive rhymes about all sorts of things. Sure to get little ones stomping, chomping and roaring, children will love this roar-some book.


7. Pirate Pete

  • £7.19


Readers get to decide the story in this piratical pop-in-the-slot picture book! Pirate Pete is about to set sail on a swashbuckling adventure. What will he see in the sky and the sea? And what's in the treasure chest? The reader decides! On each double page spread, there are six cut-outs to choose from. Slot them into the picture to create a new story time and time again.


8. Ketchup on Your Cornflakes?

  • £7.89


Silliness abounds in this split-page, laugh-out-loud picture book! Do you like ketchup on your cornflakes or custard on your toast? Whatever your favourite crazy combinations are, this brilliant book is sure to have you and your little one in stitches! Colourful and bright with lots of jokes, it's the perfect picture book to get little ones laughing!


9. Vikings in the Supermarket

  • £5.59


With six fantastic poems to enjoy and lots of colourful pictures, children will be enthralled by this book of hilarious rhymes. Featuring six Vikings on a shopping trip, a tartan-patterned cat, a clever little mermaid, a mischievous vampire bat, a queen who loves green and the pirate Tidy Clyde, your child can discover them all in bouncing, bubbly verse.


10. How to Draw the World of Jacqueline Wilson

  • £4.99


Discover how to draw your favourite Jacqueline Wilson characters from the man who knows best! Nick offers tips and step-by-step guidance on how to draw the likes of Tracy Beaker, Hetty Feather and many more much-loved characters in his bold and distinctive style. Adorned with Nick's own iconic illustrations, this book is perfect for aspiring artists and Nick Sharratt fans.


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