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10 Things You Don't Know About the Author Lee Child

Lee Child is the author of the immensely popular Jack Reacher series which sees an ex-military cop face hugely dangerous situations on the regular. Lee Child's cool demeanour has been likened to that of his famous character but how much do you know about the author himself?

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1. 'Lee Child' is not his real name. He has worked under 3 different names in his career but all his books and short stories are published under the one name.

The name comes from Lee and his wife overhearing a man mispronouncing the 'Le' in Renault's 'Le Car' which became their inside joke. Then when they had their daughter they would refer to her as 'Lee Child' and the name was born.

2. He attended law school in Sheffield.

Lee never wanted to be a lawyer and said he studied law as it seemed like a good combination of the subjects he was interested in.

3. He spent 18 years working as a presentation director for Granada Television.

He worked in television because he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. He was a storyteller long before he became a successful novelist.

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4. After being fired aged 40 he decided to start writing and completed his first novel, Killing Floor, which is book one in the Jack Reacher series.

He saw losing his job as an opportunity, bought some pens and notebook and started writing.

5. Lee Child lives between his Manhattan apartment and country houses in England and France.

He and his wife mostly live in America (though he keeps his Birmingham accent from spending most of his childhood there!) but he keeps his houses in England and France too.

6. The Jack Reacher series has a very strange piece of merchandise - Jack Reacher Custom Roasted Coffee!

The Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company have produced their own Jack Reacher blend in honour of Lee Child's hero.

7. There are 22 Jack Reacher novels and various short stories in series.

Lee Child's first Jack Reacher book was published in 1997 and there has been at least one new novel in the series released each year since. The most recent of Lee Child books is The Midnight Line.

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8. He has a wife and one grown-up daughter.

9. The Jack Reacher books have been turned into films twice starring Tom Cruise. The first was Jack Reacher in 2012 and the second was Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in 2016.

Lee Child made cameos in both of the films as a desk sergeant in the first film and a TSA agent in the second film.

10. He is a supporter of Aston Villa Football Club.

Lee Child is a big sport fan and his favourite football teams are the Yankees, Aston Villa and Marseilles.

If you have yet to dive into the thrilling Jack Reacher series, now is your chance!