7 Best Psychology Books to Expand Your Mind

Psychology is a fascinating topic. If you're curious about how your mind really works, want to know how to improve your thought patterns or you are just fascinated by the theories of the world's most influential thinkers, then you'll know this branch of science is truly gripping. However, sometimes understanding psychological concepts can be overwhelming, so we've put together a list of the best psychology books that simplify the most complicated ideas and will certainly expand your mind...

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1. The Psychology Book

  • £14.39


Whether you've studied the subject or not, this book is a fascinating guide to all things related to psychology. All the key approaches and theories are included, and they come with quotes from the major psychologists so you can discover their ideas in their own words. Then, you can read the simplified version to check your understanding. With over 100 ideas and topics all in this one book, you'll have all your psychology questions answered.


2. Blink

  • £7.99

Malcolm Gladwell

This unusual psychology book is all about the power of intuition. Although intuition may seem like some magical phenomenon, Malcolm Gladwell explains how it is actually a product of intelligent design. In his fascinating book he teaches you how you can hone your intuition so you can always know the best choices in your life. Discover how Malcolm's revolutionary research can change your life in this unique psychology book.

3. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • £8.79

Avy Joseph

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been helping people manage their thoughts and feeling for years and now, in, Avy Joseph's brilliant book on the subject, you can learn to use CBT in everyday life. Avy is a professional CBT practitioner and she believes that with her techniques you can change your mood and behaviour by recognising and working on your negative thoughts. Read the book and find out what CBT can do for you.

4. Introducing Child Psychology

  • £6.89

Dr Kairen Cullen

Packed with case studies and ideas from experts in the field, this introduction to Child Psychology can give you insights into all your questions about children's behaviour. Recommended by parenting experts, this handy book is not only an interesting introduction to psychology, but also a useful tool for parents seeking to get a better grasp on how their child's mind works.

5. Teach Yourself Achieve Your Potential with Positive Psychology

  • £10.89

Tim LeBon

Gaining an understanding of positive psychology can really help you find true happiness and succeed in life. Tim LeBon, a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, introduces positive psychology to you, from its scientific origins to its real-world applications. To help improve your life through real psychological theory, check out this unique book.


6. Introducing Psychology: A Graphic Guide

  • £6.89

Nigel Benson

This great introduction breaks down the most complicated theories and ideas in psychology into easily understandable pieces in this useful graphic guide. All the key schools of psychology, including Psychoanalysis, Social Psychology and Behaviourism are covered. Plus, key theorists, such as Freud, Skinner, Piaget and Pavlov are introduced. Check out this engaging guide to learn the basics, and to get your head around some of the trickier points as well.

7. Un-Train Your Brain

  • £10.39

Mike Weeks

The way you think greatly influences your life in ways you don't even realise. Mike Weeks has created Un-Train your Brain to help you change your thought patterns to help you make better choices in the future. Freeing you from the neurological pathways that stop you from achieving your full potential, this clever book could really change your life.

If you're interested in learning more on the topic or want more guides to changing your own thought patterns, check out our fascinating collection of psychology books.