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11 Mr. Men and Little Miss Characters That Definitely Love a Good Book

The Mr. Men and Little Miss characters might come from books but we know they're also the kind of crowd that would enjoy reading them too. In fact, these 11 Mr. Men and Little Miss characters, in particular, would definitely love getting lost in a story or discovering some fascinating facts in a non-fiction read. 

11 Mr. Men and Little Miss Characters That Definitely Love a Good Book

1. Mr Greedy 

Being the keenest foodie around means Mr Greedy must love a good cookbook – even if his greediness does mean he struggles to finish a recipe before eating all the ingredients! 

2. Mr Happy 

He may not like a sad ending but Mr Happy is definitely a fan of an upbeat novel. If you live in a place called Happyland, surely you’re always surrounded by books, right?

3. Mr Nosey 

Mr Nosey likes to know everyone else’s business so if there’s a new bestseller that everyone’s talking about you know he’d have to read it just to know what all the fuss is about!

4. Little Miss Magic

Fantasy fans know life’s better with a bit of magic and Little Miss Magic would definitely fit in at the likes of Hogwarts or Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. We bet she’s got a few spell books and fantasies on the shelves of Abracadabra Cottage.

5. Mr Daydream 

Nothing gives you a better sense of escapism than reading a good book. Mr Daydream helps take your mind away from the ordinary and transports you somewhere new… so he’s definitely a story fan. 

6. Little Miss Brainy 

Little Miss Brainy loves being asked questions but only if they’re difficult questions. She might be one of the brainiest people around but she soon learns there’s always room to learn more. So, we think Little Miss Brainy would definitely be a non-fiction bibliophile in order to keep her brain filled with facts. 

7. Little Miss Curious 

Little Miss Curious has a lot of questions that need answering. Being naturally curious is a great trait in any book lover and there are plenty of books, both fiction and non-fiction, that would answer a lot of Little Miss Curious’ most burning questions. 

8. Mr Quiet 

Mr Quiet is definitely a book lover for one simple reason – he works in the Happy Lending Library! Plus, being a character who likes the peace and quiet, we’re sure reading a literary classic is his favourite pastime. 

9. Little Miss Scary 

Spooky stories and reads to give you a fright would be sure to capture the imagination of Little Miss Scary. She loves frightening others so she’s sure to enjoy being spooked by a scary read herself. 

10.  Mr Clever 

Much like Little Miss Brainy, we’re sure Mr Clever loves reading some fascinating non-fiction to help him expand his knowledge and become even cleverer than he was before. 

11.  Mr Cool 

Books are cool so Mr Cool must love books, right?! After little Jack Robinson gets ill, Mr Cool comforts him by taking him on lots of adventures until he feels well again, which is exactly what a good book can do for you when you’re ill. This means we think Mr Cool would approve of a well-stocked bookshelf

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