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10 Reasons Why Books Make the Perfect Presents

There is nothing more magical than a book and here at Book People, we think books are always the perfect presents. Whoever you're buying for, the gift of reading is always something special. Whether they love exciting adventure stories, fascinating history books, fashion bibles, romantic reads, science encyclopedias or something else entirely we have lots of great books for everyone. There are loads of reasons why books make the perfect presents but we've narrowed it down to just 10 because, sadly, we do have to stop ourselves somewhere...

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1. They are thoughtful presents

Getting someone a book suggests you have thought about their interests and searched for something that would suit them. Who doesn't want to look like a considerate gift-giver?

2. They are easy to wrap and portable

For the most practical amongst you, you might like to consider that books are very easy to wrap. And, they are easily portable so if you're packing up a bag of presents to share with the family at a Christmas reunion they won't take up much room in your car and they aren't easy to damage.

3. They can last a lifetime

Books are definitely gifts without expiry dates. Once you have gifted a book it can be read again and again and can even be passed on to others in the future.

4. They are quiet (and keep young bookworms quiet too)

Books barely make a sound and when they do it's the soft comforting sound of pages turning (all booklovers like this sound, right?). And, if you have little ones that have a tendency to be noisy, giving them an exciting adventure story to jump into can keep them quiet for a while too.

5. There is such a great variety of books, they'll be something for everyone - even people who aren't big readers

Buying books for people who love reading can be pretty easy since there are so many great books out there to be discovered, you're spoiled for choice! However, fun gift books can be great presents for non-readers as well. For those who like trying out new recipes, give a cookbook, for those that like travelling, give an atlas, the possibilities go on and on.

6. They are great for any age, gender, interest etc

Whoever you're buying for there's a book for them; from babies to the elderly. As there is a book for everyone you can buy lots of presents from one place at one time. We have books for every age, gender and interest in our range so if you've got a few to buy for then we've got you covered.

7. They don't need batteries or chargers

Put the chargers and batteries away - with a book you don't need them. Once you've got the book and wrapped it up your gift is good to go, you don't need to add anything to it or check if there are batteries included.

8. You can never have too many

No bookworm would ever say they have too many books. And, if they aren't a bookworm then they clearly don't have enough books yet. So, books are always a winner!

9. They can be educational (and not just for children)

Books can be educational for everyone. For kids, books can improve their reading and language skills and for adults, novels can teach you new words and improve your empathy (that is a scientific fact!). Plus, we have loads of non-fiction books filled with fascinating facts and information on a huge variety of topics for those who don't read fiction.

10. They are cheap (especially with our prices!)

One of the best reasons that books make the perfect presents is that they are cheap. We have great books at discounted prices and we have frequent offers to help you get the best books without breaking the bank.

So, there you have it - books are thoughtful, quiet, educational, long-lasting, cheap and easy-to-wrap presents! You can't go wrong, so treat them to a book for their next birthday and spread the joy of reading...