10 Self-Help Books That Will Actually Change Your Life

Sometimes we need some advice on how to improve our well-being and mental states and self-help books can be ideal tools to help you face the issues in your life. With books for a range people, issues and lifestyles, we have everything covered in our range, but how do you know if they'll actually work for you? We've compiled our list of 10 self-help books that will actually change your life, with guidance on whether it's right for you and whatever you might want to improve in your life right now.

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1. 100 Small Ways to Manage Time

  • £3.99

Oliver Luke Delorie

For: the time-poor and disorganised

This handy book aims to help you learn to manage your time better with, as the title suggests, 100 different methods and suggestions on how to manage your time. But that's not all, Oliver Luke Delorie gives advice on how to prioritise your workload, how to realise which tasks need your attention right away and which you can return to later on. If you struggle with time management, you will suffer no more with this brilliant little self-help book.

2. Kindness

Kindness - Hardback - 9780007968619 - Jaime Thurston
  • £2.99

Jaime Thurston

For: people who want to feel like their life has more meaning

Jaime Thurston is the founder of the charity 52 Lives which aims to change the life of a stranger every week of the year. Using the suggestions from the people the charity has worked with comes Kindness, with 52 actions you can do to spread kindness and positivity in your life, helping both the people around you and improving your own well-being. The book also features inspirational quotes and stories to encourage you to live your best life through the art of kindness.


3. Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Happy Mum, Happy Baby - Hardback - 9781473651203 - Giovanna Fletcher
  • £3.99

Giovanna Fletcher

For: mums and parents who feel like they're struggling

Author and vlogger, Giovanna Fletcher, details all the joys and struggles of being a mother. Drawing on her own personal experiences, Giovanna, a Celebrity Mum of the Year, teaches you to be more confident in your abilities as a parent and presents the idea that being a positive and happy mother makes positive and happy children. If you're struggling with parenthood or are a mother in need of a relatable self-help book, then this is the perfect book for you.

4. What Would Freud Do?

  • £4.99

Sarah Tomley

For: people who're searching for answers

Sarah Tomley's genius self-help book tackles all the tough questions we have in life, to the big life questions to the smaller niggly issues we face from day-to-day, and presents the answers the world's most famous psychologists would give. Using the theories of some of the biggest names in psychology, including Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Wilfred Bion, Sarah gives you all the answers you need in this clever little book.


5. I Want to be Calm

I Want to be Calm - Hardback - 9781742709321 - Harriet Griffey
  • £2.99

Harriet Griffey

For: the stressed-out and people running on adrenaline

If stress is taking over your life and keeping you from happiness and a state of good mental well-being then this book is sure to help you overcome the stress and feel calm again. With practical tips including breathing techniques and meditation, Harriet Griffey takes a 'Small steps, big changes' approach to teaching yourself to be calm.


6. Open Up: A Toolkit for How Magic and Messed Up Life Can Be

  • £3.99

Gemma Cairney

For: teens learning to cope with teenage issues

This fantastic self-help book by Radio 1's agony aunt, Gemma Cairney, is aimed at girls in their late teens (15 years +) and offers advice covering a range of topics from mental health to sex to family issues. In its journal-style, the book aims to encourage open and honest talk about the real issues young women face when growing up into adulthood. Gemma's writing is mixed with advice from experts and is perfect as a present for a daughter or niece.

7. The Secret

  • £10.99

Rhonda Byrne

For: pessimists and skeptics who want to feel more positive

The Secret uses the Law of Attraction to show how by positive thinking, you can achieve anything you want in life. Rhonda Byrne explains how for centuries people have been using the ideas in The Secret to achieve greatness, including Plato and Leonardo Da Vinci, and she shares these ideas with you so that you may see how this new way of thinking can impact your life. Learn The Secret and you'll get everything you want through the power of thought.

8. Failed It!

  • £6.89

Erik Kessels

For: people who've faced adversity and failure and need inspiration

This self-help book focuses on how mistakes are necessary in the creative process. Erik Kessels teaches you to be unafraid of failure and willing to put yourself into positions where mistakes are possible. Failed It! is part photobook and there are various examples of when mistakes paid off in various creative forms, such as art, photography, architecture and more. This hilarious book will help you feel better about the mistakes you've made in the past and more than willing to make more in the future.

9. Eat That Frog!

  • £7.99

Brian Tracy

For: procrastinators

Brian Tracy aims to help you work through your to-do list by ensuring that the most important tasks are always done first. The book's title comes from a saying that if you ate a live frog every morning, you'd have the joy of knowing that that was the worst thing you'd do all day. With this in mind, if the frog becomes whichever task you're most dreading, Brian gives you tips and advice to make sure to always tackle the frogs first. His ideas on time management are focused on decision, discipline and determination and you will be fully capable of managing your time like a pro by the end of the book.

10. Spark Joy

  • £4.99

Marie Kondo

For: the messy types who live in clutter but want to be more organised

Spark Joy brings happiness into your home, giving you a room-by-room guide to decluttering your home. Marie Kondo takes you through how to arrange your storage spaces and encourages you to ask yourself the question, 'does it spark joy?' when it comes to deciding what items to keep and what to give away. This handy self-help book helps to keep you organised and declutter your home and life.


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