2017's Best Books for Children

Take a look through our list of the best children's books released in the last year to find your kids some great new reading material. We have books that are the latest instalments to popular children's series, as well as exciting new books for every young bookworm.

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1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway

Jeff Kinney

This is the 12th instalment in Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and sees the Heffleys go on a very eventful getaway. As Christmas nears, the family decide to venture off to a tropical island for the festive season but it doesn't turn out to be the relaxing break they were hoping for when sun poisoning and scary animals decide to strike.

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2. The 91-Storey Treehouse

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

This is the 7th book in Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton's quirky series where 2 boys live in an amazing treehouse which has just been extended from 78 to 91 storeys. In their 13 new floors, there is a human pinball machine, a giant spider and the world's strongest whirlpool to create even more chaos and wacky adventures for the boys to tackle.

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3. Nellie Choc-Ice, Penguin Explorer

Jeremy Strong and Jamie Smith

This fun story is part of the Little Gems series and is presented in an accessible style (with cream paper and clear font) to help children with dyslexia or who struggle to read. The story is about a penguin called Nellie who is trying to get herself home but encounters a whole bunch of animals that try to catch and eat her. Follow her brave quest for safety in this entertaining read.

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4. Bad Dad

David Walliams

David Walliams' new children's book is all about the relationship between father and son. Frank's dad has been put into prison for driving the getaway car in a bank robbery but Frank is determined to free him for one night so he can make amends for his actions. However, first, they'll have to get through the crime boss Mr Big. This is another great story that will leave you and your children in stitches.

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5. The Creakers

Tom Fletcher

This new book by Christmasaurus author Tom Fletcher is about a girl called Lucy Dungston whose story begins when she hears mysterious creaking noises at night. Her life is ultimately turned upside down when all the grown-ups disappear and the children start taking charge. Lucy decides she will not stop searching until she finds out what happened to her mum, even if she has to face the strange beings known as the Creakers.

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6. All Abroad the Discovery Express

Emily Hawkins

This unusual lift-the-flap book allows children to play detective as they piece together the clues to find a missing professor. By following the clues, young readers can experience an educational journey all about the history and science of transport. Hop on board and find out where the Discovery Express can take your children.

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7. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

This fascinating book is written as a series of fairy tales where the heroines are all famous women throughout history who have done amazing things. Including the inspiring stories of Ada Lovelace, Malala, Coco Chanel, Serena Williams and more, this book makes for fantastic bedtime story reading for any young rebel girl.

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8. The Ugly Five

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler are the terrific team behind The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom and now they've teamed up again to make this fun picture book about the savannah's 5 ugliest animals. The wildebeest, vulture, hyena, warthog and marabou stork and their babies are all happy the way they are, despite being seen as the ugliest of animals. The heart-warming message and fun rhymes makes it the perfect bedtime story reading material.

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9. The Wizards of Once

Cressida Cowell

This magical story by the author of How to Train Your Dragon is set in an ancient time when Wizards and Warriors fought against each other. But Xar, a Wizard boy and Wish, a Warrior girl, must team up together in order to survive after disturbing a creature at the Warrior Fort that has been asleep for some time...

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10. The Adventures of King Arthur

Russell Punter

Rediscover the tales of King Arthur in a gripping new way with Russell Punter's graphic novel. Children can learn the legends of Camelot and Excalibur in an action-packed book that is engaging and exciting from start to finish.

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These great books will fill up some space on your children's bookshelves but if you still need more new children's book ideas, take a look through our website for more and keep your eye out for all the exciting new books that will be published in 2018.

  • TWOO 9 years +
    9 years +
    • £6.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £6.00Save 46.00000000000000142108547152020037174224853515625%
    Cressida Cowell, the bestselling author of How to Train Your Dragon, kicks off a magical new adventure with The Wizards of Once.

    This hardback book is set in an ancient, magical time when Wizards and Warriors hated each other like poison. Magic used to live in the dark forests, but then the Warriors came... Xar is a young wizard boy who has no magic and Wish is a Warrior girl who owns a banned magical object that she will do anything to conceal...

    As the duo head towards the dungeons at Warrior Fort, they quickly notice something that has been sleeping for hundreds of years is stirring... They're going to have to put their differences aside in order to survive.

    This is an exciting and timely page-turning fantasy that tackles serious subjects such as the divisiveness nature of society with a deft lightness of touch. It even features some of Cressida's own incredible illustrations.
  • AOKA 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £3.99
    • RRP £9.99
    • Save £6.00Save 60.00%
    Children can learn all about the dramatic reign of King Arthur with this comic strip-style book.

    Gripping from start to finish, this is an epic tale of swords and sorcery that has detailed illustrations that are sure to excite and entertain young readers.

    Children will want to learn more about the legend as they read through this narrative retelling.
  • OTDE 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £5.99
    • RRP £14.99
    • Save £9.00Save 60.00%
    The Discovery Express is arriving at your destination... all aboard!

    It's 1937 and a professor on the verge of an important discovery has disappeared. Can your children solve the clues and track down this missing scientist? Along the way, they'll learn about the history of transport, meet incredible engineers and even unveil the design of the world's first jet engine.

    With plenty of flaps to lift and graphic novel-style illustrations, this adventure will spark the imagination of aspiring scientists and engineers! It also provides an enticing introduction to the history of transport.
  • AXDIA 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £16.00
    • RRP £20.00
    • Save £4.00Save 20.00%
    What if the princess didn't marry Prince Charming but instead went on to be an astronaut? What if the jealous step sisters were supportive and kind? And what if the queen was the one really in charge of the kingdom? Illustrated by sixty female artists from every corner of the globe, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls introduces us to one hundred remarkable women and their extraordinary lives, from Ada Lovelace to Malala, Elizabeth I to Serena Williams. Empowering, moving and inspirational, these are true fairy tales for heroines who definitely don't need rescuing.

    This title has been shortlisted for 2018's British Book Award Children's Book of the Year.
  • BHCLA 3 years +
    3 years +
    • £10.39
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £2.60Save 20.00%
    Who's that singing on the savannah? It's the top-five ugly animals in Africa! The wildebeest, warthog, vulture, hyena and marabou stork swagger proudly across the savannah, rejoicing in their ugliness - and delighting their babies, who think they're perfect just the way they are. Inspired by the real-life Ugly Five safari animals, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's brand-new picture book is a jubilant celebration of animals who are often rather unloved. The funny, heart-warming rhyme is a joy to read aloud, while bold, comical illustrations bring the savannah spectacularly to life.
  • WKG2 9 years +
    9 years +
    • £6.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £6.00Save 46.00000000000000142108547152020037174224853515625%
    Greg Heffley and his family return for another laugh-out-loud misadventure in The Getaway - the twelfth book in Jeff Kinney's all-conquering Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

    It's getting cold and Christmas is coming so the Heffleys decide there's only one thing to do: head off to a tropical island to escape the stress of the season and enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation.

    A few days in paradise is meant to work wonders but, as ever with the Heffleys, things are never that simple. They suffer sun poisoning, stomach trouble, venomous creatures and so much more.

    Can anything save their holiday or will the getaway end up being a grand disaster? Complete with the trademark illustrations and plenty of funny situations and observations, this is a must for any Wimpy Kid fan.
  • DWQ2 9 years +
    9 years +
    • £7.99
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £5.00Save 37.99999999999999914734871708787977695465087890625%
    Can you believe it's been 10 years since The Boy in the Dress first made his way on to children's bookshelves? Bad Dad, the 10th children's novel written by David Walliams, finds him at his anarchic and heart-warming best.

    Frank's dad has been thrown into prison for driving the getaway car in a bank robbery, so Frank hatches a plan to get him out for one night to give the money back. Frank's dad is happy to go along and make amends for his mistakes but the crime boss, Mr. Big, has other ideas...

    A fine addition to David's roster of children's classics, this is a pacy riches-to-rags story that celebrates the bond between parent and child and we're sure it will also make you and your children laugh and cry in equal measure.

    This title was shortlisted for 2018's British Book Award Children's Book of the Year.
  • NNS2 7 years +
    7 years +
    • £3.49
    • RRP £5.99
    • Save £2.50Save 40.9999999999999982946974341757595539093017578125%
    Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton's The 91-Storey Treehouse is the seventh book in the hilarious series about two boys and their always awesome and ever-expanding treehouse.

    Told in a combination of text and cartoon illustrations, the duo have now expanded it to 91 storeys. The 13 new levels include everything from the world's most powerful whirlpool to a mashed-potato and gravy train and a human pinball machine.

    There's also a giant spider web (with a giant spider) and the chance o have your fortune told by Madam Know-it-all. Finally, will you dare push the big, red button?
  • NLE2 5 years +
    5 years +
    • £3.99
    • RRP £6.99
    • Save £3.00Save 42.0000000000000005684341886080801486968994140625%
    Nellie Choc-Ice is a plucky penguin who embarks on an epic adventure when her iceberg floats off to the North Pole in this fun and easy-to-read book.

    As Nellie tries to find her way home, she comes across all kinds of hungry creatures who see her as a tasty treat. Will she be able to survive?

    Part of the Little Gems series of books developed for children who struggle to read (and those with dyslexia), this book has high-quality cream paper and an accessible font.
    • £10.39
    • RRP £12.99
    • Save £2.60Save 20.00%
    The darkly magical new story about the monsters under the bed, from bestselling author of The Christmasaurus, Tom Fletcher.What silently waits in the shadows at night? What's under your bed, keeping just out of sight?Do you ever hear strange, creaking noises at night? Ever wonder what makes those noises? Lucy Dungston always did.Until, one morning, Lucy discovers that all the grown-ups have disappeared - as if into thin air. Chaos descends as the children in Lucy's town run riot. It's mayhem. It's madness. To most kids, it's amazing!But Lucy wants to find out the truth. Lucy lost her dad not long ago, and she's determined not to lose her mum too. She's going to get her back - and nothing is going to stop her . . .. . . except maybe the Creakers.