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5 Fun Facts About 'Where's Wally?'

Despite his elusive nature, the iconic character of Wally - complete with his red and white stripy jumper, thick round glasses, magic walking stick and bobble hat - has been a much-loved character for years. See below for five fun facts about the treasured 'Where's Wally?' series.

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1. Wally began his adventures in 1987 when the first book was published - and he quickly became very popular!

Since then, six more books have been released in the main series, as well as lots of activity books, sticker books, annuals, posters, and heaps of merchandise.

2. It takes around 8 weeks for Wally's creator, Martin Handford, to complete one double-page spread.

No wonder, though, considering how buzzing with activity they are! Each picture is packed with funny stories and situations for searchers to discover, as well as a host of comical characters.

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3. These days, it's not just Wally that readers have to find. Over the course of the books, he's been joined by a cast of other characters, including Wenda (who has a remarkably similar dress sense to him), Wally's dog Woof, Wizard Whitebeard and his magical scrolls (which he always ends up losing), and Wally's sinister nemesis, Odlaw.

Readers can also search for a number of assorted items and 25 'Wally Watchers': a stripy jumper-clad group of his fans and followers.

4. In other countries, Wally has been given a different name or a name in the local language.

In America, he is Waldo; in France, Charlie; in Germany, Walter; in Finland, Vallu, and so on...

5. Each book in the series gets progressively more difficult as Wally gets smaller and surrounded by more characters.

In the first book, Wally is around 1cm tall, but in the seventh, his size ranges between 0.17cm and 0.28cm! On the first page of the first book, 225 other characters are featured; on the last page of the last book, a whopping 850 other characters join Wally!