7 Fun Facts about Roald Dahl's Matilda

Roald Dahl's most famous heroine, and one of our very favourite fictional bookworms, has just hit the big 3 0 and we're really excited about it (we have also just turned 30, who knew us book lovers had so much in common?!). From Roald Dahl's amazing book which celebrated being smart, brave and, most importantly, being bookish, Matilda has become a star in page, screen and stage. We just can't express our love for Matilda enough! To learn more about this unique heroine, check out the facts below...


1. Monday 1st October 2018 marks 30 years since MATILDA was first published - it has sold 17 million copies worldwide and counting! 

2. When asked to draw Matilda at 30, Quentin Blake illustrated her as an Astrophysicist, World Traveller and Chief Executive of the British library.

3. By the time Matilda is 4 years, 3 months old, she has read every single children's book in the local library. Her favourite is THE SECRET GARDEN.

4. Matilda tells librarian Mrs Phelps that she particularly likes Hemingway's writing. Roald Dahl met Hemingway early in his career and often spoke of his influence on his writing.

5. At the close of the first draft of MATILDA, she uses telekinesis to save some children trapped in a minibus, sacrificing her own life to do so - in the version we all know and love, Matilda is adopted by Miss Honey.

6. There have been over 6000 performances of MATILDA THE MUSICAL to date - in the West End, on Broadway and on tour across North America, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. 

7. Kelly Clarkson says, "MATILDA pretty much changed my life when I was a kid; I loved it. I related to the character... I'm not magical, so we didn't have that in common, but I just related to her and I loved how the book made me a reader."

If you needed an excuse to reread Matilda or introduce this children's classic to your kids, you have one now! We'd love to see how you're celebrating #Matilda30 so do feel free to share any of your photos or ideas with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy birthday Matilda!