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3 Reasons to Read The Boss Baby

With its unique wit, gorgeous illustrations and hilarious storyline that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults, this book is simply a must-read and has inspired a blockbusting animated film.

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1. A hilarious tale for kids and adults

This quirky story follows a demanding baby who takes complete control of his household, treating his parents as staff, scheduling meetings day and night (for feedings, diaper changes and the like), enjoying made-to-order drinks and his own 'private jet'. If he doesn't get what he wants in a timely manner, he starts having a tantrum, and soon, he drives his parents to complete exhaustion! This funny story will prove hugely relatable and riotously funny to anyone who's ever felt like their baby has become their boss, and children will love the fun and humour of this witty work and its engaging pictures.

2. Gorgeous illustrations

The phenomenally funny, lively and tongue-in-cheek illustrations will have kids and adults in stitches! From the baby's power-suit pyjamas to his enormous briefcase to his utterly shattered parents and their newly-cluttered home, this hysterical book will have readers engrossed and parents laughing out loud.

3. An important moral message

This book is not only uproariously relatable for parents, it also conveys a message to little ones: that tantrums and fits won't get you very far, and there's a much better way of getting your parents' attention... using your words! The poignant ending of this picture book perfectly completes this amusing tale.